Getting Sentimental: How did you meet your partner?

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  • I don't like facial hair much either. It's okay if it is a neatly kept goatee but when it starts to grow outward and away from the face and starts approaching ZZ Top territory...YUCK!!!!!!
  • I don't mind SOME facial hair, but when it is long and stringy and has yesterday's dinner in it........(blech!)
  • I like my DH with a beard. He looks very handsome. Besides, when he's clean-shaven, he looks younger than me. (that will NEVER do!) And all the women look at him. That will never do, either. He usually shaves it off in the summer. Although he hates shaving, so most of the time it's either a beard or a "rough look".
    He DOES have a problem with getting food on his nose, though. Eating ice cream or perogies with sour cream... there's always a blob on the tip of his big handsome nose. Naturally if we're out in public I don't tell him. I don't like him to look too good.
  • SNEAKY!! Maybe I should try that too!!! (tee hee)
  • Uh huh... once we're sleek and beautiful again, they can look as pretty as they want, right Den?
  • Er...don't you mean they can look as pretty as WE want?
  • Yes, that's EXACTLY what I meant, Mauvais.
  • Other women used to try to pick him up right in front of me!!!! The thing that's funny is he didn't even REALIZE it until I pointed it out!!! (And then he'd say, "I thought she was acting kinda strange."!!)
  • Yeah... tell me about it, Den.
    Some women are pure *****es.