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mauvaisroux 08-29-2002 09:06 AM

Nurturing the Nuts
Whoops! I meant to start a new thread for this yesterday...my bad..forgive me? :sorry:

Ellis-how are you doing today? Hope you are feeling a little better, hang in there girl :goodvibes

ellis 08-29-2002 12:51 PM

Thanks Mauvais... you're a sweetheart. I'm having another crappy day, but I AM hanging in there! This depression can't last much longer (I hope), and everyone is being very supportive. DH is making me a doctor's appointment (so I don't have to be put on "hold" for 40 minutes), and he's going to get me a snack during his lunch hour. I know that's bad, but it's better than going over the edge, right? And my Mom and Dad and Sis are being really sweet, too.

I'm going to have a cozy time in my bed this afternoon with my snack and a book. :)

Mauvais, how's the job hunting going? Thinking about you... xo

Chris, I'm sorry to hear that it's cancer, but I'm SO glad that it's easily treatable. You're going to be okay, hon. And we appreciate the kick in the butt to do the breast self-exam and lose weight!
Keep us posted on how you're doing. xo

Den, are you okay? I know you're down right now, too. How's school going for DS#2? xo

squeaker 08-29-2002 05:20 PM

Christina - Sorry to hear it was bad news but I am glad it was the "best" bad news you could get. *hugs* to you and I will be thinking of you.

Ellis - *hugs* to you too. I hope you had a good day with your book and snack.

Ruthxxx 08-29-2002 05:55 PM

Christina, I'm with Squeak - it is the best bad news. It sounds to me as if things are very positive for you. You sure will be getting good vibes, spells, prayers - whatever it takes from here.
When is this going to happen?

mauvaisroux 08-29-2002 05:57 PM

Hello everyone:wave:

Christina-sorry to hear that you got bad news but at least it was the best case scenario of the worst case scenarios. My Mum had a lumpectomy (sp?) almost 9 years ago and is doing well, her friend also had one about 12 years ago and is fine too, so that goes to show you that people do get through these things.

Dentrassi-hey chickpea! Hope you are doing okay and haven't overloaded on Marmite:)

Squeaker-have you talked to the boy yet? I am hoping you find the answers you need within yourself regardless of what happens.

Ellis-How did your day go? What book were you reading? You wouldn't be able to pm me some of those Doritos would you:^:

Punkinseed-how did your cholesterol test go?

Sending you all <<hugs>> and healing :goodvibes

dentrassi 08-29-2002 11:10 PM

Mauvairoux-NOPE!! Just Ice Cream!! (oops, that wasn't me...)

Ellis-DS is doing pretty well so far, and things are getting easier around here because of it!! (grr)

Christina-We're all with you!!!

Squeak-I know you've been having a rough time lately too...How are YOU?

Ruth-Here's hoping for a stress free tomorrow for you!!

soozie 08-30-2002 03:17 AM

Hi girls. Seems like I missed some bad news while I was away. So sorry to hear about it.
Christina, like the others chicks have already said, I'm glad that the news was the best of the worst case scenarios. Thanks for encouraging all of us at a time when you could be just wrapped up in yourself. :grouphug:
I'll take it to heart.
My prayers will be with you. And as to the boy falling asleep on the bus...you must have been a wreck! Thank goodness he's alright.

Ellis, Ellis, hope that you are feeling better soon. Glad that you are going to the doc and that the family is being supportive. You shouldn't have to suffer like this...so I hope the medicine man (or woman) comes up with a good concoction for you. A full body massage is nice too, if you can afford one, or hand hubby the oil and tell him where it hurts!! :)

I know that I mentioned on another thread that in Judaism we walk around the block three times after sitting shiva as a ritual to bring us back into the world of the living and to remind us of the cyclical nature of life. If you even have a moment when you're feeling alittle better you might decide to try it. Just grab the family and walk in three circles outside...around your house or block or whatever...then each of you can say three things that you love about life...or each other...or whatever you fancy...we Westerners are so concrete we forget that mind, body, and spirit are all active together. The medicine men give the drugs and we do need them, at least I know that I do, but there are other ways to raise seratonin...exercise, chocolate, walking around the block with you beloveds and holding each other's hands...

Shame that I often pick chocolate, but this is not the place for that conversation. Thinking of you girls, hope you'll all soon be feeling better and on the mend. Love, Soozie

Punkinseed 08-30-2002 01:14 PM

mauvaisroux - Thanks! I survived the needle, which isn't a big deal since I donate blood and have given myself Imitrex shots. I have monster arm veins from doing massage for years so that's always helpful when they're looking for a place to stick....

Next week I get the results, which should be fine since it was genetically low the last time (10 years ago) they checked.

Ellis - I'm sorry about your bad spell. I hope your afternoon book n' snack went well. Too bad you weren't closer, I'm a heck of'a massage therapist ifIdosaysomyself.... ;)


Sojourner 08-30-2002 02:44 PM

Fertility Woes
Well, I promise not to use this board to wail about our fertility problems every month (there are all sorts of other sites for that) but I am feeling rather depressed today. My period showed up once again and that means we are now heading into our ninth month of trying to conceive. My husband has a low sperm count... not terrible but barely above the numbers considered low. Funny thing is, up until last year I really wasn't even sure about having children. I am 31 and hubby is 35 and we've been married for over eight years. But now that we have been trying with no luck it is heartbreaking and I want this to happen. And my husband has wanted children since the first year of marriage, so this is taking its toll. Well, we've pretty much agreed that if we are not pregnant within a year we will start looking into the adoption process and saving money (LOTS of it, as an adoption costs around $15,000 and up). We would love to adopt a child of color from another country. Maybe it really is our destiny, who knows. But the whole thing is depressing since most people don't have to pay a fortune just to have children and don't have to go through the emotional roller coaster of the infertility nightmare and all the women in my family get pregnant in the first month and there are teenagers and abusive parents having babies everyday who can't even take care of them... I guess this is my way of saying ITS NOT FAIR. Well, thanks for letting me share... now I'm going up to my bedroom for a good cry and fist fight with God. :stress:

Punkinseed 08-30-2002 04:32 PM

((Sojo)) I'm sorry about that! That's what this thread is for - support, *****ing and moaning - complaining about our aches (both physical and mental) and whether it's life threatening or just something that's breaking your heart (or spirit or will) - dish it out and let us help...

