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  • Da Da DAAAA!!!! Night Shift Girl to the rescue!!!

    Yes, Tooty8...the night shift is my domain...I hate it, but what can ya do? When I'm "in the zone" and really dieting well, I try to eat in the following manner...Breakfast is when I wake up after working...this may be at noon or it may be 2 or 3 pm. Dinner (main meal) is with the family, whatever time that may be...6? 7? "Lunch" or a light meal while I'm at work, and a light snack, fruit maybe, before bed at 9 AM-ish. Of course, on my days off, it all reverts to "normal" meal times...I can't tell whether I'm coming or going half the time. Come to think of it, working this shift may be the reason I'm having such a hard time taking the weight off this time around...hmmm...of course eating cookies and ice cream with abandon doesn't help either...

    Gee, I hope that was helpful! Good luck!

    Terri...you go girl! 11#...yes!!


    Soozie...I hope you're feeling better, hon...nice show for the neighbors, by the way!

    ellis...you are just a font of home remedies, aren't you? You are too cool.

    Punkin...feel better, toots. Cowboy Poetry and Music night sounds neat...can I come?

    Virginia...ooh! the cross trainer! Talk about sweatin'!! I can do about 10 minutes and I'm done with that one...

    Thanks to all for your good wishes...you guys are an amazing group!

    Dh and I are off to Atlantic City tomorrow...we're driving sonny down that way for a scout campout and figured we'd spend the night...We're not big on the casinos, but I don't mind walking the boardwalk, doing some people watching...hopefully the tropical storm will have blown on by, by then.

    Gotta run...dh has dinner ready...(atta boy!)
  • Kat, have fun with DH tomorrow!!
  • Hi girls,
    I have a question for you all. My friend is wanting to start her own non- profit weight loss/support group. Was wondering if any of you have any idea how we should go about organizing and starting a non-prifit group and how it is to become recognized? ANy feedback, ideas, tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • Check this
    Okay how funny am I .

    I have no problem sleeping with my husband fat. I can be as sexy and nasty as ever, but I would not even dream of looking for a nice girlfriend like this

    Is that the silliest thing u have ever heard

    I think it rings in my ears my last gf said "I would have never been with u if u were fat" And every woman looks thinner to me

    So am I alone on this one?

    Ms. Chris
  • ok so I know I said I wasn't going to California, but I maybe there for a weekend at the end of October. That is if my training gets approved. There just happens to be a training sight about 45 minutes away from my boy.
  • Okay Squeak, we won't say a word.
  • Ummm, Soozie... Terrigrrrl... you're gonna have to answer Ms. Chris. I just can't relate.

    Virginia... sorry hon, I have no idea. It sounds like a great plan though!
  • Hi ladies!
    What a weekend! I'm glad it's over with! Weekends are no big deal for me. Everyone looks forward to the weekend cause it means the end of a work week for them. For me, my work week is just beginning. In the waitressing business, weekends are your peek periods! Plus I had to go to my husbands co-workes funeral. He was going to be 42 in Nov. He left a wife behind(his second wife)and to teenage boys from his first marriage. And get this, he was only married for 13 months and his wife is 3 months pregnant! Talk about feeling sorry for her! And the funeral service was in the same church that they got married in! Anyways, I told my husband this should be a wake up call for him!
    Okay.....today I jump on the scales as I do every week and I'm up 2 lbs! It's not from over eating, and it's not from not doing exercises so I think it's because I am building up muscle. I do 105 lbs on the leg press 40 times, and that has to be building some kind of muscle somewhere!
    I went to the dentist today! I won't say how long it's been since I've been to the dentist, but lets just say it's been a long time! I have a broken tooth on the upper left back of my mouth. It's been bothering me for some time now so finally I went to the dentist. She says it's my wisdom tooth that is broke and it's got a cavity to the gumline. And that my upper right wisdom tooth is broke, my lower left wisdome tooth is partially inpacted, and won't come through any more and that my lower right wisdom tooth has a bad cavity in it. So guess what I have to get done!
    Yup....I have an appointment Oct 17th at 10:30 a.m. with an oral surgeon for consultation on extracting all 4 of my wisdom teeth! Can you say that this big baby here is scared to death! I have never had surgery before in my life, except when I was 2 and had my tonsils out but that doesn't count because I don't remember a thing about it! I've heard horror stories from people about how badly their mouth hurt after the surgery. And I've watched to many t.v. shows where people get sick to their stomaches after coming to from the anethesia! And I don't want to get sick because I hate getting sick! And for the Canadian friends out there, I heard that it's done in the hospital? And if so, does O.H.I.P. cover it?
    After I get my wisdom teeth taken care of, I'm going to get my teeth cleaned and get a couple of cavities filled. Oh I also have. lets see if I can spell this remotely right, decalcification. Which my dentist says is that my enamel is coming off my teeth in spots and is causing a browning on my teeth which I thought were cavities that aren't. So she is going to put on a clear protective coating on them, bonding I think she said and I'm supposed to brush with sensedym(however you spell it) toothepaste.
    So that was my extent of my weekend and today in a nutshell! LOL
    I have to work at 4 tonight till 8 or 9ish. I'll pop back in here and check on you girls before I settle down to watch the season premiere of Third Watch! I just love that show!
    Anyways, I've babbled long enough that I could turn this message into a short novel!
    Everyone take care and I'll talk to you all tonight!

