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[email protected] 06-22-2002 05:14 AM

Soozie, sorry just rereading & realized I had a typo in mine, Allis is only 5, she will be six in Sept. I never really thought about talking about dieting in front of her, until in May she was at ballet class & there is a little girl there that is heavy. We were getting in the car & Alli said "Mommy, Rachel's Mom always has snacks for her to eat after dance. She should give her fruit & healthy stuff instead of cookies or chips. That is why she is fat" I felt awful that first of all my poor eating habits and dieting have made something as simple as that noticeable to my child. I also was very worried that she would say something to hurt Rachel's feelings. So now I try to just say that Mommy is eating healthier. I do worry that she inherited my genes & will have to worry about her weight when she gets older, but I don't want her to have an eating disorder instead.

I am thinking of sending my huge drawers to some third world country, they could provide shelter for a family of 5!:lol:

Ruthxx, I am not sure that a dead date wouldn't be a good idea. Hey he would never complain about the house being a mess! Is your dog show in Kingston, ONT? We have a summer cottage up there. It is so nice & peaceful, well as peaceful as it can be with 2 kids! My son, who is 7, tells us that he wants to marry a Canadian, so he can fish all day at the lake. He thinks that since we go up there & just fish & swim, that none of the Canadians work!

Oh well, since it is saturday & for some reason I am wide awake at 5am, I guess that I might as well start the chores, so they canbe done & I can enjoy the day off!

Ruthxxx 06-22-2002 08:08 AM

Hey, Christina - I like your son's impression of the Canadian lifestyle. Actually for some folks around here that is the way it is. Where exactly IS your cottage? And when will you be there? I am very close to Kingston and may be passing you on my way in and out!

Well, not going to any damned dog show today. It's going to be a thunderstorm day and I don't intend to stand in an open field in the rain and watch miserable-looking pooches. I guess Lucy's brother will have to be shown without his Grand*****'s support.

Wish I had time to respond to everyon'e post - I DO read them but life keeps interfering - as does my incredible position as a moderator on this site! :D Actually there have been very few problems lately - a bit of a disappointment as I love to kick butt!

I did the announcement yesterday that I will not be Treasurer for the Board for the next term - elections at end of October. What a relief to me - not to them! Now the begging me to stay begins but I will not change my mind! I still will be working my butt off (I wish!) until the end of my term but it's nice to know I will have my summer back next year. Harry and the dogs are delighted. It's pretty damned sad when you have a travel fund and folks to visit and can't find a way to get away during the summer! **** - I can hardly find a free Saturday for Dim Sum.

Rock Hudson is dead? Not really my type anyhow. What about Robert Wagner? Leonard Cohen? Too gloomy. This is going to be difficult.

Really have to get over to LC and do my thing.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend.

[email protected] 06-22-2002 10:31 AM

UGH, I hate weekends for dieting! It is only 10am & I have already cheated. Hubby & the kids are going to the cottage next weekend for the whole week, so I started packing the snacks & things for them for up there. Hubby loves tastykake Peanut Butter cakes, so I bought box...then decided to open 1 pack to eat just 1 of them....then I just saw the other one sitting there, just begging to be eaten. Oh well, back on track for the rest of the day!

Our Cottage is on Loughborough Lake, are you familar with that area. It is maybe 30 minutes from Kingston. I can't take a week to go this year. I just changed jobs about a month ago, & the little vacation that I earn this year I have to save for our trip to Disney at Christmas time. Jeff is taking the kids up the the week with all of his family. I can't admit this to them, but I actually am looking forward to the entire week at home, with no one to answer to but myself! Besides that cottage is too small for all of us "Waltman Women" to be in at once anymore. My sister in law & I being the outsiders always end up ticked at one of the "in siders" (My MIL & her daughter)

Well I need to finish the housework if I want to go lounge at the pool this afternoon. I wonder how many hours I have to swim laps to work off the 250 calories from the cakes?

ellis 06-23-2002 05:38 PM

Happy Birthday, Dentrassi!!!!
xoxo Ellis

squeaker 06-23-2002 07:01 PM

I second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday! :D :hb:


mauvaisroux 06-23-2002 08:20 PM

Evening everyone! :wave:

It is now Sunday Evening an I have been MIA for two days...

