How Will You Observe Imbolc?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if you would share what you plan to do for Imbolc coming up on February 2nd?

    To quote Michelle Skye, "Imbolc is the seed that starts the whole wheel of the year turning once again...The whole year stretches before you and you have the power to mold into whatever you desire."

    Colors: White, Red and Yellow

    Ritualized quartz, snow quartz, ametrine, charoite, fire agate, sunstone, goldstone, moss agate, nephrite, and Connemara marble.

    : Snowdrop, birch tree and rowan tree.

    Animals: lambs and sheep, cows, goats, and any winter birds (i.e. blue jays, cardinals, and chickadees)

    Imbolc is about reflecting on the past and then moving forward. Knowing how to let go of the things that hold us back and embrace the new things coming towards us.

    It can be exciting and scary at the same time.

    I plan to decorate my altar in the colors of this Sabbat. I will place little figurines on it to represent some of the animals of this time. I received a cute hand carved wooden cardinal a couple of years ago as a gift. During my meditation time I will meditate on where I've come from this past year and where I want to go this year. I will visualize myself on my birthday and how great I am going to feel because this year I welcome a new decade.

    Finally, I'll spend some time with my children and have them share where they came from last year and the hopes they have for this year.
  • This will be my first year celebrating Imbolc - I can't burn candles or incense because of my birds - but I will find a way to mark the day!
  • Sadly I didnt get to. I live in a house of pure catholics. So...kind of hard :\