Hi everyone!

  • I am new to this forum thing, and new to weight loss and walking. I have been changed my eating habits for good and started walking two weeks ago. So far so good, I have been trying hard but not suffering any. It has not bothered me at all, in fact i have been enjoying eating healthy and geting out for my daily walks. Usually about 5 to 8 km a day, sometimes twice a day, but usually just once. I need all the support i can get and love hearing from new people. Take care and keep walking !
  • Hi Wanttolosealot!
    Why don't you jump into one the other threads... like ummm, August Alternachicks... check out all of the threads in Alternachicks... we're all totally cool, if I do say so myself.
    Come and tell us all of your numbers. We LOVE to hear numbers! (weight, height, goals, etc)
  • Hi Wantolosealot and welcome to both 3fc and the Alternachicks forum!

    You seem to be doing well with you daily walks. I enjoy walking too, I walk to work and back home everyday, it is a 25 minute walk each way and I also do a lot of walking on the weekends.

    Are you on any kind of eating plan or are you doing your own thing?

    Talk to you soon!
  • Hi there. Another Canadian!!!!
    Welcome to Alternachicks and to the 3FC website. Snoop around and post lots - great info here.
  • Wow, There are a lot of Canadians aboard. Thats great! Like hearing from all countries and all kinds of people. I was on vacation last week, and you know what happens than,, I tend to eat more and walk less, at least long distance walking. I was not terrible but could have chosen better but oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and I will make the best of it. I fact I am waiting till it cools down a little tonight and then I will be back on my walking schedule, 7.8 kms. Someone asked for numbers, well i am 5'4 1/2", 264 lbs(down 6 lbs from three weeks ago). I would really like to lose a total of 130 lbs, but i am giving myself lots of time to do it. I want to make this a total life changing comittment. It is not going to be easy and that is why I need lots of support.
    Thank you for your encouragement everyone
  • Hi!

    I know what you mean, it has been way to hot to excercise where I am too. I got back from my holiday last Tuesday and went back to work the next day and my eating, exercising and housework routines are so out of whack right now. I haven't had a chance to grocery shop yet and I have no healthy food in the house-back to regular schedules next week
  • Yeah I guess everyone needs to cheat a little as long as we get back on schedule eventually. Sometimes can be hard to stick to our regular routine when on vacation. Oh well, we are only human. Have a good week all, chat later!