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  • Ok,I am way off topic.
    But,I was wondering does anyone believe in karma?What do you know about it?Do you really believe in it,and seen it at work?
  • I believe in karma. Not the reincarnation kind, I believe in Heaven and ****, but I do believe in the karma that happens in our present day lives. I know that if you do good to others, it'll come back to you three-fold, or, if you do bad to others, it'll come back at you three-fold. I do believe I have seen it at work. When my ex hurt me before, or pissed me off, or lied to me, or anything like that, something bad would always happen to him. If it was something small, he'd get cut at work, or oil in his eye, or yelled at by his boss. If it was something that majorly upset me, his car would break down, he'd get a flat tire, he'd get pulled over by the police, or, in one case, he'd lose his job. Similar things have happened to my brother when he'd upset me, and other friends who would betray me. Bad things just happened. I know some people believe it's just coincidence, but I prefer to see the "magic" in the world.
  • I won't say bad things about people because I always feel like it'll come back to bite me in the ***. Well, unless they deserve it.

    My Dad always says "Don't worry, it'll come back to them." whenever someone does something mean. I know he's right but at the same time, all I wanna do is choke the meanies to death.

    I believe in Karma in everyday life. Like Earl, haha.
  • I strongly believe in karma. I wont go into detail but something terrible happened to me a few months ago and when someone gave me a hard time about it, the same thing happened to her within days.
  • Count me in as a believer! I'm reading "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden (again). Great book - very, very approachable and quite an alternative twist on the reality that most of us just trudge on through. It does a darn good job of explaining karma and the mechanics of it. If you've ever heard (or lived) the expression "Worry is just wishing for something you don't want to have happen", it's hard not to have an "aha" moment while reading this.
  • Thanks Everyone,
    This is something I am thinking about lately.
    ICUwishing,thanks for the name of the book. I am going to get it

  • I'm not a believer in any sort of divine or spiritual element to karma, but I do believe it happens.

    I believe you attract to you a reflection of what you are.

    I think that when a person behaves well, is generous and considerate, others are more likely to respond in kind. People are more inclined to help someone when they believe their help is appreciated. When someone habitually takes advantage of others, is rude, agressive, mean or just not pleasant to be around, it bites them in the a**.

  • I don't disbelieve in a spiritual karma. I just more strongly believe in psychological effects, that produce the same effects - a psychological karma.

    People I'm nice to, are nicer to me, and I tend to be nicer to people who are nice to me. Nastiness has the same effect, only more so.

    Another thing that I see, is that chronically negative people seem to be unable to see good things when the do happen to them - instead of every cloud having a sliver lining - they see every piece of sliver having a cloud hanging out of it. Have you ever heard a person who's won money, complain about it (I had an aunt who did - she was so used to complaining about everything, that even winning a small lottery was a "bad" thing).

    Karma doesn't always hit in the way we expect it though. When you see an unpleasant person experience what you would consider "good luck" it just seems so unfair. And yet, I think it's worse luck to have good fortune all around you and be unable to see it or appreciate it, because all of the negativity in their heads.
  • I do not believe in karma as some sort of equal trade off or cosmic payback for wrong doings... however I do believe in the concept of "reaping what you sow" which is a little different. It's more like what you put out into the world has an effect and we have to live with the consequences of our choices. I also like what bopeep said... that you attract a reflection of who you are in life.
  • I have seen signs of karma,that is why I am intrested in it lately.My friend's mother took care of her mother until she died. She lived in her mom's house&
    did all the work that had to be done.When her mother died ,the house was left to her siblings. She got nothing. About 5 years later, a relative she was not close to. She didn't see or speak to her in over 30 years died. She had no
    will made,so my friend's mother inherited everything.That I believe is Karma!
    There are other incidents that happen,that could be called coinsidences. But,I don't think so.
    Any one else?
  • I guess why I have trouble accepting karma as a universal truth is that there are just too many good people who suffer and so many bad people who prosper. I think there are karmic (is that a word?) elements though to the consequences of our actions (again the reap what you sow concept) rather than a cosmic or god force behind what happens to us.
  • Sojo-grrl,
    I know i Question that too! That is why I am trying to find out more about it.
  • I`m struggling with the concept of karma.

    Karma means what goes around comes around. If this was true we should not need to be emphatetic to anyone who is in trouble, because if this is is karma, it means that he deserves it?

  • I do not know alot about it. But,it would mean to be kind to everyone,whether they deserve it or not. To be nice to everyone,kind,compassionate to others. Because that is what will come back to you.Not to do anything mean,or underhanded ,or cheat others,because then that will come back to you.
  • Quote: I`m struggling with the concept of karma.

    Karma means what goes around comes around. If this was true we should not need to be emphatetic to anyone who is in trouble, because if this is is karma, it means that he deserves it?

    Only if you're never imperfect and have to suffer consequences from your own choices/actions and think you don't deserve any sympathy when you do