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dentrassi 06-30-2002 10:38 PM


Ellis-Welcome back!!!! Hope you aren't TOO bitten up!!! Sorry to hear about the refrigerator. I HATE cars and appliances. They always break down when you don't have the money to replace or fix them!!! Good thing you have the spare in the apartment, it'll buy you some time. When we moved here (3 years ago) I was pleased to find a spare stove in the basement (they used to rent it out), but now it is a REALLY good thing, because the oven in the kitchen no longer works, and the burners are going too. (we were down to 2 burners for a while, but got one of them working again.) The up side is that we no longer heat up the whole house when we use the oven. The downside will be when I have to cook the turkey in the basement and struggle up the stairs with it on Thanksgiving. As long as I don't drop it...... have you ever seen a pack of dogs going after the same piece of meat?

Tigger-I can't believe how many of you bought bathing suits this weekend!!! I haven't owned one since I was in my twenties (OH YEAH!! YOU ARE IN YOUR TWENTIES!!!) Seriously though, i don't know WHAT I'm afraid of. You know, like maybe someone will notice I'm fat if I wear a bathing suit? Your BF sounds like a great guy. I hope you believe in your heart that he is telling you the truth. It took me 10 or 15 years to believe DH when he said things like that to me. I thought he was just "being nice". (RIGHT, like THAT ever happens!!) Seriously though, it is wonderful to have that kind of loving acceptance, isn't it?

Mauvairoux-DS #1 appreciated the support, and so do I!! They are having a lot of fun, and getting their parents to buy pizza for them, so even if nothing else comes of this, that is enough!! Right now he says he either wants to be a rock star or a diplomat when he grows up. But he says he doesn't like US policy and wonders if he can move to Norway and be a Norwegian diplomat!! Wow! The glamorous life of a rock star wife....do you get to be a groupie too? There should be some kind of reward for all the hard work you do!!!

Shel-Glad you are feeling better!! I tried to see the picture of your niece, and it said the page was unavailable. What am I doing wrong? By the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!! No wonder she needed a c-section!! And I thought mine were big!!

Christina-CONGRATULATIONS on the bathing suit!! Even more importantly though, it sounds like you have been having a BLAST!!!

Ruthxxx, Squeak, Soozie-Hope you are all out having fun!!!!!

dentrassi 06-30-2002 10:40 PM


soozie 07-01-2002 01:46 AM

my eyes hurt
Hey you all. My eyes hurt from all that reading. No, seriously it was fun to catch up....no, now I'm faking, honestly, you all suck. Kidding. Kidding
Ellis, I'm all real. Just a really together wacko.

Shel, congrats on your niece. As soon as I post this I'm going to check her out! Having a cuddly little niece can really make life seem devine !!! It's trite but I have to say it, babies are such miracles.

Den, you say "no" to your kids sometimes, you are evil!!!! Did you know we're also supposed to boycott diamonds!?!? Because of abuses in the diamond industry in South Africa (of children). not sure of the details on this one.

Mauvaisroux. I feel so ignorant, what is G-8 ??? Who does loud work early in the morning on a weekend ?? How incredibly rude. Cool that your husband is a musician. I love music as does my kid. We sing constantly. Life feels like a musical around here sometimes. I've been playing guitar for years but just chords. haven't played recently though because of the manicure obsession...can't play and risk messing up these gorgeous nails.

Squeak, I've always thought about going to Canada for a vacation. Your description of those caramilk bars did it for me. I'll plan a trip really soon. Can I get banned from this site for saying things like that ???

Ellis, I know what you mean...I live in my birks. My feet adore them.

Ruth, how does your garden grow ?? hope you had a great weekend.

Christina, size 8, wow girl. But, tanning...tsk,tsk, get some sun screen on ...those rays aren't the same ones you had in the 80's. With all the pollution and the ozone depletion you're sitting there in a radioactive sauna !!! Cover up quick....or just visit a dermatologist for a yearly screening. ;)

Personally, I'm like an old wuss at the beach. Sun screen, t-shirt (hides the fat body, too), umbrella, hat, shades, then when I've been out there awhile I drape a towel over my legs just to be sure...now this isn't about anxiety, in case you're wondering just how nuts I am, it's really vanity, I want my skin to stay young looking, cancer schmancer, I just don't want wrinkles !!!!

