• I'm thinking of trying hypnotherapy to try and curb my compulsive overeating and mad cravings for ch***late.
    Just wondered if anyone has tried it and what you thought? I'm not looking for an instant cure, just thinking of going for a holistic approach to weight loss and healthy living.
  • I never tried it but a cousin of mine did in the 1970s. I don't know how they do it now but it didn't work for her. I think you have to use it as one of many tools, and make it a coordinated effort - I think she just did the hypnosis but there were still sixty-eight pound cakes in the house and so...it was probably not going to work!

    Mind you, they have probably made great improvements in the field since then.

    Let us know what you find out & what you decide to do.

  • Hypnosis worked for me
    I have used hypnosis to lose bodyfat, be motivated to exercise, make better food choices, and write every day (I'm a writer).

    Hypnosis gets the subconscious enrolled in the program, that's all, so you won't subvert yourself.

    Go see a real person, though, someone with credentials. Tapes alone are not effective, I don't think,
  • Friend of mine just did it and is losing and thrilled.
    I've used hypnotherapy for other issues...I like it...find it effective.
    Love, Soozie
  • My mother used hypnotherapy way back in 1960, to block out labor pain. She swears it worked! (This was her fourth child!)

    I think that if you are receptive to the idea of it, it will work for you.
  • Thanks all!
    I'm going to investigate in the new year, think I'll ask my Doc if they have any recommended hypnotherapists. Meantime if anyone hears any reports good or bad, let me know!
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!