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going2Bhealthy 11-30-2009 05:00 AM

Daring December Challenge!
I know december is one of the most indulgent months of the year for me, it's my birthday, we have xmas and new years... it all seems to lead to over indulgence that spirals out of control. My main aim this month is to control the indulgences, these days that I normally allow to get out of hand are simply that, DAYS, not weeks or months. So, here I am again, and looking forward to positively completing my challenge to myself.

If anyone else wants to create their own challenge for the month then please, post and keep us updated on your progress, there is nothing like a nice support network

Maria's Challenge conditions:

* 45 minutes of cardio every day :running:
* Gym ball work out twice a week :lifter:
* Drink 2 litres of water everyday :coffee:
* No Junk food!! :tape:
* Be alcohol free for 5/7 days minimum :rain: (no booze) vs. :hat: (booze)
* Stay inside my designated points (23) :write:

Starting weight: 200lbs

edit: there will be no gym ball until the 15th when I'm back in the UK but I have a power plate to work out on instead.

1/12 -:coffee: :rain: :write:
2/12 - :coffee: :tape: :hat:
(1/2 a glass of red wine & I was 0.5 over my points)
3/12 - :running: :lifter: :coffee: :tape: :rain: :write: - YES, I WILL be back on track!
4/12 - OFF PLAN DAY - My Birthday Dinner :coffee: :tape: :hat:
5/12 - :coffee: :tape: :rain:
6/12 - :tape: :hat:
Italy is bad for my waistline!:
7/12 -

8/12 -
9/12 -
10/12 -
11/12 -
I didn't track at all and wasn't very good so I'm sarting over
12/12 - this coming week
13/12 -
14/12 -

15/12 -
16/12 -
17/12 -
18/12 -
19/12 -
20/12 -
21/12 -

22/12 -
23/12 -
24/12 -
25/12 -
OFF PLAN DAY - Family Xmas gathering
26/12 -
(modified day - use my saved AP's for a little indulgence)
27/12 -
28/12 -

29/12 -
30/12 -
31/12 -
OFF PLAN DAY - extra alcohol allowed

End weight:

I really want to stick to my plan as much as humanly possible, I want to start 2010 with a real bang, I want to explode into the year knowing that I can allow myself to be off plan and get straight back into the healthy swing of things the next day - I want to be in control. I also want to carry on my great exercise habits and of course, I'd like to weigh a little less come Jan 1st :D

If I manage to stick to my plan I am allowed to reward myself with (my pre purchased) pink leather notebook for keeping with me day to day to record thoughts and points etc... I'm a stationery wh0re :D

kissesmomof4 12-01-2009 04:50 PM

I am going to try to hop into the challenge. I am somewhat unorganized (I like to call it free spirited) and have a short attention span so I am not sure how good I will be at keeping up but I will give it a whirl.

No Christmas goodies until Dec. 24-31 :angel: or :devil: (depending)
5+ servings of fruits or veggies a day :broc:
No stress eating :elf: (we will give that a happy elf)

I am hoping I can drop three pounds before Christmas and try to stay on track until Christmas Eve. I will allow myself to loosen the rules a bit for a week but that is it.

Start weight 227

1:angel: :broc: :elf:
2Traveling....no comment LOL :angel:
3Traveling...did ok until getting off the plane starving
4 :angel: :elf: ...Tired and not in the mood to put any effort into food

Well I guess I did not keep up very well. I got caught up in other things. I will report that most days I did get my 5 a day of fruits and veggies. I did not eat Christmas goodies but I did eat way too many servings of nachos and peppermint oreos. Only a little stress eating. Not bad. I guess it helps that I have not had a huge appetite.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

mauvaisroux 12-03-2009 02:29 PM

Maauv's Challenge:

* 30 minutes of cardio every day :running:
* light weights twice a week :lifter:
* Drink 8 glasses of water everyday :coffee:

1/12 -
2/12 -:running::coffee:
3/12 - :running::lifter::coffee:
4/12 -Dinner out
5/12 - Go easy on food and wine at Christmas party
6/12 - loafed around after a late night on Saturday

7/12 -

8/12 -:running::lifter::coffee:
9/12 -:running::lifter::coffee: and shoveled snow today :snowglo:
10/12 -
11/12 -
12/12 -
13/12 -
14/12 -
15/12 -
16/12 -Staff lunch - go easy on food (buffet) and wine
17/12 -
18/12 -
19/12 -
20/12 -
21/12 -
22/12 -
23/12 -
24/12 -
OFF PLAN DAY - Christmas party
25/12 - OFF PLAN DAY - Family gathering
26/12 -

27/12 -
28/12 -
29/12 -
30/12 -
31/12 -
OFF PLAN DAY - party to attend

Metal Chick 12-03-2009 05:44 PM

Oh this is frickin' cute. I wanna play!