Tigger, your boyfriend sounds like a total love. What a mensch, as we say in yiddish. Sorry you had to do the bathing suit thing. I smooshed myself into an old one and then donned a jumbo t-shirt and kept the t-shirt on the whole time that I was at the beach. No one saw a thing...they thought that underneath that shirt I was a foxy mama.

okay girlies, gotta go its really late and I have a long day tomorrow.
Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth !!!!

[email protected] 07-01-2002 06:26 AM

Tigger, if you ever have a moment of insanity & kick that boyfriend to the curb, let me know, he sounds like a real catch! Seriously though think about what he said & remember your weight is not who you really are, only what you look like...huge difference!

OK I know that I should feel guilty, but how do I get hubby to take kids on vacation alone next year?:^: I have been having a great time, just doing whatever I want! For about 20 minutes last night I was feeling a bit lonely, then I picked up a book & at 10:00 I realized that I have been on the couch reading for 3 hours without a single interuption! I know that I will be ready to see them Sunday, & will really start to miss them in a day or so...but right now I will just enjoy the peace, quiet, & time alone!

The extra weight did drop off already, so I guess it was just water retention. Back to work today, so that usually means I drop a pound or so by wednesday. Very weird, will lose nothing last half of week & all weekend, but head back to work monday & drop a pound or close to it a day through wednesday.

I feel for you on your fridge problems! Ours went out this past fall. We went to get one, wanted black, & I fell in love with this one in particular. It had an 8-12 week order wait! A fridge lasts for years, so I wanted to get what I really wanted, not just what I could get that day. The store was great though! They gave us a loaner to use until ours came in! It was one that they had picked up for disposal when someone got a new one. It was just a lovely Harvest Gold, with about 30 bumper stickers all over it. Of course the kids thought that it was cool, I think that Hubby made all visitors wait in the hall so they wouldn't see it! Good Luck though, that can be a real mess!

I know that I should avoid the sun, My daughter & I just have that skin tone that starts to tan in May without a single burn all summer. I am anal & check ever spot careful to make sure there are no changes. MY poor son though lathers up in sunscreen starting in April & doesn't stop until October, he still gets pink if he doesn't remember to reapply after a few hours. My face is so oily though I can't imagine ever getting wrinkles there....& well after childbirth the rest of my body from the neck down is pretty much 1 big stretch mark & flaps of losse skin! The weight loss has really made my stomach disgusting! Any suggestions of tightening up that area? I do crunches every night, but I swear some day I will lift that skin up & find a family of 4 housed under there!
Well Iguess that I should go get ready for work! See you girls later! All you lucky Canadians, enjoy your holiday!

ellis 07-01-2002 11:13 AM

Okay, did I boob? Kat, he's not your "boyfriend", right? He's your best friend. Yes? Which; if that's the case, is even better, because sex can make a good relationship VERY messy!
My sister lived platonically with her best friend for 10 years. He always dated other women and she was always waiting for the right one to come along. About a year ago they decided to become a couple. It's very funny. I hope it works out.
One of my best friends is gay, and it makes for a great relationship because my husband is not in the least jealous of my going out with him.

Chris, don't feel guilty... you deserve time to yourself! Just tell your hubby that you really appreciated the time to yourself and that you'd like to book it again for next year.
Harvest gold fridge. Uh huh, that's what colour OURS is! I hate it!! But it came with the house and I loved the style (freezer down one side) so we kept it along with the harvest gold stove. :rolleyes: But I did something very clever. I found the perfect shade of yellow paint for the walls. The cupboards and mouldings are an antique blue, and with the yellow walls the fridge and stove blend right in. No one even notices the horrible colour!
I just hope we don't have to get a new one. We're going to pull it out and look at it today. I've always wanted a stainless steel one, but it's just not in the budget right now.

