YO! What are your "New Year's Resolutions?"

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  • I've never been one to make New Year's Resolutions, but this year is different. I've definitely made up my mind to start doing some things differently, this bout with the sinus infection has been a bit of a wakeup call. That, and the fact that I'm getting married this year, and I don't want to be a fat bride. That said:

    Sabrina's 2003 Outlook


    The next six months (and beyond, but I'll start with six months) are going to be ALL ABOUT ME. That's right, I'm being selfish -- I'm going to take the time and the energy to become the best possible me, and I'm not going to let my job or anything else stand in the way of this goal.

    Specific Steps I Will Take:

    1. I will get a massage at least once every two months. The stress relief this provides is worth the time and the money.

    2. I will gradually get myself off of caffeine. I don't think drinking
    six cups of regular coffee a day is doing my body any good ...

    3. I will grow out this haircut and treat myself to a PROFESSIONAL highlighting job (instead of doing it myself
    and botching it, as usual)

    4. I will exercise in some way at least four times a week.

    5. I will eat less processed foods, not cutting anything out,
    but try to eat a lot more fruits and veggies.

    6. I will treat myself to non-food rewards as I slowly and
    sensibly lose 25-30 pounds, FOREVER.

    Alright chicks, I've spilled my guts, what are YOU going to
    do for yourself this year???

  • I'm not making the usual "lose weight, exercise more" resolution, as that's my resolution each and every day and I often don't get it right, so why do I think I can set that as a goal for an entire YEAR?

    But, I have given this some serious thought over the last few weeks, and I have decided on one resolution, definitely:

    To have more sex.

    Seriously. Hubby and I have been so stressed out over work and exhausted all the time and we've been spending less and less time together and more and more parked in front of the TV or the computer or sleeping. (and I have the sneaking suspicion this may have something to do with getting a bug wand instead of diamonds for Christmas)

    And I'm with you, Sabrina, on making more time for ME, too. I've been pricing facials, as I'd like to start having professional facials once a month instead of my do-it-yourself at home jobbies, which are good, but a professional facial is heaven!
  • Thanks for starting this, Sabrina!

    Wildfire, you kill me.

    Okay. The first six months of this year:

    1. I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Despite depression.

    2. I will draw up a meal schedule so that I am not constantly calling DH for take-outs or cooking out of boxes.

    3. I will stick to the schedule for myself that I've worked out with my psychologist. If I'm going to pay 130 bucks an hour to talk to someone, I'd better damned well start taking her advice.

    4. I will do the "Flylady" thing, and get my house organized.

    5. I will renew my health card and get a physical.

    6. I will go the dentist.

    7. I will lose 24 pounds.

    8. I will stay on top of my daughter's progress, and help her to reach for the 80 average she wants. But her mental health comes first.

    9. I will go through my tupperware and throw out all containers with no lids.
  • I love New Year's resolutions...I hope I can keep them this year!

    1. To lose 10-20 more lbs.
    2. To exercise regularly - cardio plus lifting weights.
    3. To drink more water and green tea, less diet soda & coffee!
    4. To work regularly and seriously at my writing.

    That ought to be plenty, though I can think of more! Not worry about what my father thinks about my hair/clothes/general appearance. Not procrastinate. Clean house more often. Be more organized. Put things where I can find them. Plan ahead, panic less!

    And lift weights...oh yeah, I said that already!

  • Well, i definitely wnat to get serious about my health this year, but I am AFRAID to make it a resolution since that usually fails for me. I think I need to think of it like a twelve step program, and deal with it one day (or one MEAL!) at a time.

    Ellis-I love your #9!!! We really ARE twins!!!

    Don't get grossed out folks, but my resolution is going to be to "get clean" more often. Even though my depression is much better than it was, that is one area where I could improve, and I'm sure that would help my mental health improve too!!! Shower more frequently and brush my teeth more regularly. I've already been doing better with the showers, so on to the teeth........
  • Oh, Den... I was just waiting for you to say that. You're so brave. You're my heroine.
    Okay, me too.
    I'm actually brushing my teeth more often, but only because they hurt!
    I was thinking of washing my face at least once a day, too. Or do you think that's overdoing it? heh heh.
    The only thing I'm really fanatical about is washing my hands.

    I know all this sounds disgusting to you clean girls, but hygiene can be a REAL problem when you're depressed. And no... bathing does NOT cure us! (it just makes our families feel better, heh heh)
  • I even LIKE to soak in a hot bath, but when I'm feeling bad I just stink quietly in the corner.........

    How you know when you REALLY smell.......my cat (Meggie) was giving me my wake up drill (pet me NOW!!) and she stuck her nose in my armpit and started CLEANING me!!!! Okay, it was cute (and it tickled!) but you know it is bad when you are grossing out the cat!!!
  • >>>Okay, it was cute (and it tickled!) but you know it is bad when you are grossing out the cat!!!

    Oh no, that IS bad. Considering that cats like to lick each others -- er -- butts.