I had a fun weekend but was totally off plan.
Went to a bridal shower and tried to eat well but caved by eating some cake and a couple of phyllo cranberrie/brie bundles.

Then we had friends over for supper and had a good healthy dinner with a couple of glasses of sangria. The four of us went for an after dinner walk :angel: which ended up in a candy store :nono: where I tried to be good by picking up jelly bellys but ended up eating half an Aero mint chocolate bar later on:(
Oh well, maybe it will all even out in the end:) (ms. positivity, yeah, that's me :dizzy: )

Speaking of cake...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENTRASSI:hb:

Christina- I know what you mean about being alone occasionally, we all need some down time no matter how much we love our family and friends...Your son's take on life in Canada is pretty funny!

Ruthxxx-Robert Wagner is still pretty hunky! Leonard Cohen may become so enamored of you he would write a song about you...

Ellis, Squeeker, Soozie and Tiggerdiva-hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the weather:) Nice to see some sun!

Fluid_Fiction-where are hiding these days girl? Hope everything is okay...

Goodnight all!:yawn:

dentrassi 06-23-2002 11:00 PM

HIYA!!!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! Just got back from our trip Friday evening, and celebrated yesterday. Trying to get back in the swing of things now. My MIL has the same birthday, and gave me a bar of "Total ***** Soap" as part of my gift!! She is great, and we tease each other a lot. Except for the fact that she is a skinny ***** she would fit in well here!!!!

Soozie and Christina-WELCOME!! To you both!!! WOW, I was missing for a few days and things start popping!!

Soozie-I'm 4' 11" on a good day, weigh 209 pounds (have lost 16), don't shave my pits or my legs, have short hair, don't do my nails or wear make up (usually-I like to play dress up every so often) and am basically hetero. My sister, who is a Lesbian is 5' 6", weighs 135ish, has longer hair (still kinda short), shaves sometimes, and doesn't wear make up or do nails. I wear those big old white undies too, and hate it!!! Anything smaller than a brief (especially a thong) and I'm afraid it would get lost!!! Also, I keep saying this, and I'm gonna have to say it again. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH OF YOUR POST!!!! I for one am VERY nosey, and feel the longer the better!!!

Christina-Lucky you to have the cabin!!! We just got back from a two day trip to the UP (sorry Tigger!!), first vacation in 3 years. Wish it could have been longer!!! I understand completely what you mean about the kids growing up so quickly. Mine are now 15 and 12, and I can't believe I have one in high school and one in middle school!!!

Mauvairoux-Sounds like our eating patterns have been highly similar. I've been doing REALLY well at balancing my eating between the four food groups. Fat/Sugar/White Flour/Booze. I agree with you about kilts, single malt scotch and bagpipes. Don't know about haggis though!!! Have they fixed the stairs yet?

Ruth-You need to think outside the envelope!! You are in your sexual prime right now, so you need a man in HIS sexual prime. In other words, someone younger who can keep up with you. Sorry you didn't make it to the dog show, but I am STILL laughing about *****y-drawers comeuppance!!!!

Squeak-When are you leaving on your trip again? Glad you are getting away for a while. I know you are going to have fun!!!

Tigger-Too bad you can't get away this summer!! The UP is wonderful, although this year is BAD for mosquitos, so if you have to miss a year this is the year to miss!!!

Shel-We passed through Saginaw on the way up, and I was sending good vibes your way, so I hope you received them!! Of course sometimes I am bad luck, so hope they didn't misfire!!!

Ellis-What is up with you? Are you going to your cottage too? That sounds so idyllic....Wish we could win the lottery and just hang out all the time!!! We could just fly everyone in for a vacation, it would be great!!!

