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ellis 06-20-2002 07:34 AM

Hi Soozie!
What an embarrassing question. Why DO we call ourselves Alternachicks, Mauvais? Is it because we're essentially really nice people but with a few too many vices? We swear occasionally, (pretend that we) smoke fat cigars, drink whiskey, listen to alternative music (can we include classical in that category?), etc etc. I suppose we're just basically pretty non-judgemental. All-embracing. You know. We're cool. Totally cool. And a little over the edge, perhaps.
Lesbians are soooo welcome here. Most of us here would BE gay if it weren't for just one thing. Sex.
Any religion is okay with us.
As long as you're not a pedophile (yes, even if you're a Roman Catholic Priest). Or a mad rapist, a gun slinger, or a bigot, YOU ARE WELCOME AT ALTERNACHICKS!!
Oh, one more thing. If you're trying to lose 2 pounds to fit into that string bikini...? You can come in, but we may not like you quite as much as if you're a 300 pound babe with a bit of a weight problem.
You are most welcome.
Mauvais, you came up with the damned name... what's an alternachick? :D

Ruthxxx 06-20-2002 08:06 AM

Good morrow! I am feeling Elizabethan this morning. Anybody seen a nice codpiece lately? Maybe we could start a fashion trend and liven up men's fashion. From theatre costume making, I even know how to make a codpiece - and Elizabethan ruffs - and pointed shoes.

Soozie, hmmmmmm. I guess because we are all just slightly left or right of centre. Although there don't seem to be too many rights here. I do hope you and your partner feel free to join us. Ellis is dead on about the string bikini - we don't even allow thongs. (Do we, chicks?)

Ellis - you get frazzled because you are human. I can totally relate to your frustration when driving in construction. You know damned well that's why you yelled at M. I'm glad you two are OK now.

Today is Doctor day and I do not weigh close to 200 - is 204 close enough? Like Squeaker and Mauvais, I've been doing the snack bit - and not the low carb snack bit. Didja know that if you take two slices of brown bread and butter them and then sprinkle liberally with fake bacon bits, it tastes like a bacon sandwich. I became addicted to bacon sandwiches during the Ice Storm when I started cooking in the shelter at 5:30 a.m. It was a quick thing to make and to eat while I worked. Remind me to bore you all with my Ice Storm stories before I croak.

Mauvais, even I would not drink Scotch with Dim Sum! Unless it was a very early Dim Sum and I had not sobered up from the night before. By the way, hangovers get much worse as you get older. I'm so glad for us all that the Ottawa weather has changed - your morning walk to work must be great.

Lake Placid! Squeaker, I'm glad the timing will be right for you. It sounds like a great break for you. Hmmmm - I'm not far from there - maybe I'll sneak down and peek through the windows. I told you I was a 15 year old boy!

Den, sitting shiva brings back so many memories. OMG that sounds like an old lady talking! I grew up in a predominately Jewish area of Ottawa (Sherwood Drive area, Ellis and Mauvais) and had lots of Jewish friends. I got to know a lot about the culture - and also got asked out by Jewish boys. My parents always said no of course - maybe the guys were trying to make out with a schiksa (sp?)?

Tigger, I hope the conference went well and you had some FUN! How are you goning to celebrate Dad's day this weekend?

Shel - where are you at?

Got to go take a bath and tiddle up for Doc. Then into my gardening grubbies to plant some PLANTS - it's too darn late for the rest of my seeds so I graciously accepted my friend Lorraine's greenhouse dregs and will finish up with those. Must say she has damned good looking dregs - and free is a good price!