  • Kelly - well, at the very least you came to the right place to talk about it!

    There's been a lot of dentalchat around here lately - ask any of us - lots of root canals and crowns in this group lately......

    but seriously, good luck with all of it. I feel it with you - the expense and the inconvenience and dare I say it? pain......yuck.

    I am fighting with my dental insurance co. right now to have a root canal re-done - eek! but as the voice of experience in a long line of dental treatments, let me say that it's only scary when you haven't had any treatment done in a while - after you start the series - you get used to it

    Virginia - would you want to make sure it's registed as a non -profit in order to avoid having to pay taxes? maybe you could look that up on the Revenue Canada website?

    Okey dokey ellis - let me see what I can offer to Chris in terms of dating advice - woman to woman

    I really don't think it is a gender issue. For example, if my current partner was a woman and I was looking to start a second relationship with a guy I would feel the same way and vice versa.

    I've always found dating altogether more of a challenge when I don't feel positive about myself...... but I think that once you start doing something about it (losing, exercising, etc.) - you automatically feel better and gain more confidence with each passing day -

    hugs - terrigrrrl
  • Yeah, but Chris DOESN'T feel the same way...
    That's where the confused Ellis comes in.
  • yes, now that I've gone back and read her post - you're right.

    I guess I see it a different way.......

    time to call a new batter up to the plate to swing at this one!

    terrigrrrl - back to the dugout
  • Ok I have enough problems keeping/understanding one (in my case non)relationship. I have no idea about 2!

    Sorry to all you girls with tooth trouble. ouch!

    Um, ok, so the boy wants to tell our "friend" out in Cali that I am coming so she can come and visit too. I asked him not to if he hasn't yet. The more I thought about it the less I want to spend the weekend with her too. She is 6 hrs from there so it isn't like I can say "come visit for an hour then go". I really have to think about it. I will only have 1 full day there. I am flying in late Thursday, I have class until 5pm on Friday, Saturday free, then on the plane by noon Sunday. I am feeling insanely guilty and like a very bad friend right about now though. (but this is PMS week which means I am slightly emotional and it isn't helping)

    I half wish that the class in NJ (the class I was planing on going to) wasn't full. It would be a **** of a lot easier, but no boy.
  • UH UH, Squeak... you are going down to see your boy, NOT to see whatsherface. It's too long a trip for YOU to make to have a miserable time. Put your foot down.
    And you're NOT a bad friend... you're a wonderful friend. She's the one with the problem. My psychologist told me to get rid of bad friends and not to feel guilty about it. They drain you of positive energy. Don't feel badly...
    OH! And I recently read an article in the New York Times about dumping bad friends... it's the right thing to do.
    Anyhow, I'm rambling... go and have fun. And NO GUILT!!
  • Hi chickies!

    Squeak-you only have a short time to see the boy so why waste it on someone you don't really want to see? Life is too short to be sacrificing what you need to do for yourself. Go have a fun day just you and the boy