[email protected] 06-24-2002 08:41 AM

Hello everyone! Happy Belated Birthday Dentrassi, it is very nice to meet you! If your post is any indication of how you really are, you sound like you quite a fun one & add a lot to the sight! I am so glad that I found you guys, this one is very upbeat & fun! I tend to come here when I am trying to avoid eating a "no-no" so I needed a site with lots of updates, since I am tempted many times through out the day! Sometimes I am not so sure that having the cottage is a lucky thing! I love it when I am there, but man a few Deer Fly bites, added with some in-laws, & a husband that as soon as we cross the border forgets that he has children & heads to the lake till dark, really makes me wonder! :lol: (Just kidding, it is really nice) Although I am anxious to see how he does up there with out me next week. Of course he will have some help with "Grandma & the Aunts" there. I hope that they don't totally take over for him!

A girlfriend from High School is coming up this weekend, she is my "fat friend" (& no she would not be offended!) Whenever we are together all we do is eat! She has promised me that she will not let me cheat & will be supportive!

Well I guess that I should start to look like I am trying to work! Not very motivated today though, so it is going to be tough!

ellis 06-24-2002 10:34 AM

good morning all you wanna-be-thin girls

Tigger, thanks for your support re: my daughter and I. Ruth... ditto. :) She's doing quite well, thank you. Particularly as there are only 3 days left of school. I still have to draw up a summer schedule for the kids so that I can have a little time to myself and don't lose my mind. Did I tell you that our psychologist told me to make a pie graph? I have to allocate so much time to each person/activity. Let's see.... half to playing computer games, a quarter to writing into fatchicks....

Den, what do you mean you're "basically" hetero? :lol: I haven't shaved my armpits for 3 years. I've shaved my legs once this year. I'm finally starting to not give a damn. I always figure that if I were thin, then I REALLY wouldn't give a damn. Don't wear makeup, either. Unless it's a very special occasion, and then I put mascara on my eyebrows to conceal the grey hair. I hate nail polish, but my daughter wears all these funky colours and I thought I'd try it on my toenails. Don't have short hair though. It's an insecurity thing.
You would LOVE my gay sister-in-law!! She is such a friggin' hoot!!

Oh, God, speaking of gay, my favourite author just died!! Timothy Findley. I'm so sad. :(

Mauvais... jelly bellys... I LOVE them!! Coconut, pina colada, chocolate pudding...

Christina, have fun with your highschool fat girlfriend!

Yip yip... Ruth has refused to be Treasurer!! Good for you, Ruth. You must feel great. The word "no" can bring such a sense of release.

Squeak, how are you? And Soozie? Who have I missed? Shel? Whatcha doin'?

Hey, long weekend coming up. Canada's birthday, don't you know. Damn, and my mom's birthday. Do we go to the cottage and die on the highway, or do we stay at home and relax?

soozie 06-24-2002 12:05 PM

dear Chickies,
Hi girls. I had a busy, busy weekend. Had a dinner party at my Dad's house and invited some of my sisters and my cousins and their hubbies. Dad is in his 80's and lives alone. Thought it would be nice to host the party at his house and use his kitchen. It was nice but now its Monday and I'm pooped.

My daughter has her first tennis class today then I go to work and camp starts tomorrow. I still can't believe they have tennis for five year olds but her little friend from school signed up and wanted my daughter to come along for moral support!! So, we'll be there. Its going to be in the 90's here today and HUMID. I wish I was a more negligent parent and could let my kid watch tv in airconditioning all summer instead of accompanying her out in the HEAT. oh well......maybe I'll sweat off a few pounds. :)

Girls, I cant' believe you're all runnin around with hairy armpits, someone's bound to think you're alittle weird. :dizzy: Den, thanks for your self description and you too Ellis. I also wondered about the basically hetero line:)

I'm five foot one inch and I do cling to that one inch and I'm about 194lbs, right now, of course after watching tennis today I'll be 189 !!! I do shave but please don't tell, don't want anyone to know that I'm breaking the rules :)
I always put alittle lipstick on when I go to work, don't know why but I do. My hair is short, so much easier to take care of and faster in the morning. Lately I'm obsessed with getting manicures. My nails look lovely if I must say so myself.

