Calling All Pagan Alternachicks

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  • Sing it sister Ellis!
    I am with you on that one
  • Polytheism~ belief in more than one god

    Works for me
  • I started on my Pagan journey in 1994? For years I simply read and read, everything about witches and the goddess, pagans, anything. I joined a woman's coven in 1998 (out of the UU church in Hamilton) and was quite involved in the feminist/goddess pagan path for 2 years, and then slowly found myself withdrawing into myself, the coven and the relationships were not meeting my needs. For the past year I have simply been what I consider an Earth Pagan. I have also become more involved with sacred circle dance, and I like being in circles with men, dancing with them and having thier energy present. Lately, I think I like the energy of men more than women.

    Sometimes I think I'm a Zen Pagan.

    Adding to the confusion...

    Lois / Lamorgan