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  • Oy vay, it was the battery...I'm going to post the dreaded number and then I will tell you a little story...well...maybe story first, so as to put off the inevitable...

    I got the proper battery in the scale, told my son to get on, his weight was accurate. DH next...aren't men funny? they have no qualms about hopping up on the scale...anyway...244...uh oh...I KNOW I weigh more than they **** do I weigh more than my husband??? Were the ice cream and cookies and whatever else WORTH this feeling of disgust, shame, and mortification???

    "Get on the scale, Mom, your turn!"
    "I think I'll just take this into the other room, boys...a lady NEVER reveals her weight."

    Yeah, until I get it down to a coveted 150, then I'll be shouting it from the rooftops!! ****, under 200, I'd broadcast on the evening news!

    Sonny was a little miffed that I wouldn't get on in front of them...I should be honest...after all, anyone can SEE that I'm fat! But it's that old stigma. I just can't. Plus the thought of him out playing with his friends saying, "yeah, MY mom weighs 259, she even weighs more than my dad!" is a little off putting.

    So that's the number...259. A little higher than i thought, but not surprisingly so. And now the battle begins. Again. In earnest. No fooling. This time is it. I swear. You're gonna be seeing a lot of me. Consider yourselves warned.
  • I can relate entirely Kat!! I weigh more than my hubby too!!
  • Hey I can totally relate! On wedding day 11 years ago, DH weighed 160, I weighed 140-145. April 1, 2002 DH weighed 165, I weighed 181! I had been more than him for years! It was very huge milestone when I finally dropped below him! I am 140 again & I still will not get on the scale in front of him. Of course I will broadcast it here for all the world to see & share with my fat or once fat friends, but never my DH or any of the inlaws, until I hit the 125 mark then I am thinking of getting a TShirt made!
  • YEAH! Today the scale says 138!

    Maybe I need to eat more junk today, since I ate like crap yesterday & still managed to be down from Monday!
  • I'm joining in the challenge but am not ready to weigh myself yet... If I follow the points system, the weight will drop and I'll measure by my clothes.

    I'm around 145 I think, maybe less, maybe more. I'm 5'5", last year lost 25 pounds going down to a wonderful 130.

    My birthday #40 is Sept 15th, so here goes.......
  • I totally spaced checking in on Monday for our 11 by 9/15 challenge!

    I'm down .5 (235.5), but really 2.5 if you count from 238 which is what I was last Monday - BUT I said I was starting at 236, which was a guess, blah, blah, blah...

    ANYWAY - 1/2 pound down, 10.5 to go

  • Hi all!!
    I'm new here!

    can i join in please?

    I'm 5'8" tall
    1st june 2002 was 210 lbs
    Present weight 190 lbs
    Goal: My ideal weight should be about 150lbs to 160lbs


  • Down 1.4lbs this week. What'd I pledge? 7lbs? Only 5.6lbs to go. Only...yeah, right.

    Congrats you losers!
  • Beachgurl.... welcome!! Of COURSE you can join us!
    Come into August Alternachat... it's a little busier over there. In fact, check out all the threads in Alternachicks. We're all totally cool.
  • Thanks ellis for your welcome, I will try to find August alternachicks
  • Grr. I stepped on the scale this morning (like I do every morning) and it actually said 161! I was in shock so I stepped on it again and it was back to saying 162. Damn. Maybe that means I am thisclose to losing? I hope so.

  • beachgurl, just go to ummm,
    go to the top of this page...
    you'll see this line...

    top of forum > General > Alternachicks > Alternachicks Weigh out there!

    Just click on Alternachicks, and it'll take you to the "table of contents" for the forum

    I'm a pound down, but I've been screwing up a lot lately, so I'd better watch it...
  • Screwing around instead of screwing up burns the calories, ellis dear!
  • oooooh yeah........
  • sssshhhhhh! I weighed in early...I'm not going to count this, but I'm down 5 lbs! hee hee. I love my new anyway. Did I tell you I'm a compulsive weigh-er?