Enjoy your day - and Ellis - the afternoon nap in the hammock sounds idyllic. Enjoy!

soozie 06-20-2002 10:55 AM

Ellis and Ruthxxx thanks for the warm welcome.
You sound like my kinda gals. Don't worry about the 3lb thing. That works my last nerve too. I'm working on 70 excess lbs. (and I'm only 5'1") But, hey fat chicks can wear thongs if they want to, can't they. I prefer cotton jockey brand, when I look at them I think of my mom and those huge cotton drawers she had, never thought I'd be wearing them :)
Well, today I ate some cereal for breakfast and capped off with two cookies but since I'm here I'm already motivated to be a conscious eater for the rest of the day and to focus on my arteries and spine and all those parts that are ultimately affected by the joys that my mouth seeks during the day.
Thanks again for the warm welcome ladies!!!
I'll be in touch!! Soozie

[email protected] 06-20-2002 07:23 PM

Hi, mind if I join you guys? I have been with another group, & they are great too, but in order to avoid as much work as possible I need to have new posts to read frequently!:lol:

I am a mother of 2, 3 if you count hubby, who tends to be the neediest of them all! Zach is 7, Alli is 5, hubby is 34 going on 2! I would like to say that I am 25, a size 2, & simply gorgeous, but I may actually meet one of you some day...so I am 32, size 12 & semi-gorgeous! I started out at 181, which was higher than I have ever even imagined I could be! I am now down to 153, with a goal of 135-125. (would love to be at 125, but will be happy if I can get to 135) So far the weight had been dropping off pretty well, the last few weeks have gotten a little tougher. I now tend to stall with no loss at all for 4-5 days, then will drop 2 pounds over the next 3. Still not bad, but I am a daily weigher, so I like to see the scale dip even just a tad every morning.

Ok that pretty much covers me! You guys look like a lot of fun, so I look forward to hanging out with you...if you will have me!

ellis 06-20-2002 07:53 PM

hi Christina...
A word of warning... you may never actually lose any more weight if you participate in our discussions. Apart from Mauvais; the skinny redhead down the street, we all pretty much live life to its fullest... we lose 2 pounds, congratulate ourselves, and then gain back 3 the next day.
If you're willing to stall though, you are MOST welcome to join us!! :lol:
Zach and Alli, what beautiful names!
I've gotta run... we're watching planet of the apes... but WELCOME!!!
back later..

squeaker 06-20-2002 08:11 PM

Christina & soozie - Welcome to the nuthouse girls! I have only been here for a week or two but it is great fun. :)

Ruth & Ellis - you 2 are just too funny! I love the whole 15 yr old boy thing. and if we can pretend - I want to be a tall, skinny & gorgeous!
and Ruthxxx - 204 is definately close enough.
Ellis - which version of Planet of the Apes? haven't seen the new one and wanted to know if it was any good..

Mauvais - I totally understand the bagpipes thing (there is this HOT guy in a local loud cletic rock band who wears a kilt and plays bagpipes), not sure about the rest of it though ;) Esp. the haggis.....

Today was, uh, a trying day. Didnt go overboard on the food, I didn't have time. Lunch was a pb&j sandwhich at my desk while I try to get stuff done. :p


13 more days!!!! :D

ellis 06-20-2002 11:37 PM

The last version, Squeak. It was 12 bucks (Canadian), so we bought it. The kids will watch it about 40 times. And DH and I will watch it again in 40 years time.
Well, it's not on a par with the others. The story is weak, the "eery" effects are not there, and the characters aren't particularly compelling (although Helena B.C. is a damned fine actor). But what the ****. It's sci-fi, right? A fun flick. And besides, I hate it when people say, "well you're younger", but you're younger; Squeak, so maybe it'll appeal to you more than the old ones. But don't get me wrong... I DESPISE Charleton Heston. He is such a toothy *******. I'd like to knock his teeth right into the back of his head. Who the **** does he think he is? Moses? Does he have to play Moses in every damned movie?!?!
Oh, the apes moved better in this one. And actually, the general (Thayer?) was very good.

I'm glad you like it here, and if you can be tall, skinny and gorgeous, then so can I. :lol:

Mauvais, where are you?
Ruth, how was your doctor?
Calling all cars, come in please.

