YO! What are your "New Year's Resolutions?"

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  • oh, now that is too bloody much!
  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
  • I LOVE the Young Ones.

    They were on Comedy Central for awhile and I caught a few episodes. It was a trip. I was hoping they would show it on BBC America. So far a lot of Monty Python, and Changing Rooms.
  • Squeak-LOVE Monty Python too!!! Have never seen the other show.

    Ellis-Actually, flavored condoms is a disgusting idea REGARDLESS of the flavor.
    I REALLY don't want latex in my mouth. Besides, I already have too much of a
    food/sex/love confusion going on.....
  • YUCK, Barf...marmite flavoured condoms...it's a travesty.

    The only things as funny as Monty Python is Fawlty Towers!
  • Changing Rooms is one of those silly decorating shows. It is reasonably entertaining.

    As for flavored condoms - haven't tasted them, but flavored massage oil is pretty good. Though if your hair is long, and could get in the way, pull your hair back, otherwise it ends up sticky.
    Chocolate body frosting is pretty damn yummy too. It even comes with a paint brush

    Not that I know *anything* about either...
  • Squeak!!
    You little Devil you. YOu go girl!
  • wwwwwwwwwhell!! I am frankly SHOCKED and disappointed in you, Squeak! I had no IDEA you were up to such titillating high jinks!!
    the heck with the paintbrush... just give me a spoon!
  • Alas I am no longer up to such fun things.

    The paintbrush is fun because it kinda tickles too.

    and now that I have no real use for the frosting - trust me I have already thought about just eating it with a spoon.
  • I STILL maintain that "Find the Chocolate Covered Cherry" is the best!!!

    OR, filling your navel with your lover's favorite liqueur. (Except mine blew out during my last pregnancy, so I can't do that any more!!!)

    DH says i should clarify that it was my NAVEL that blew out, and NOT my lover....but I kinda like the confused message........
  • Now look here... is your DH leaning over your shoulder reading about our sex secrets?!

    I like the confused message, too. In fact, I think it would make an EXCELLENT poem.
  • What's a travesty, Marmite or flavored condoms?
  • NEITHER are decent!!
  • I mean, neither IS decent!
  • I think...

    geez, I think it's time to go to bed...