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  • Okay, I went and tried to take the test TWICE, and both times my computer froze as the results were being tabulated. So does that mean I hate EVERYONE? Or does that mean everyone hates ME?

    Soozie-Congratulations on DD starting kindergarten tomorrow!! Kids say the darnedest things, as they say. I've been told, "Mom, your farts sound like Rock and Roll." (SERIOUSLY!! I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing!!) and I have ALSO been told I'm STUPID!! Of course they aren't mutually exclusive......

    Ellis-We brought in rugs. Mine was shaped like a dog. Couldn't sleep then either. I remember lifting my head and looking around at all the other kids asleep on their rugs!!
  • Ellis,
    That is the stupidist test I have ever seen. It was obviously placed there by someone who is very homophobic. All the answers are geared towards the outcome being very negative. Geez, I am bisexual and according to that I am homophobic.
    I dont think so!
  • ok, mine turned out to be: strong preference for straight people. go figure.

    I will try to find and post some links I have for the "how gay are you?" tests - those are really funny because they usually incorporate all the typical stereotypes - toolbelts, lipstick...you can figure it out from there!

    I think my score usually comes out something like 75% straight

    Soozie - hope you take pics! it's an exciting day!

    my daughter's first day of middle school yesterday was harrowing to say the least........ she was expected home before 3:30.

    She is now old enough to come home instead of daycare - and even at that - only 2 days a week, because I work from home the other 3 days.....anyway....... by 3:50 she had called neither my husband nor I - so we panicked and left work. Turns out there was a huge car wreck on the highway near our home - and a large section of the highway was closed. Traffic was backed up on alternate routes for miles. We were both trying frantically to find back roads that would link to our street - all while getting stuck in the worst traffic. I was sweating bullets. As I sat at a traffic light, it occurred to me that - duh! - her school bus must be trapped in the same traffic and that's why she wasn't home either.... then I calmed down a bit - it took me an hour - to drive the 7 miles from the office to home. Just as I pulled in the driveway, I saw her walk to the door - relief! she had just gotten in and my husband was right behind both of us.......so it all turned out ok.....but sad to learn that 2 teenagers died in the accident.

    Hoping for a better day today..... by the way, she needs us to buy her a folder with brads....any school teachers here? what is a brad? ( are they those brass fastener thingies?)

    have a great day all.........terrigrrrl
  • Oh my gosh Terri
    You must have been terrified. Between you and , was it Chris's son that feel asleep on the bus, the two of you must be wrecks and the first week of school is not even over yet!
    Hopefully, mine make it through the day without and major mishaps.
    It is very sad when you think of the two teens sho lost their lives. Very tragic!
    As for the brads, never heard of them.
    Have a good week everyone!
  • Terrigrrrl, you must have been FRANTIC! I'm so sorry that you went through that. And so very sorry about the two girls who died.

    Listen girls, I'm really glad to hear that I'm not the ONLY homophobic one here!! I was really worried about that test... convinced that in some way I was really a gay basher and just didn't KNOW IT!!
    I don't know what's wrong with those idiots that made the test... I may write in and complain. Thank you for the support.

    When I dropped my daughter off at school yesterday, it seemed as though it was going to be the day from **** for her. It's a new school, and we moved her there because her best friend went there last year. Turns out they'd accidently put her into a grade 7 class instead of an 8, which was going to mean a horrible run-around for her, AND her best friend has some new friends now, and practically snubbed my daughter! I felt like grabbing her and saying, "LOOK! My DD tried to commit suicide last spring, and she doesn't need this from YOU right now!!"
    Anyhow, when DD came home from school, she was all aglow... she'd made new friends plus had joined up with some old friends she'd found from her baseball team last summer. What a relief!! AND her dearest friend from her other school had come over after school to see her... and he's coming over again tonight. (they're writing a book together) Life is good.

    take care all...
    going to have a coffee...
  • Ellis
    I am so glad things are working out for your daughter and school. It is great she has a loyal friend. Where would we be without them.
    I have good news, I went to my Dr today for the yearly, hated theing- Pap smear. She said everything looked good there, and she weighed me on her scales, and I am 11 pounds lighter on hers than on my own. Not sure how that can happen but very glad it did. 253lbs, according to her. My blood pressure is fine, and was pleased to hear that I am quiting smoking.
    So all in all, I had a good visit. Please, as Chris has been advising, don't put off a visit to your Dr. I am thinking I may join TOps again, was a member a few years back , but was not as serious about it as I am now. Will, check in later! Hubby home for lunch.
  • My hubby came home for lunch too! This is getting to be a habit on his part. It's cutting into my quiet time, but I AM grateful that he's not having an affair in his lunch hour!