I'm 32 and thank the Gods that I don't have that "biological clock" ticking because I have serious doubts that I could get pregnant if I tried (female stuff years ago). I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be to get your period every month after trying.

You know, as soon as you *do* decide to adopt, THAT is when you'll get pregnant... I swear, I've heard that so much it's almost like it's some law of nature or something! Your baby is out there, whether it's to come from you or *to* you.

Until then, try to relax and not stress (easy to say, I know) and just to make you laugh I'll send in the ancient Stay-Puff God of fertility to do a dance for you and your hubby :dance:. Now, go buy your man some boxers and don't let him sit in hot tubs or baths!

Hope I made ya' laugh ;)


mauvaisroux 08-30-2002 07:43 PM

Well I don't know if it is the change of seasons but I have felt tired and depressed all week. I haven't been sleeping well either.
Mind you I have never been a very good sleeper since high school :shrug: but when I was a teenager several doctors told me there was nothing I could do about it except take the occasional sleeping pill. Punkinseed your clock sounds verrrry interrresting...wonder if it would do anything for me?:sheep: :sheep: :sheep: Maybe I have some strange and rare sleep disorder, I can fall asleep but I can't stay asleep so I never get really deep zzzzz's. The slightest noise or intrusion of light will wake me up or keep me awake. :yawn:

dentrassi 08-30-2002 09:38 PM

Sojourner-Sorry to hear about your fertility problems. My sister tried in vitro, and it didn't work. I know she felt bad about that too. She is now trying to adopt, hopefully soon!! I know that it is a new disappointment each month your period starts, and i hope that you conceive soon.

ellis 08-31-2002 12:27 AM

My poor little almost/ 13 year old daughter got her period for the first time today. She asked me how long it would last, and I told her 30 - 40 years.
She's just gone through two pairs of pants and 3 bed sheets. She is NOT amused with the whole situation!

Mauvais, I'm sorry you're feeling crappy and not sleeping well. Is there something you could take before bed that would help? Some type of tea or whiskey or something?
I've got a soothing tape I could loan you that put both my children out when they were babies. "Have you ever wanted to be a bird? Well.... "
I'm reading all of my Enid Blytons. The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Mallory Towers, ... you know...
Of course, I can't read those when I'm sitting on the verandah. Someone might see me and think I'm an imbecile. So then I read my Somerset Maugham... ;)

Terri, you give a good massage, huh? Thanks for the offer, darling... I DO have a guest room! :lol:
Actually, that's Freddie the Fetus. Guaranteed fertility. :dance:

Sojourner, I'm so sorry you're feeling down, sweetie. Don't give up. If it's going to happen, it's when you're least expecting it, like Terri said. My DH and I tried for over 5 years to have a second child, and when we couldn't, we thought, "That's it...!" My husband was set to get a vasectomy, we sold all of our baby stuff, and BANG!! Pregnant. And maybe there IS a little one out there just waiting to be adopted by you and your DH. Leave your fate in the hands of God(s). hugs...

Soozie... what a beautiful idea... the three times around and thankful thingy... I'm going to do it. Thank you so much.
I actually had a pretty good day today. I've decided to give in to my fatigue and just sleep in the afternoons... I think I need it right now.

Den, I'm glad that things are going well so far for DS#2. I hope it keeps up. Are you starting to get out of your funk, sweetie?

Squeak, thanks for the hugs. How are YOU feeling, girl? hugs back...

Chris, thinking about you lots... hugs and prayers...

Oh, and my sister-in-law's girlfriend went in for her surgery today to have the lump removed from her uterus. I'll let you know how she's doing... thanks for all the prayers and good vibes for her...

Okay, is this a bad month, or WHAT!?!?

love to all...

Wanttolosealot 08-31-2002 08:14 AM

Good morning all.
Chris- once again our prayer are with you. I can tell you are a very strong woman and know you will be fine.
Sojourner- I understand alittle how you feel, My hubby and I were almost a year before I conceived my first child, and it can be very frustrating when each month you get your period. But I am sure good things will come to those who wait, wheter it be natural or adoption. It is true, it is not fair, there are so many teenagers out there having children who don't want them and someone like yourself who would love and nurture a child is having a tough time conceiving. I will be thinking and praying for you both. And when the day comes you hold that little one in your arms, we will all rejoice with you.
Mauvaisroux, Ellis and Punkinseed- I sure hope the change in season, and start of school brings you all renewed and brightened spirits. There is so much pressure and stress in our lives this time of year, so I will be thinking of you three too.
Soozie- The three times around the block thing sounds great. Nice to know there are still people out there who like to give thanks for the good things we have in our lives. They are out there, sometimes we just have to look beyond all the junk.
have a happy and healthy day everyone!

ellis 08-31-2002 08:31 AM

Thank you for your thoughts, Virginia. :)
And I agree with you... too many people focus on the bad stuff in their lives and miss out on all the good things. When I look at my children sleeping (okay, and even sometimes when they're awake :lol: ) I think, "Thank you God for this good, good life. Let me not take it for granted."

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