I've always been curvey. Except when I was a little kid. Once adolescence hit I grew boobies and got round. I was never really fat though, but I always thought that I was fat. Sometimes I think that's why I got fat, fighting my natural weight which was full-figured but not unhealthy and not accepting my body, always thinking it was too big and too fat, now I am fat!!!! My family didn't help much, Mom was always on a diet and never was fat. She often commented on what I ate as did Dad. I have a bunch o'sisters, the one closest in age to me was naturally thin, naturally. She still is slim and shapely. Yet I love her...inspite of her body:lol:

My eating has been uncontrolled. I'm not really on a program right now. Have to think about a structure and stick with it. The gym helps when I go regularly. Its such a natural high to exercise and I just eat better when I'm feeling that good about myself. My goal is to exercise three times this week.

My demons are chocolate and time. As in, I'm starving and don't have time to prepare and get to something healthy. Just grabbing anything between running around with work and the kid's schedule and trying to keep the house from total mess.

I'm glad to have met you ladies and feel really ready to get my real body back. I know its under here somewhere.
Talk to you soon . Soozie

[email protected] 06-24-2002 01:21 PM

Soozie, aren't the kids so cute when they start something so young? My soon started Soccer when he was 4, so funny! We spent more time yelling "go the other way", than anything! My daughter tries soccer, but she honestly does not really enjoy, yet every year when I ask if she wants to play she says yes. Next year she starts 2 hour long dance classes, I think at that point she will have to decide what she really wants to commit to. Just too many activities. I try to let them do any groups that they want, thinking that they will find one that they love & dedicate the time to that & slowly drop the others...well so far, they each found a love, but refuse to drop anything.

The party sounds very nice! I love entertaining, but then regret it when I see the expense & the mess! :)

I too am guilty of the uncontrolled eating! I was always thin through high school, while the rest of my family ate poorly & was very heavy, I could eat with them & still be fine. Well suddenly I got married & just woke up one day fat. (not really but it was one day that I woke up & realized it!) Then I realized that I can not open a bag of cookies & have one. I can open them & leave them there on the counter, but once I have one, they are history! The weight has been dropping rather quickly since I started this, (30 pounds in 11 weeks) But I have hardly cheated at all, I am worried about when I try to incorporate the "no-nos" again, that I will have problems again. I guess that I will have to slowly add something on a regular basis, until I know that I can live with eating just 1 or 2 of something.

Well once again, I have rattled on! Have a good day everyone! (a little slow at work right now, so I am sure that I will be back soon!)

dentrassi 06-24-2002 03:40 PM


Just got back from Psych appointment for son, Costco, and now I've got cramps. OH! The joys of perimenopause!!! "Basically hetero"-I've been attracted to women, but considering I'm in a long term hetero relationship (20 1/2 years married, 2 years together before that), it is kind of a moot point. I HATE shaving my pits, because they get really aggravated. Occassionally I'll shave my legs, but I'm basically lazy. And people have thought I was weird since i was a small child, so anything different and it would be too scary!!!

Soozie-Like you, I started out thinking i was fat when I wasn't. Sick, isn't it? I look at pictures of myself from that time period and just shake my head....WHAT THE **** WAS I THINKING? WHY DIDN'T I APPRECIATE IT WHILE I HAD IT? (Whatever "IT" is!!!)

Christina-I do uncontrolled eating too. For me it is ESPECIALLY bad with things like french fries. Basically anything deep fried and salty is a problem. Although it can also be sweet things depending on what they are...... Yes, I am a ton of fun!! (LITERALLY!!) But watch out when i am feeling down, whew!! RUN FOR COVER!!!!

Squeak-I forgot to answer your question!! I think what the Shiva is like depends on the family. My friend's family sat from 1 pm on each day (7 days), and had a service each night at 7pm. We went after the service, and at that point it was like a party!! We actually ran into people we had met elsewhere and had a great time!! Even my friend was able to laugh it up a bit. I'm sure at other times, and with other people there it was calmer though!!