Soozie, you thought I was older? That's such a compliment... thank you. :) Did you hear that, Ruth? Soozie thought I was older. I think I AM together. I am so together that having a busted fridge on the hottest day of the year is not stressing me out. Fortunately tomorrow is garbage day, and I'll be able to dispose of my 300 bucks worth of spoiled food.
Oh, crap!!! It's Canada day!! The grocery stores are closed!! What are we going to eat?!?! STRESS!!!!
Are you serious? You don't know what the G-8 is? heh heh. That's very cute, Soozie. Mauvais, I'll let you handle that one.
I'm like you with the sun. I used to tan when I was a teenager, but no more! I'm one of those freaks with very white skin and a lot of moles. I think it costs about 10 bucks each to get them removed, and I figure I'd be up in the thousands to pay for them all. But I definitely keep well covered up now. I keep forgetting my hands, though. And they've totally lost their elasticity. It doesn't matter how much cream I put on them... their life is over.
Hey, I'm glad you like the new psychiatrist! You're very positive... you've got a great attitude considering the crap you've gone through... let us know how the new drugs work out, and stay positive!

Den, I can just see you struggling up the stairs with a hot turkey. :lol:
You haven't been in a bathing suit since your 20's either, huh? I thought I was the only one. I really envy these overweight women at the beach who prance around comfortably in a bathing suit. I always think, "if they can do it, why can't I?" But I just can't. I still see myself as that slender and strong woman of my youth. Not quite sure where she went...

Okay, now that I'm back, I expect everyone else to be back, too!! Shel, Kat, Ruth, Mauvais, Squeak?

I'm sitting here in exercise pants and a black sports bra. Pretty damned unsightly, I tell you. And I've got my glasses on. My contacts keep fogging up in this heat. I HATE WEARING MY GLASSES!! I feel like I'm wearing safety goggles.

Okay, it's 11:15 and DH is still in bed. Either he's dead or he's avoiding the fridge problem.
have a great day, darlings!

[email protected] 07-01-2002 05:44 PM

Ellis, Hey I grew up with Harvest Gold Appliances, in fact my Dad still has everyone of them. They just didn't fit into our kitchen that is all grey & black. Our Stove is Stainless Steel, I really wanted that in our new fridge too...just couldn't afford it either! I ended up with the Wide by Side from Maytag, I love it, but that pretty much broke the bank, I knew better than to ask hubby to invest another $800 just for stainless. Good luck, I was very overwhelmed looking for a new fridge, too many choices! Where in Canada do you live? Our cottage is new Kingston, I do love it there, if only it weren't so darn cold in the winter!

You know I used to wish that in my next life I would be thin, & not battle this whole weight thing every day! But when I rethink that, maybe I should just wish that I don't really care. I had an old co-worker that was a little heavy in the bum, but she didn't care. When we used to talk about dieting in the office, she would chime in that her goal was 350 pounds. (she was about 150-160)

Well I guess that I will go figure out what I am doing for exercise tonight! Have a good evening everyone!

tiggerdiva718 07-01-2002 09:20 PM

Hello ladies!

I can't talk long--I have four papers due tomorrow! I have to admit, I'm so disappointed with my master's program. I don't get anything out of my classes--I get more out of the papers, readings, and the work I do at my job. Unfortunately, I have professors that think we students are blessed by their presence, and they take points off our grade for missing class! My thing is--if I'm getting an A without attending, then why should I get deductions???


HAPPY CANADA DAY to the neighbors to the north!

Ellis: Sorry to hear about the ongoing struggle with your fridge. We can't wait to buy a house, but it's things like that that make us appreciate our apartment! You are right, I live with my boyfriend, but he is also my best friend. We've been together for over 7 years, and we've been engaged for 4. We are holding off the wedding until we're both done with school.