    Virginia, that's great news re: your appointment! And congratulations on the weight loss. That's a big accomplishment. Let your motto be, "Forward!"

    I really MUST get to the doctor MYSELF.... grumble grumble...
  • Hey ladies
    I have made the choice to join TOPS again. I was a member a few years back, but never really stuck with it. However, I figure where I am not doing to badly I will give it a try again. I am going tonight, so we will see how it turns out. Will post tomorrow and let you know how I made out.
  • I'm here, I'm here!
    I was going to try to read and catch up on all the dirt I missed while I was gone...too daunting a task...I could barely get through this one and now you want me to be taking tests?!? I tried, three times...the first two times some ad kept popping up that prohibited me from going any further...every time I tried to close it, I'd close out everything. Determined to go on and prove meself as the non-biased, non-homophobe that I am, I tried again. This time the computer froze before I could even do the &^%#[email protected] thing. SUFFICE IT TO SAY, i DON'T NEED ANY DAMN TEST TO TELL ME HOW ME HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU PEOPLE! SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE GAY! I LOVE FLANNEL! I LOVE RAINBOWS! (I just don't like that little purple Tele tubby guy, or any of them for that matter) okay?

    Now, let's move on, shall we?

    We had a great time in Maine. Made a trip "across the border" to Nova Scotia...how lovely, simply lovely. I want to go back and stay there for a week. We managed to do and see a lot in the two weeks and still relax and enjoy the wonderful weather we had...I'll have to share my kayaking story another day. ...no time right now.

    I'm finding it very hard to get back in the the swing of things...housework, meal planning, DIET/EXERCISE! I gained about 4 lbs while we were gone...thought, "ah, I'll get that right off and then be back on track."


    Tomorrow is the first day of school...yay! I feel like I'll muster up some sort of schedule for myself once they're gone. Like back to the gym, for instance. Come on, Soozie, let's get our butts back in there...nobody cares how long it's been since the last visit...just as long as you pay that monthly fee...

    I really must get off my keester, go forth and be productive...One of these days I'll catch up on what's happened in Alterna-land...like how was the dim sum? how is Christina doing? did any more lesbians show up? I'll get up to speed, I promise...

    See you all later, chicks!

  • Ok so I tried to take that silly test and it came back inconclusive. I am not really sure how it was suppose to test anyway. The ones I got wrong was because I forgot they had switched the "gay"/"straight" headings to the opposite side. I had a bunch of gay guys as friends in college and thought they were a blast. The only time I cared who they were attracted to was when I thought "hey they are cute, nice, and fun, why can't my name be Mike?"

    Anyway I guess I join the "homophobic" group in here.
  • I still have my nap blankie that my mother made for me for kindergarten! (a piece of floral flannel with blanket satin on the edges)
    Thought my kid would love it and she attached to a spiffy blanket from gymboree instead...oh, well, what can you do?

    I took the test, came out neutral on the gay and lesbian thing, came out as having a slight preference towards darker skin and a slight preference for arab muslims. Whatever that means.

    Interesting site, thanks Ellis!!
    Goodnight girls. Love, Soozie
  • Kat, WELCOME BACK!!! Glad you had a good holiday!
    It's obvious to us that you would fail the homo test, so don't even bother trying again.
    We want to hear the kayaking story!!

    Squeak, welcome to the homophobic group!

    Soozie, I think you'd just better rename this thread! This is ridiculous!!
    What do you mean you came out neutral!! How can that be!? WE FAILED!! Are you lying? Maybe they've changed the test...
    Oh, I almost cried when I read about your blanket. I had my "banny" until I was about 18. It smelled so good. I used to just hold it under my nose and "inhale" the fragrance. Mine was pink knit with a satin edge.
  • Blankets...
    Ellis, my darling nephew and niece both have blankies that they LOVE and they are both obsessed with the way they smell. Cracks me up.
  • my daughter still has her blanket from when she was an infant and it has always been a battle trying to get her to let us put it in the laundry........she is attached to the smell.........

