College Alternachicks?

  • I'm looking for a workout buddy (still) who I can check in with at least once a week or just exchange emails or something. I've basically dived off the plateau and face-planted back at square 1. I'm surviving on Tostitos and canned vegetables at the moment. Anyone out there?
  • I just started this site not to long ago, but it'd be great to have a buddy.
  • Awesome! You're my height, although exactly 70 lbs less than me. Welcome to 3FC, btw!
  • I will be your buddy! I'm in the same situation. I was doing so well. Just kind of stuck now =[
  • We're pretty similar height and weight wise! I'm not yet in college but I will be this fall. I'm a bit off the wagon too, not so much with diet but with exercise. I really need to get back to exercising properly. :/
    I don't know if you're still looking for a workout buddy, since you wrote this a week ago, but if you haven't found one yet I'm here.
  • Finally found my workout buddy with fenderella! As a short FYI for the college kids out there, you should be getting some kind of recreational facilities for free with your activities fee you pay to the college. USE THEM! That's a free gym for at least 8-9 months out of the year, and if it's like ours here, will also offer things like nutrition sessions and classes, body composition, fitness testing, and limited personal training sessions.