Den: I do believe him when he tells me things like that, but it hard to make myself believe it. In other words, I know he means it from his heart, but I just can't make that same leap. Your rock star son sounds very motivated, and I agree with Mauvaisroux--as long as he's having fun, that's the most important part!

Shel: Congrats again! I just saw the picture, and she is adorable. Lucky you, and lucky her for having an aunt like you.

Soozie: Wow! Anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and ADD! You are so positive and seem to have adjusted wonderful despite any setbacks. It must also help your clients when you have such first hand experience with some of the same issues that they are facing. It probably helps you understand them better.

Christina: I know what you mean about enjoying time alone. I tell everyone that there is nothing better! I'm glad you got to lose yourself, and don't feel bad about it--we all need that space!

I have to put my nose to the grindstone. Time to write some papers! Talk to you more tomorrow!


dentrassi 07-01-2002 10:51 PM


Hope everyone is doing okay!!

Tigger-You sound BUSY!!! Hope things calm down a bit for you. Imagine how exhausted you'd be right now if you had kept that other position too!!! I'm glad you have an understanding and loving BF. Having a partner who is your best friend is fantastic!!

Christina-I love that stainless steel look too. My boss/friend had her kitchen redone with granite counters, a professional 6 burner stove, double oven and stainless refrigerator and dishwasher. The backsplash is tile. It is GORGEOUS!!! Having worked in food service though, I tell people my IDEAL kitchen would be stainless and tile, with a drain in the middle of the floor so I could hose the kitchen down when I'm done cooking!

Ellis-I agree with you about the beach. I see heavy women in bathing suits and I think, "Good for her!" but I just can't get past that block and do it myself. Hope you have managed to get the refrigerator working. I always wear my glasses, and it is a good thing too. They ARE my safety goggles! I have had bleach splash on them (I guess because I'm so close to whatever I'm doing because of my height.), and I have had little pieces of silver and copper fly up and bounce off them. I really should wear safety goggles, but they make me sweat. Without my glasses though I think I would have had at least one eye injury.

Soozie-Didn't know about the diamond boycott, but that is not a problem for me because, 1) I can't afford them, and 2) I don't like them. Glad to hear you had fun at the beach! I just wear shorts and a t-shirt and wade out a little. I have to keep putting on the lotion because I burn first, then peel and go back to pasty. My son has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. How was it for you to be anxious as a child? Was there anything that particularly helped or made things worse for you? We are really lucky in that he usually talks with us about how he is feeling, so we can usually help him reason through whatever is bothering him. (At least the IRRATIONAL fears!)
By the way, NO you can't be banned for talking about chocolate bars!! Otherwise I'd be banned for eating a vanilla bar hand-dipped in chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds for dinner!! My stomach is killing me now, so I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon!!

Mauvairoux and Ruthxxx-Hope you are both having fun today!! Mauv, how did your barbecue go?

Squeak and Shel-Hope you are both doing well!! Come say HI!!

soozie 07-02-2002 12:03 AM

Hey girlies. Hope you had a good Canada Day up there in the North. It was a hot one in New Jersey!! Made my exercise goal last week. Shooting for three more this week !!

Mauvais, still waiting to learn about G-8......

Shel, couldn't get on to see the little one yesterday, will try again today.

Ellis, hope your hubby was just avoidant and not deceased!!

Den, that chocolate sounded devine where did you get it ??? I had a good food day today. Nothing too crazy. Exercised by taking out paddle boat. That was fun.

As a kid I was very quiet about my fears, I felt alot of shame and embarrassment about them. I never talked about them which made things worse. I carried everything inside and tried to handle everything myself. The fact that your son talks to you is wonderful and productive. Knowing that the people around me could stay calm and wouldn't get scared by my anxiety helped...ie, if I was fearful they could stay calm and help me feel safe and comforted. (as opposed to my anxiety triggering their anxiety and them getting angry or impatient or pooh-poohing my fears because they couldn't face their own...)

