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Sojourner 09-02-2002 01:33 AM

Commitment a Week
Hi everyone!

Here is a helpful tool that I am trying out in order to succeed with weight loss. The idea is to commit to make one healthy change each week... each small step leading up to a healthier lifestyle and hopefully beautiful svelte bodies! And yes, at the end of the week you have to stick with the change and then adopt another one for the next week. I like the concept because it makes change seem manageable and incremental.

Here is my commitment for this coming week:

I will not eat after 8 pm.

That's it, anyone else care to post a commitment for the week starting Sunday, September 1, 2002?? :goodvibes

Wanttolosealot 09-02-2002 09:05 AM

Here is my commitment Sojo, and it is a biggy! By the end of this week I will quit smoking. I fear I will need lots of support, so anyone willing to have finger nails chewed off lend me a hand. Eww that is gross, I can not stand chewing nails. LOL Gum, I need gum! Sugar free of course!
This will be a great thread I think. We all need weekly challenges. Good idea!!

ellis 09-02-2002 09:56 AM

Sojo, this is a great idea... thank you!
I'm going to join you in not eating after 8:00 . That's my worst fault... getting sleepy and THINKING I'm hungry!

Virginia... you can do it! What can we do to encourage you? Will it help if I say that I'm surprised that you're a smoker? You just don't seem like one!
Will it help if I tell you how much better you're going to smell?
What else can I tell you?

barefootgrrrl 09-02-2002 11:35 AM

yes Sojo! Thanks for this thread.

This week I will commit to writing it all down in my food log this week.........

Thanks! Terri :)

Ruthxxx 09-02-2002 11:38 AM

Great idea, Sojo.

Gee, Virginia - you did not seem like a smoker to me either. Did you know Ellis is my daughter? You will be so glad when you are rid of the smoking habit. It may take more than one try but you can do it! we are here to encourage you and listen to you whine and ***** - up to a point!

I commit to NOT munching anything after DH goes to bed. He retires around 9 to read in bed and I usually sit at the kitchen table, drink my sleepytime tea, commune with my furry daughters and eat something dumb! I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT THIS WEEK!

Sojourner 09-02-2002 12:14 PM

Glad some of you have joined in! Each week we can report on our progress and then post a new commitment OR recommit to last week's.

Good luck everyone! We can do it!


Wanttolosealot 09-02-2002 12:54 PM

Ellis are you serious, Sojo is your daugther? Thats cool! Nice to see such incouragement in a family. Thank you all with your support!

Wanttolosealot 09-02-2002 12:56 PM

Sorry got that mixed up didnt I! Ruth, Ellis is your daughter. Some would say I am like my mother getting things mixed up! Sorry!

squeaker 09-02-2002 02:32 PM

OOO - I like this idea. This week my goal is to do some kind of exercise for at least 5 minutes every day. While it doesn't sound like much, I HATE exercise and if I can do it for at least 5 minutes, I will probably go longer. It is just committing to the first 5 minutes I have problems with. :) But I will try and walk, bike or use my weights everyday.

dentrassi 09-02-2002 07:20 PM

What a wonderful idea!! My commitment will also be to not eat after 8 pm. I tend to get tired and THINK i'm hungry, eat and then not be able to sleep, so this will help me in a couple of ways!!

[email protected] 09-02-2002 07:28 PM

Hi Ladies! GREAT IDEA!

My commitment is going to be a little different. I have to cut down on caffiene for the next few months until my other abnormality is diagnosed. So I will limit my Caffiene to 1 cup of coffee & one 12 ounce diet soda a day.

Good Luck to everyone, especially ...losealot! That is the best change, and I am sure the most difficult!

Wanttolosealot 09-02-2002 08:16 PM

Thank you Chris,
You are much braver than I am, and I had my last cigarette tonight, so you girls can check up on me from now on. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but I figure if I can stay on the road to losing weight than I can kick this disgusting habit in the butt! I will think of you all when I am tempted.
Have you all tried Kashi cereal, I find it great when I am hungry and it is late, but I need something. Filled with lots of good stuff and I use soya milk in it. I love it and it certainly takes away my hunger.
Thanks for your support!

mauvaisroux 09-02-2002 08:34 PM

Hey Sojo! Great idea for a thread:)

I will join all of you this week too. I will drink only decaffeinated tea and herbal tea this week. This is one of my big weaknesses as I end up drinking 4- 5 cups of tea each day at work with 2 spoons of sugar in each cup :yikes:

ellis 09-02-2002 09:44 PM

Well! I was just going to have some popcorn, and noticed that it was 8:30. So thanks to you girls, I'm having a glass of water. :cry:
Woe is me.

Sojo, are you my daughter? How old are you!? :lol:
Ruth, are you my mother!!? How sweet. I'd love to be your daughter. Just don't tell my mother... she's insanely jealous.
WAIT A MINUTE!! Are you putting me in the same class as your dogs!? Hmmm, that's very flattering. :smug:

Virginia, I don't want to smell smoke tomorrow morning, okay? It's disgusting. And there's something (uh, is anyone else here a smoker?) rather low-life about smoking. You know that's what we non-smokers say, huh? Low-life. It makes us feel superior. Or something. Of course, when I smoked 2 cigarettes a day in college, I was TOTALLY cool! :smoking:
Have you stocked up on gum? Come on girl... you can do it!!

You know I just thought of something. Those of us who aren't eating after 8/9 tonight. Does that mean we won't have to take 2 Tums before we go to bed? Hmmm, where will I get my calcium from...

flower 09-02-2002 10:25 PM

Okay, my goal is just one regular soda a day. If I have to have another, it will be diet!!!!!!

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