Ellis-Glad your kids are getting out soon!! I know what you mean about maintaining time and space for yourself though!!! Listen, EVERYONE yells sometimes. I mean just today at Costco I was *this close*!! DS #2 was asking for a computer game and a book, and pop and....all this after we had ice cream too!! And "NO" isn't good enough, because you see "We ALWAYS buy things for his brother and not for him, and we keep on saying he should read more, so why WON'T we buy him a STAR WARS book that is ONLY $15, and the computer game is cheap and works on the MAC, and why can't he see his friends 'cause after all it is summer now?" I'm with you on the fun colors by the way. If I had a daughter with blue nail polish I'd borrow it too!! Just doesn't seem worth buying it when I know I'd only wear it about once a year!!!

Ruthxxx-I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood too!! My best friend was Jewish, and I went to services with her on a semi-regular basis. My family is not religious, so I probably learned more about Judaism than any other religion growing up!! We'd go down to my friend's house to light the candles at Channukah, (and eat potato latkes of course!!!) and they'd come down to help us decorate the tree. We are still in touch, but she lives in California so I don't get to see her too often. Last time was 3 years ago for her son's Bar Mitzfah. I always thought that I'd grow up and marry a nice non-religious Jewish boy and instead I married an Italian/Norwegian. I like to describe him as passionately depressed!!!

Mauvairoux-You are probably checking in later today, so I will sling rude comments in your direction later!!!


squeaker 06-24-2002 04:55 PM

quick drive by post -
Hi chicks! :wave:

Hope everything is going well!

The plan went right out the window on Friday and stayed gone all weekend. With the mood I was in I honestly didn't give a *insert your favorite 4 letter word here*. I was stressed out and I think I had a headache for like a week straight. I didn't just kinda cheat, I ate massive amounts of food in 3 days. Oh well. Today is going much better. Slightly less stressed and 9 more days until I am out of here. :) I almost left on Friday, but I had to go into work on Sunday and didn't feel like driving the 7 hours.

I will come back later after my nap. :yawn:


[email protected] 06-24-2002 06:49 PM

Hmm, just finished logging all of my food for the day...calorie count is only 673...does that mean that I can have ice cream to make up the other 500 calories that I am short? :nono:

Hey Non-shavers, when you get tired of combing it, you could shave, might be 5 pounds of hair in those pits! :lol: Just kidding, If the leg hairs didn't keep me up at night digging into my other leg, I might be tempted to try to skip it too.

Squeak...A NAP! I am so jealous! I love to nap on the couch, problem is I beleive that someone must hang a big sign over me to annoy me as soon as a lay down. It never ceases to amazee me how helpless the others can be as soon as I want to escape!

Well girls I need to go ride that blessed exercise bike! See you all tomorrow!

ellis 06-24-2002 07:24 PM

Squeak squeak, are you having a little nap?! How cozy. Massive amounts of food, huh? That was me today. I can't believe it... I ate two little bowls of chocolate icing. I haven't done that for MONTHS! And I just had a little bag of chips. And two glasses of pop. My day is shot. I'm glad to hear you did better today.
Hey, when you holiday, are you camping/B&Bing/hoteling/moteling or what? My husband winter camped there once. Well, it was November. Looked very beautiful in the pictures. And damned cold.

Den, I thought I was the only hetero attracted to women. I mean, I don't want to have sex with them, but I find it much more interesting looking at women's bodies than men's. I think it may be partially a respect thing, too. I don't appreciate most men... and I don't want to. :lol: Their motives are not of interest to me. Their minds are not in line with mine.

Soozie... a five year old playing tennis... that is so cute!! My gosh, imagine the wrist she's going to have!
Having dinner with your dad... that sounds so nice. He must be in fairly good health to live alone. I know how it feels to get pooped out visiting parents, but you made your dad happy. :) I visited MY parents on the weekend. For the most part they look good, but sometimes they look so old... it makes me sad. :(
Hey, is your partner slim?

Extracurricular activities, Christina... what a nightmare! We've had our daughter in swimming, dance, skating, karate, softball, baseball, soccer... you name it!! She gets to make her own choice this summer. We were going to let her off the hook because she didn't want to do anything, but her psychologist said that it was important for her to do one activity outside of school. And we're going to start our son in soccer this summer, although his sister's been teaching him baseball, and he looks to be a natural!

Den, I like your passionately depressed description. :lol:

Hi everyone else :wave:

Later, darlings....

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