I guess as I got older, as a teen and early twenties, understanding some of the physiology of anxiety helped me feel normal, you know that there is a physical component to anxiety, its not something you can just wish away, it real, not just in your head.
Hypnosis has helped me alot, and good smart therapists, and medication, and knowing that their are other people who have the same fears/problems that I do.
Cognitive therapy and desensitization are great for anxiety, too. I didn't start with therapy until I was nineteen. It took me a long time to learn how to be genuine and vulnerable with a therapist and not just be charming and funny. Your son is way ahead of the game. (and he has you, lucky boy :) )

Kat, My experiences certainly inform my work. I don't always self-disclose to my clients but I sometimes do...if I think it would be helpful to them. I had so many great teachers too...in grad school and in clinical training. I did a three year post-grad training at the Gestalt Institute of Philadelphia...that was amazing. sorry your master's program sucks so much, but there are great opportunities for post-grad clinical training. And of course, don't tell anyone about this, but we all learn by doing...just getting out there, seeing clients, and having solid supervision.

Ruth, Christina,and Squeak, Hi ladies and sweet dreams !!! I'm off to hit the sack !!! Good night, Soozie

Ruthxxx 07-02-2002 07:01 AM

Post Bash Post
That was on heck of a weekend - a ton of work but I had a ball!

Fri - Aunt and 6 cousins for dinner - BBQ skewers
Sat - Lunch/Brunch on The Island (1940 cottage- Upper Lake)
- buffet dinner here for 27 - cold meats, salads, bread, etc. Sun - spent morning setting up Fair Hall
- 2 pm - renewal of vows at the Church for Martha and Alan
- 3-9:30 - major bash at the Hall - nice to see my 2 1/2 year
old grand daughter dancing with Aunt Rose (90)
- 9:30 - ? - more beer and fun at the cottages on the Lower
Lake with skinny dipping for some
Mon - up early to make strawberry shortcake for 20 and
devilled eggs - boiled 3 dozen!
- noon - lunch as sister's Farm with 20 plus kids who ate
watermelon and blew bubbles and rowed the boat around
the pond.
- 9:30 - watched fireworks on the Lake - just great!

So ... a great weekend. I learned that I can still party as well as the younger generations, that even the dysfunctional parts of the family tree can function after enough beer, that guys wear nada under their kilts (don't ask how I know), that you can forget about watching what you eat once in a while and lose 1.5 pounds in 3 days, that beer still makes me pee a lot, that single malt served by a handsome man in a kilt is even better, peonies make fabulous floral arrangements and drop a lot of petals after three days of heat, that it doesn't matter what you wear - everyone is hot and wrinkled.

Back to real life today.
  • phone dealer re car - my window shattered when I closed the door
  • go for allergy shot # 2
  • do Fair Board banking
  • start work on prize envelopes for the Fair

I lead such a "normal" life, I'm ashamed to post in Alternachicks.
I do try to read everything though.

Have a good week, chickies.

squeaker 07-02-2002 07:02 AM


Hi girls! :wave:

Just a quick drive by post. I will probably stop in again later today. After reading all that I have missed in the last few days - You are all amazing women. (Not that I didn't think that already - it just confirmed it ;) )

Just a little over 24 hrs until I am off. Finally got ahold of the boy yesterday after trying for a few days. I still needed directions and to make sure he would be there when I showed up. I have a feeling I will be getting a ton of excersie. He wants to take me hiking. :eek: I told him only if I get a full body massage after. He said ok.... :D (I am a city girl - I can do the same amount of walking wandering around downtown and be fine. Stick me in the middle of no where and I don't do quite so well).

Talk to you all laters!


ps - Kat good luck with the 4 (!!!!) papers......

ellis 07-02-2002 07:49 AM

happy 35th Mauvais!!!

back later... gotta read all of your posts ...

soozie 07-02-2002 08:34 AM

another long day awaits me but I'm feeling motivated to eat well today...not chow down you chicks!!!....you know...eat thoughtfully.
Mauvais, happy happy birthday!!!! hope it is a wonderful day for you!!!!
Ruth, wow...sounds like a devine weekend!!!
Squeak...ah, for a body massage....
will try to check in with you all later!!
Enjoy the day!!! Soozie

ellis 07-02-2002 09:47 AM

Mauvais darling, I hope you have a wonderful day! It's really hot out there... you could wear your birthday suit to work. ;)
How was the BBQ? Tell Soozie what the G-8 is, will you? Did you see the fireworks? We decided not to walk down... it was just too hot, so we let off a few in our backyard.

