Getting My Lip Re-pierced!!! (Advice?)

  • So, I'm finally getting my lip re-pierced after wanting to do it for awhile. full story here:

    My question to you girls:
    Have you gotten a piercing re-pierced over a closed hole? How did it go? Did it heal nicely/look right?
    (PS - Mine's been closed for about 8 months).
  • although I do not have lip peircing both my kids at one time or another have. My son had both sides done and the rings started to slowly eat away at his teeth so now he looks like he has kinda like fangs, so he took them out for a year and a half and has one side done again you cannot tell he has had it redone but he is a guy hence he has to shave and having stubble on your face can being attention away from your lip as well seeing as it is so close. He is 24.
  • Luckily, my piercing never bothered my teeth at all. I either have short teeth or a tall lip, because it doesn't touch my teeth at all unless I'm purposely playing with it.

    I have confidence in my piercer. She did it perfectly last time, and I think she'll do it great again (I have a lot of great piercings from her). I'm just curious how others' turned out. Thanks for the info!
  • I've had my lip pierced three different times. The first time I took it out and left it for too long, and the hole closed. Second time I had it pierced right over the same spot, it hurt more due to the scar tissue, and gave me a handful of problems not healing right, so I took it out. The third time I had my lip done I had two done on the same side, one on either side of the hole from the first and second times, and they healed wonderfully. I would highly suggest moving about a centi-meter away from the spot you had it pierced before. Piercing over scar tissue will also give you more of a change to develop bad scaring, which is pretty much balls of tissue on the hole inside your mouth, and are not fun. Good luck! I love piercings.
  • How did the other ones next to it look? could you still see the hole from the original? That's what I'm nervous to do. My original spot was PERFECT, and I don't want it to look odd because if I move it, I don't want to move it very far.
  • Thats how I was, too! I didn't want to move it at all because I felt like the spot was perfect and if I moved either direction it would look odd :/ That is part of the reason I chose to get two, around the old location in the middle, because it was still balanced around that spot. I can barely see the hole at all between them, it looks like a freckle and is not noticeable at all. You could get it pierced in the same spot, but with my experience it is more stubborn to heal.
  • Or you could do it on the same spot on the other side?
  • I had my right snakebite redone right through the old hole. The only issues I had were that it took a little extra oomph for my piercer to get the needle through (I believe her exact words were "Holy scar tissue batman!" lol). It didn't hurt, but the pop as it came out the other side was a little weird. And then for about a year the jewelery would occasionally hit the scar tissue that had been pushed to one side inside the healing hole and it would hurt. Not real bad, but it wasn't pleasant either. After that year the hurt went away and I've not had any issues with it. You can't tell it's not the original piercing either, it doesn't look like it was redone or anything. I've also had my labret redone twice (tho I don't have it now) and always through the same spot as well. The only thing was the extra force to push the needle through the scar tissue.
  • This is maybe too late, but when i had my lip re-pierced, the guy did it on top of my old tiny mark, exactly where i wanted it. Healed all nicely
  • To follow-up: I did end up getting it re-pierced, and it was over the same hole. It went in perfectly, and healed great!