Alternachicks rock!

  • Hi everyone,
    I was interested in the alternachicks forum simply from reading the name. It just seems to fit my personality so much Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My name is Megan, and as my title suggests, I am an artist. Well, I want to be, anyway. This looks like a really cool place to be
  • Hey Megan ... I'm new here too and was drawn to the forum because of its name as well.

    What kind of art do you do? My boyfriend is an artist too ... excellent pen/pencil artist and does film too.

    I'm an associate drug and alcohol counselor. He's the right brain and I'm the left brain in the relationship

  • Thanks for the welcome Nicole I do mostly pencil art. I can post some of it up here, but it's not amazingly good or anything. I'm a freshmen art student, so I haven't had more than 2-3 years of experience. I'll get there someday though!

  • welcome, I love it here too so far.
  • Welcome, Megan!
  • Thanks girls
  • Weclome Megan, I really like your work. I hope you enjoy the boards and good luck with your weightloss efforts
  • Thank you
  • Welcome Megan!