    (1) No late night snacking
    (2) Eat proper low carb meals
    (3) Stick to an exercise routine
    (4) Drink more water
    (5) Eat more fruit

    GOALS FOR 2003:

    (1) Establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle
    (2) Organize my finances and paperwork
    (3) Get a job in the Government
    (4) Implement the Flylady plan in my house (right there with ya Ellis )
    (5) Have more time for me
    (6) Learn to just say "NO" to doing things that are not in my best interest and to not feel pressured by others or feel socially obligated to go out when I don't really want to.
    (7) Get more in touch with my spiritual side-something I have been missing for a while now
    (8) Read all the books that are piling up on my bedside table
    (9) Have more sex
    (10) Brush up on my languages-if you don't use it you lose it
  • No no... it's DOGS that lick each others butts. Cats are sweet and clean (no offence, Ruthie), and lick each others FACES! Meggie just mistook you for a cat, Den. She loves you.

    Oh... good ones, Mauvais...

    10. Eat more fruit.

    11. Clear out my massive filing cabinet.

    12. Plough through a couple of dozen classics that I haven't read yet.

    13. Frame and hang my favorite poems, pictures, and other stuff that's been sitting in boxes FOR YEARS!!
  • I am enjoying this thread tremendously, even though I don't like to make resolutions - I tend to beat myself up when I don't live up to them - so I just try to make improvements each day in very small increments and acknowledge that my life is often overcome by events beyond my control.

    A year later, I'll go back and see how I've done - usually there is some improvement somewhere

    now Ellis....... about the dentist........if I can go.....you can make it too and I can help you through it

    yeah and where do the lids go?? It never fails that some nights I am dog-tired and I'll go to put the leftovers away and.......more bowls than lids? what is up with that?

    What is the Flylady plan?

    Here's an idea on the showering thing.......when I start working from home, I noticed I was showering less often and spending my days in jammies..... It did start to have a pyschological impact - so I went out and bought little bottles of the yummiest shower gels I could find : "strawberry milkshake", "raspberry sorbet" "blueberry pie" - now I feel girly afterwards.....lol

    Ok, now more sex would be good........DH is starting to grumble.

    We have this little problem (Warning: could be TMI for some) -
    He prefers 20 min. of sex about every other day, while I like an hour or more of sex about twice a week...... do you think this is common?

    Oh and speaking of sex......all these women in the news giving birth on the highways over the holiday.....ok, now I've never given birth myself....but if I felt strong pains, I would run to the hospital in a heartbeat........could be that I don't know what I'm talking about here

  • http://flylady.net/

    You'll get organized. If you can stand the volume of emails. I filter mine so that some of them go into my trash. It's really working for me, though. I've thrown out tonnes of stuff, and can "clean" a room in about 10 minutes flat instead of studying it for a few days hoping the problem will go away.

    Thanks, Terri... I'll let you know when I make my dentist appointment... I'll be needing major support.

    Sex? Now really... how many couples are actually COMPATIBLE when it comes to "who likes what"?
    Like you, I prefer the "longer and less often". Quality over quantity.
  • New Years Resloutions
    Well, I really like the more sex one and actually hubby and I have already been working on that one. Woke me up at 5am for that this morning after getting it last night at bedtime, but I am not somplaining.
    I am also going to start taking St Johns Wart at least til springtime. In Feburary I will start going to the tanning booths and getting some sun which they say is great for SAD.
    I want to start cleaning my house more regular, thinking I might check into the FlyLady site a little more myself Ellis , thank you!
    I am going to go for what I want, instead of waiting for it to come to me. Take charge of my life.
    Of course I want to lose more weight, but that is a given. I WILL NEVER again weigh 270 lbs if I have anything to do about it. I also wish to inspire my hubby more as apparently I already have. I used to weigh much more than him, however, we both weighed ourselves last night and he is now 20 lbs heavier than me, I am scared for his health and I think he is too as he wants me to teach him how to lift weights and train him some. So that should in turn keep me motivated and on track.
    I will continue to write more poetry as it is something I truely enjoy doing and helps me with my mood swings.
    I have been getting my *** back to the gym the last few days, and that feels great. I have lost some ground however, I can not run as long as I was running, but I will get it back and than some.
    I am going to do something, or buy something for myself at least once a month. I need to remember to take care of me first, before I can take care of others.
    Well, it sounds like a tall order, but I think it is within reach. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year. I am going out with the people I love for New Years, and bring in the New Year right.
    Peace and love to all
  • Yes!! I'm going to get my hair cut more regularly. I finally found a style and a stylist I like, so i should keep it up!!

    AND.... MORE SEX, MORE SEX, MORE SEX!! Usually I prefer more time, but sometimes I prefer a quickie...I like variety!!!
  • Well, more sex is not on my list unless I decide to branch out and that would never do in this small town!

    I am going to get stronger physically through walking and weights. With HArry declining, more and more physical stuff will be mine. The shoulder and wrist problems have set me back.

    I will see more of my kids and grandkids - they are changing soooo fast I don't want to miss stuff.

    Um....more later