Ruth, you call that a normal life? :lol: Wow, what a weekend!! I think you're a perfect candidate for a shoot by Country Living or some other magazine. Martha Stewart? Or is she in jail?
You lost a pound and a half!? NO WAY!! Sweating, no doubt.
You're so fortunate to have such a big family. All I've got here is my sister and my parents. :( (oh, and my husband and kids, heh heh) I'm glad you had a great time... give that car dealer ****.

Hey Squeak, tomorrow is the big day! Have a wonderful time!! I know what you mean about the hiking. I LOVE walking around the city... I can walk for hours without pain. But stick me in the country and I'm a WHINER!! Bugs, heat, lack of washrooms, lack of water... it's ****. Definitely get that full body massage!!
Get lots of exercise, eat well, and have fun!! We want to hear all about it when you get back. :wave:

Kat, 4 papers! Crumbs!! What a nightmare! Listen, just remember... you may not be getting anything out of the classes, but you're getting a degree. It's all about playing the game.
Sorry... confusion re: boyfriend. You're smart to wait until you're finished school to get married. In fact, I think marriage is highly overrated... I think it's mostly a vanity thing. I cringe now when I look at my wedding photos... stupid white dress!! I wish we'd got married in a field... me with my jeans on.
And I know what you mean about buying a house with all of the responsibilities involved. Shortly after we bought our first house, the furnace broke down. I felt like yelling, "Waaaaah!! I want my mom and dad!!"

Soozie, I'm really glad you're getting your exercise in, but could you stop talking about it until it cools down? You're making me hotter than I already am. ;) Listen, it's 80 degrees F in here. And it's morning. And I'm on the ground floor. I can't even imagine what it is on the THIRD floor! And it's going up to 36 Celcius today. Which means what? 90 degrees F in my house? (sorry, I'm a metric girl with an old thermostat in the house... don't know how to convert)
Hey, you started therapy at 19?! That's wonderful! No wonder you seem so "together". You're going to be a great role model for your daughter, sweetie.

Christina, Mauvais and I live in Ottawa. (not together, heh heh) I love it here. I have no political leanings... the politicians are all idiots, and if it weren't for them, Ottawa wouldn't be such an unpopular city. It's a cozy, small city, and it's just the best! Except that we're a bit cold and uptight. And formal. There's definitely something stuck up our ***, but I'm pretty sure it's due to the political crapola. Keep up the good work with your exercise!

Den, that's exactly the kitchen that I'VE always wanted!!! :lol: Stainless steel with a drain in the middle! If fact, if it weren't for all my books, I'd like that in all of the rooms. A quick hose down with a power sprayer and everything would be spick and span!!
I've GOT to get new glasses. Something comfortable. I'm just afraid to go to my optometrist because I know he's going to yell at me for sleeping in my contacts.
Hey girls... you should see the cool jewelry that Dentrassi makes. I was afraid it would be tacky when I first asked about it, but it is COOL!!!

Shel, how's the darling baby? Are you doing okay yourself? Come and talk to us.

Still waiting for a fridge sale flyer to come through the mail slot. I'm not sure whether I should call a repair person or get a new one. I'm actually waiting for a sign from god. A sale flyer would be a sign, I think.

Okay, what are we banning? Diamonds, chocolate, Nike, Gap, Cocoa Cola products (they're depleting a village in India of it's source of natural water), Kraft (Phillip Morris), Sara Lee (kill people with hot dogs), .... oh, and you don't want to know, but we're banning Disney (unfair and unsafe labour practices).


fluid_fiction 07-02-2002 01:08 PM

Happy birthday Mauv!!!!! :D

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