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Default God Bless America, And God Bless Us All 9/11/02

It has been one year since the terrible events took place in the USA, and I as a Candian and a human being will never forget! The images of that day will forever be embeded in my mind. So much sorrow, but out of all that sorrow came a closer and tighter bond between Americans and Canada.
My prayers are that this will never happen again, that we will never feel the pain and at the same time emptiness that we felt following 9/11.
We do need to move on and most of us have moved on, but yet us never forget!
My love goes out to you all today and always!
Virginia oxoxo
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my heart aches today. I remember what was gong through my mind and every aspect of watching CNN...I lost 7 customers on that day, they were on the flight93, and 2 of them were just back from maternity leave...what kind of rat-*******s would do such a thing. I was suppose to be on a plane that day as well, but decided I didn't want to make the trip and canceled. I can't imagine how that would have been, watching the horror in an airport and then not being able to get home...
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if only she'd lose weight
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Default Driving & Crying

Almost in tears on the way to work this morning. To top everything off, it's my best friend's birthday today.

We can get through today!
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Well it is a year later, and I know that tonight I won't be watching any of the coverage. I watched more then enough last year. There is only so many times you can watch the planes hit or the buildings fall. I will remember what happened I just don't want to re-live it. The one thing that has carried on unfortunately is knowing that I may still have to fear for my friend's safety. One of the very unfortunate things is the mistrust and violence that came out toward people with Middle-Eastern decent. One of my favorite people grow up here, and has dual citizenship with the US and Morocco where her parents are from. Actually when NYC was hit she was the first person I called. He dad works in NYC and I wasn't sure where, I wanted to know if he was ok. I adore her family. I have met her mom, dad, younger borther and sister, a few cousins, and an aunt & uncle or two. They are all very nice people. But soon after because of they way they look and the religion that they believe in, people became afraid of her, or simply hated them because of it. If anyone knew her they would know she is a sweetheart, though a little nuts (but in that good fun way). She would never do anythign to hurt anyone. She was just as upset about what happened as everyone else was. It was strange when talking to a girl at work who had an appointment soon after the 11th, with a doctor she had never met. He had a very foreign sounding name. She was afraid that he may do something to hurt her because "they all hate us so much". I asked her if she was afraid of my roommate, who she has never met, but has heard me talk about. She said no. I asked what made this man any different. I just couldn't imagine why someone would hate my Miss Chick (my nickname for her - don't know why it just kinda stuck).

But hug those you love no matter what they look like or believe in.

Hugs to you all

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Is it Friday yet?
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I've already been in tears twice today and it's only 9:45am. This morning I had to finally detach myself from the tv and get ready for work - which just brought back more memories because that's what I was doing a year ago when the news broke into my regular program and said that a plane had hit one of the towers - at that point it was still an "accident". I was watching it on live tv when the plane hit the second tower and I knew in my heart it was an attack, not an accident. It's the first time in my life that I actually thought I was going to be physically sick from seeing something on tv. I kept putting myself in the shoes of the people - in the planes, in the buildings, on the ground. It all just made me ill.
My Mom and I cried together when the first tower fell - and I honestly was waiting for the "what next" - are they just warming up? Scare the crap outta us then nuke us? Then of course the anthrax started.... what a year it's been.

So this morning they mention the surface-to-air missiles in Washington D.C. and the fact that our VP is in hiding. Bush is still out wandering around which I find odd - shouldn't it be ther other way around? I don't know. I find it disturbing the things we now consider the "norm" - terror alerts, our leaders in protected areas, finding remains and how to talk to children about the events of 9/11.

I guess there's good that come out of it too - we no longer take our freedom for granted, our civil servants are more respected than ever and I know I make sure everyone that means anything to me knows how I feel about them. And I make sure I live life to the fullest I can because *I can* and I'm alive to do so.

ginya, I'm so sorry for your personal loss...

wanttoloose, thank you for starting this thread. As much as I get emotional with hearing it over and over, it IS cathartic to talk it out. The events were SO unbelieveable that it almost seems like saying these things out loud makes it more real.

squeak, I'm sorry about your friend - I'd read an article about one of the people working in the debris of Ground Zero who was of middle east descent and he was fearful of people even hearing his name. Very sad. So far, the coverage hasn't included the scenes of the planes hitting the buildings - I'd read that a majority of the networks actually forbid the footage to be shown because it would just cause more trauma. I hope this is true because I, like you, don't need to see it again, it's already burned in my mind.

Suchaprettyface, Happy blessed Birthday to your friend! Tell her to celebrate her life today - it is a reason to celebrate!

Big hugs everyone!

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Today was a very hard day to get through. I live in the downtown area and walk to work. Streets were closed off for the 9/11 Ceremony at City Hall. At lunch time I saw a fire truck speeding by with an American flag waving behind it and every Canadian flag on every building downtown and on the Parliament Buildings was flying at have mast. People were leaving flowers and cards at the gates in front of the American Embassy. I felt like I couldn't breathe and my heart is so heavy.

I have been avoiding watching the news for the past week or so because I just couldn't face watching the footage over and over.
I did however watch some of the news tonight. I cried through most of it. The one story that made me cry the most was about Afghanistan one year later. They showed a school for girls. This is something they have never had under the Taliban. The girls were working on donated computers and had dreams of becoming doctors and engineers. It just gave me a sense of hope for the future amid all the tragedy and made me reflect on the freedoms and rights that we enjoy as Canadians and Americans.

May whichever Gods or Goddesses we believe in bless all the people of the world and help us all to heal the planet.

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One of things I love about writing to this forum is that we care for one another without racial prejudice. Nobody gives a hoot what colour we are or what our religion is.

There are plenty of reasons for us to dislike someone personally without bringing something so trivial as their ethnicity into question.

Why the dissension in this world? In particular in North America. We should know better.

Never have I seen such an outpouring of love for others as I have in this past year. I reject evil, and I thank God for all of the good in this world. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it."
Blessings, peace, and love to all of you.
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Lots of American flags out here today. It's still too raw, too surreal. I can't watch the coverage. Hubby is an American, and served in the US Navy.
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Rough day today. Two of our friends are Sikhs, and someone tried to run them off the road last year after the attack. They saw a turban and beard, and let their hatred take over. Some people have gotten kinder and more considerate, and others have solidified their hatred and concentrated it. Much like the terrorists.

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I was looking at the New York Times this morning. This article reported the memories of eight of the fathers of rescue workers who died.

It made me cry. And think. And I've decided to make a list of all the things I like about the people I love. Now. While they're still with me. Because it's too easy to think of the bad things while they're here and the good things when they're gone.

love to all of you...
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