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Originally Posted by prinny View Post
Calorie counting. I love it because nothing is forbidden.
same here.

what weiss bier did you have?
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I am starting the first module of Dr. Ian's 4 Day Diet. I just randomly picked the book up at the library just out of curiosity and I really liked the fact that you focus on four days at a time. I get daunted when I think about a long stretch of time.
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I'm starting out with the "Don't put sh!t in my mouth" diet to start with. Basically exercising and calorie counting
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Originally Posted by mauvaisroux View Post
I am following my own plan of whole foods - avoiding processed foods; cutting back on white sugar, pasta etc. Eating more vegetarian and organic when I can afford it. Also portion control and exercise.
Me too.

Except I also only eat once a day. I used to just graze, like I would grab a handful of soynuts or a few baby carrots or something when I got hungry. That was great for energy but I never lost weight doing that.

Then I moved in with my boyfriend and he likes to have an ACTUAL MEAL every night so I started cooking dinner for us. I cook with REAL INGREDIENTS though. I grew up as the only girl in a big, poor family so it's very natural for me. I cook completely from scratch 95% of the time. Sometimes I will use canned diced tomatoes or prepared mayonnaise for convenience though. I found that sitting down to dinner (even with using recommended portions) AND grazing was making me put on weight, so now I don't eat AT ALL until dinner. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but it's working pretty well for me. Plus, since I've started eating only once a day I've found that I don't have to pay attention to portions because I just CAN'T eat that much and my body CRAVES healthier foods even more than it did before. I used to sort of enjoy the occasional meal of fast food or frozen pizza rolls. Now I cringe when my boyfriend wants that and I try to talk him out of it. My body knows it's only going to get one meal and it wants fuel! It's pretty cool.

Again, it's not for everyone. I'm a weirdo.
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Originally Posted by Robot View Post
I'm trying to follow Dr. Fuhrman's Eat 2 Live. I've been slacking lately, but am getting my butt in gear.
That's so cool. I take his multivitamins and was interested in his diet plan too (I'm vegan,) but haven't done so. I'm just a calorie counter and try to eat a balanced diet.
I'm also doing this lifestyle change. To put it simply....I went Vegetarian and tend to lean away from processed food. (like bread, pasta, white rice..ect)
So far it's working very well. I no longer have that "Heavy" feeling in my gut after eating a meat meal. The weight seems to be coming of at a steady pace.
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I've done WW before but I'm currently on South Beach and I love it. Some people do really well on WW and I loved the online portion of the plan but South Beach has (so far) really been working well for me. My appetite has really diminished which never happened for me on WW.
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No sweets! And i'm doing a wild rose cleanse to help me kick my junky habits. I also set an old picture of me from when i was 18 living in thailand in bikini bottoms as my decktop background. I was thin then and thats what I want to look like again!!!!!!
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New here & jumping in I started with whole foods/Southbeach and currently following eat to live but adding eggs due to nursing an 8mth old.

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I have reverted back to a pescetarian diet. Heavy on the veggies with a balance of mammal-less protein (fish, eggs, dairy) and healthy carbs. Portion control and a focus on exercise. I'm not following anything strictly, just a change of attitude and lifestyle. Three lbs gone in the 1st week, so far so good.
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Originally Posted by archychick View Post
I have reverted back to a pescetarian diet. Heavy on the veggies with a balance of mammal-less protein (fish, eggs, dairy) and healthy carbs. Portion control and a focus on exercise. I'm not following anything strictly, just a change of attitude and lifestyle. Three lbs gone in the 1st week, so far so good.
I'm doing this too...but with even less animal (I started with 2 months of meatlessness and haven't really wnated it since). I start running tomorrow.
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I'm following weight watchers and am sticking to lean meats. I've eliminated pork and beef from my diet.
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I'm a calorie counter. Only thing that works for me.

I've been using Fit-Day's downloadable software, (the free web version has worked well for me before) to track my calories consumed and burned... it automatically creates or updates all kinds of reports, charts, and graphs, and having a visual guide has been really motivating for me. It also tracks nutrition, although I've been eating a lot of fruits and veggies (to fill up on fiber) so I've noticed there typically aren't any deficits my morning Centrum chewable (only mutivitamin that doesn't make me puke) or evening Tums (for the calcium) doesn't take care of.

Only complaint is that lately, I've been having to create a lot of custom entries because it's database is lacking (it's not hard, I just enter the info off the nutrition label off my food or estimate using the USDA databse ... but it is kind of annoying).

(I'm not allowed to post the link to the database yet, but you can google it).

I've been thinking about trying Diet Power, because it learns from your entries and adjusts it's predictions/charts to your metabolic rate (as measured by your calorie consumption and rate of weight loss).
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