    I'm sure the psychologists have an explanation for this

    I never had a blankie, but I sucked my thumb until I was 8...........hmmm what does that say about me! LOL

    I remember dragging the cots out after lunch and playground time in kindergarten our sweet teacher, Mrs. Curley, used to bake cookies for us and we would wake up to the smell....

    great memories..........

  • Whoa! Deja vu! I thought I was the only one who got off on the "smells" of our security blankets! Actually, mine was a pillow, I used to sniff the corners...my family swears I was 12 when I stopped...I'm not sure...I denied it to them for so long, I'm not sure how old I was! I used to lie in bed, reading and sniffing my pillow...the smell was wonderful! Maybe I should take that up again instead of eating!!

    Anyway, here's my kayaking story, ellis...

    There we were in Maine...feeling adventurous, and surrounded by water, we decided that KAYAKING would be a fun thing to try. how hard could it be? We signed up for a 6 hour session that included instruction and then time on your own to practice our newfound skills. Bright and early we showed up to be literally sized up and fitted for wet suits...uh oh...here comes trouble. I'm feeling some trepidation at this whole process. Here are these young kayaking studs assessing body size and passing out the suits accordingly. Ready to bolt, I saw another woman that would be in our group with a bigger A$$ than mine and I felt a whole lot better! YES! I KNOW that's mean!!

    Trying to squeeze my ample proportions into an XXL wet suit was a sight to behold, I'm sure. No modesty here, we're all in the little shack together pulling these atrocities on. It was cute, I'm sure, watching me tuck my skirty bathing suit inside and then trying to zzzzzzip. (By the way, the reason I know that my suit was an XXL, is because my son had to remark, in wonderment, at full volume I might add, at the size. "Whoa, Mom...xxl? Wow." Thanks, hon.

    Once the suits were on, the life vests go over that. Not the big bulky orange things...these compact, tight, zip up numbers that had me so constricted I thought I would swoon. After THAT, goes the skirt...well, the apron, that you pull over the opening in the kayak to keep your lower half dry. By the time we are suited up, I am sweaty and spent and we are nowhere NEAR the water!

    Once we got going though, it really was fun. We were taught allthe basic strokes and proper positioning for executing these strokes. My biggest fear was tipping...which my son did about 8 times...some I KNOW were on purpose. DH tipped once when we were out in deep water and we're pretty sure he broke a rib trying to get back in! Instead of bringing him to the shore and getting in that way, the instructor is trying to show him how to straddle the kayak and hoist his body back in...something snapped and hit against the buckle on his life vest and really hurt him. He hung in til lunch break and then passed on the afternoon session. He is still in pain, a week later...the stench of BenGay in bed at night could kill ya!

    Let me tell you girls, this has GOT to be one of the most serious calorie burners known to man!! It is hard work, but it's fun. Towards the end, I was starting to lag behind. I wasn't struggling, mind you, I was just meandering. I was enjoying the scenery and the sun and the fact that I was actually doing it! I guess I wasn't keeping up well enough for "Ward," who offered me a tow. Horrified, mortified and just plain ol' embarrassed, I politely declined, saying I'm fine, thanks. I guess old Ward didn't believe me and hooked a tow rope to my kayak. I'll be damned if he was going to have to actually PULL me, so I had to work that much harder to keep that line slack!! It didn't help when I/we pulled up along side my daughter, who asked "What's wrong? Are you OK?" I was a little snippy with her because I was pissed off at Ward...had to apologize later for whatever I said....It was worse though when we pulled up next to my son..."HEY MOM! HOW COME YOU'RE BEING TOWED??????" ...cringe...Thanks, Ward.

    All in all, it really was fun and quite exhilarating! Despite my embarrassment at the huge wet suit and the "tow job" I was proud of the fact that I actually did it and didn't follow my initial thought of, "No way, I'm too fat." I figured that I will not let this weight be an excuse for missing out on anything. I've spent a lot of time waiting to be "thin enough" to do whatever. No more. Life is to be lived.

    I copied and pasted that from another thread I post on...no time to hang around...I have to get my butt out of here and off to the orthodontist with my daughter...

    I think by next week I'll be back into some semblence of a routine...still getting used to being back at work and not sleeping all night... I miss that sleep!

    See you all later, chickies...