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traveller chick
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Default What's the diet plan that the alternachicks are following?

I know we have this on the BIO's but it would be nice to know what each of you are doing to lose weight lately!

Im a bit confused about my lately south beach diet plan... i screwed exercises this week.. and i couldn't resist a weissbier last party.. so im thinking about changing my diet plan
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I really like the Mediterranean diet. There are so many foods I can eat, and they are DELICIOUS! There are some meals that take a lot of work, but a lot that are quick and easy too. And it's easy to maintain as a lifestyle, not as a "diet" to lose weight quickly, just to gain it back.

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on the way to skinny
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I'm doing weight watchers at home, and I find it so simple to follow, and I'm really seeing results. I've been dieting for 51 days, barely exercising, and I've lost 25 lbs....of course, I SHOULD exercise more...but right now with classes and working full time I just can't fit it in too easily...
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I'm doing Weight Watchers online and loving it!
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I'm trying to follow Dr. Fuhrman's Eat 2 Live. I've been slacking lately, but am getting my butt in gear.
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calorie counting/fat grm counting...exercise. Low carb/low sugar
First time I have ever tried without suppliments!
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I don't know exactly what it would be called (atkins maybe, south beach sort of). I mainly eat, meats, non root veg (except raw carrots) full fat yoghurt, cheese, eggs, and nuts. It's hard to start but once I got passed the first few days I am ok, oh, and I givve myself one cheat day every two weeks!
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Giving no Ground
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Hello, I know its been a while, but I'm trying to eat right and exercise, but I've been slipping up lately, and I gained back ten pounds. I've managed to lose four of that.

When I say eat right, I "try" to eat organic whole foods, living by the rule, if it had a mother or came from the earth I can eat it. I'm trying hard to steer clear of processed foods at all, and no "free" stuff (fat free, sugar free etc)
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Calorie counting. I love it because nothing is forbidden.
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Pure American Metal
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I calorie count as well. I've done generally very well staying on plan and adjusting for what life throws my way (except Sunday, darn concerts).

I do not feel deprived in really any way. Toss in some exercise and I'm good.
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Strong is the new Pretty!
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I'm using a body bugg and I'm counting calories, but I'm not being very strict with the number of calories I eat, what I am watching is my calorie deficit. As long as I have at least a 1000 calorie deficit each day I'm happy. That means I can have treats if I want, I just have to walk or elliptical or whatever a bit more. I'm also watching my carb, fat, protein, etc. counts - I don't want only weight loss, I want health.
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i just heard about and started trying this but heres whats new...

1200 calorie diet with yogurt. 3 meals a day @ 400 calories each and immediately followed by a serving of yogurt (ANY yogurt). i don't know if this is called anything so i jsut call it the Yoplait Stock Increase Diet

i'm loving it though. i never feel hungry or deprived of anything i want. for lunch today i had a bowl of Progresso Minestrone soup and Odwalla Wholly Wheat smoothie (300 calories total) and i was full! i ate my yogurt and was satisfied until dinner several hours later and without snacking! i'm exercising, too.
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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I am following my own plan of whole foods - avoiding processed foods; cutting back on white sugar, pasta etc. Eating more vegetarian and organic when I can afford it. Also portion control and exercise.
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I'm a calorie counter too, but with a twist. I'm in Uni courses to be a dietition so I'm watching my ratios of protein/carbs and fats. I eat tons of veg but control how much fruit I eat due to the amount of sugar in it. processed foods are off the menu unless there are 5 or less ingredients on the ingredient list.
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Ay yo le la
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Originally Posted by Robot View Post
I'm trying to follow Dr. Fuhrman's Eat 2 Live. I've been slacking lately, but am getting my butt in gear.
That's so cool. I take his multivitamins and was interested in his diet plan too (I'm vegan,) but haven't done so. I'm just a calorie counter and try to eat a balanced diet.
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