This is for when I do the 30 day shred video: :workout:
I get a :dancer: when I do additional exercise
:goodvibes is for drinking 128 oz water (more water is totally necessary in winter)
I get a :barf: when I eat junk food (fast food, candy and general processed trash)
And a :eating2: when I eat healthfully

I'm not going to figure in any "off days" as I'm not really on a "plan", but let's see just how "off" I get. :joker:

12/1 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/2 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/3 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/4 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :barf: Taco Bell for dinner.
12/5 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/6 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/7 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/8 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/9 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/10 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/11 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/12 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/13 ~ :halffull: Big day today! I didn't eat well (though I did use restraint), I didn't workout (but I was on my feet in 3" heels all day), I don't think I drank enough water (though it's all I drank besides my morning coffee) AND it was day two of my TOM. It could have been much worse so I'm still proud of myself!
12/14 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :barf: Fried chicken and Ice cream. The bf was feeling self-indulgent and I didn't argue! haha
12/15 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/16 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/17 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/18 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/19 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/20 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/21 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/22 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/23 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/24 ~ :barf: X-Mas at my bf's family's house
12/25 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/26 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/27 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/28 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/29 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/30 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:
12/31 ~ :workout: :goodvibes :eating2:

I did pretty well. I didn't get any additional exercise in though. Maybe next month will be better.

drake3272004 12-03-2009 10:16 PM

I'm in too! This will be more about cutting down stress for me than weight loss.
My challenges are
no fast food- :mad:
30 min. exercise- :p
8 hrs of sleep- :o
drink more water- :cool:

2- :p :mad:
3- :o :cool:
4- :mad: :p :o :cool:
5- :p :o :cool:
6- :mad: :p :o :cool:
7- :mad: :o :cool:
8- :o :cool:
9- Good lord, I could not stay on plan! It's freezing here(-temps for the high!) and all I can think about was snuggling in bed.
10- :mad:
11- :mad: :o :cool:
12- :mad: :p :o :cool:
13- :mad: :o :cool:
14- :mad: :cool:
15- :mad: :o :cool:
16- :cool:
17- :mad: :o :cool:
18- :mad: :p :o :cool:
19- :mad: :o :cool:
20- :mad: :p :o :cool:
21- another rotten, no good day!
22- :mad: :cool:
23- :mad: :p :cool:
24- :mad: :o
25- :mad: :cool:
26- :mad: :cool:
27- :mad: :cool:
28- don't ask, won't tell!
29- :cool:
30- :mad: :o :cool:
31- :o :cool:

Sakai 12-08-2009 04:10 AM

A week late and a dollar short... but I'm in like sin!

No junk food (chips, soda, sweets ect.) but off diet - :angel:
junk food. :devil:
Some form of exercise outside of my job.- :running:
Weigh in days - :goodscale:
Fitting in a extra form of exercise. - :drill:
Eating healthy (on diet) - :goodvibes:
Drink at least 80oz of water - :halffull:
Off diet all together - :sorry:

Starting weight 250.5 -thanksgiving gain must be gone!

6.- :devil: :halffull:
7.- :running: :devil: :goodscale: (250.5)
8.- :running: :devil: :halffull:
9.- :drill: :halffull:
10.- :goodvibes: :halffull:
11.- :devil: :halffull: :goodscale: (246.0)
12.- :devil: :halffull:
13.- :running: :goodvibes: :halffull:
14.- :running: :goodvibes: :halffull:
15.- :devil:
16.- :halffull: :sorry: -went to denny's for a super early breakfast. It was horrible, but I only ate until I felt a little full and then boxed the rest for lunch later. Still it was horrifically off diet.
17.- :devil: :halffull: :goodscale: (242.0) -Woot! thanksgiving weight gain is gone!
18.- :angel: :halffull:
19.- :angel: :halffull:
24.- (Off day. x-mas eve dinner. ) :sorry:

RienQueNny 12-11-2009 02:15 AM

* 1 hour @ the gym every week day after work
* 1 hour strength training on Saturday+Sunday
* -10 pounds by the New Year! :carrot:

Metal Chick 01-02-2010 04:20 PM

I hope everyone did well. I started a new thread for January. Sorry of someone else was going to.

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