[email protected] 06-21-2002 05:28 AM

HI everyone! Thanks for the welcome! I will be happy to join you, how about though I keep with the dieting until I hit 125, then I can stall?;)
I have an alterior motive though! My Mother In Law, the wicked woman that she is, made the comment that I will never lose weight so why bother. OK I have been the chronic yo-yoer, but would it kill her to just keep her trap shut? Anyway, I guess I should be grateful, most people imagine themselves thin to keep motivated, I keep an image of her with shock on her face when she sees me skinny to keep me going!
Well I better get in the shower if I want any peace in there this morning, if I don't the kids will be up, & suddenly there are 2 faces looking in begging you to hurry up!

soozie 06-21-2002 06:04 PM

Hi girls. I had a good day and a bad day...I ate lots of chocolate, think I'm premenstral but I went to the gym for the second time this week. yeah!!!

Christina, welcome, as you may have read I'm a total newcomer here myself.

Squeak, thanks for your note on my thread! I guess because I put the "L" word in it some people are afraid to respond but, I'm patient :)

I'm so pleased with myself that I exercised today! My gym is great. Its a gym for old people and fat people. Actually they say they are a "40+ gym specializing in older people and in weight management". But, honestly, isn't it just faster to say, old people and fat people!! I like it because when I go there I feel so comfortable. There are some real big people in there and some folks in their 70's who make me feel like a youngster.

Well, ladies, I'm so glad that it is Friday. I'm having a delicious dinner of salmon from our favorite japanese restaurant. My daughter and partner are picking up dinner right now.
My little girl loves cucumber sushi, she's so avant garde.
Have a good weekend!!!Soozie

soozie 06-21-2002 06:19 PM

By the way Ellis, I can't stand that Charlton Heston either, he does really think that he is Moses!!!!!!!!

[email protected] 06-21-2002 06:21 PM

Hi everyone! Finally the weekend is here! I am glad for the break from the hustle & bustle all week, but I really dread them, they are bad diet days for me! Course tomorrow I pormised the kids that we would finally go to the pool for the first time this year. All those skinny little bikini clad teens should keep me "honest". (I just look at them & think "Enjoy it now honey! Child Bearing & the "mid 20 gain" will be here before you know it")
I am one pound shy of the 30 pound loss mark! I would love to hit it this weekend, but I never lose on the weekends! Maybe I will ride that dam*...opps , mean great bike, a little longer & a little faster tonight to try to push me over the edge! Zach was just sent to his room for something with Dad, so I guess that I will be riding solo anyway, might as well work at harder than normal anyway! Alli & I start Mom/Daughter DanceFit classes in 2 weeks, thank God, I will then have one night where I can skip the bike & not feel guilty!

Soozie, I think that I read your daughter is 5, has she started school yet? Alli missed the cut off last year, but is 6 now & starts kindergarten in the fall. How did I ever get to be old enough to have 2 kids in school! (I guess that it happened in my sleep while those nasty little elves :s: were spackeling the fat onto my butt & thighs!) Your dinner sounds yummy! Makes my bowl of Special K look as pathetic as it really is!

Well I will see everyone back here soon! If I don't get out for that bike ride soon, I will skip it! Have a good weekend!

tiggerdiva718 06-21-2002 08:19 PM

Hello ladies ;)

How are all of you? I got back from my conference yesterday, but I went out with a friend for dessert and discussion. I didn't end up coming home until almost 2am! It was fun, though! I just found out that I will have funding to attend two more conferences this year, which I am so happy about :smug: As a poor grad student, I can't really afford those things, so it's nice that the university is helping me out.

Anyways--on to the more important stuff, which is all of you!

Big Warm Welcome to Soozie and Christina :D
Soozie: I laughed when I read what you said about the big ol' cotton drawers! As a matter of fact, I had been thinking the exact same thing the other day. Sometimes I just look at myself and wonder how I let my weight get so out of control. I think your gym sounds great. I just joined an all-girls gym, and it's nice. I feel more in-place!

Christina: Huge CONGRATS on your successful weight loss. (I hate saying loss because it's not like you woke up and you lost the weight. You worked your butt off, so congrats on your weight work!) When will you see your mother-in-law again? Whatever works! You wouldn't want to know about some of the things I think about when I'm working out! Your children sound adorable! I know what you mean about wondering how they got big so fast--my god daughter is 6! I feel like she was just born.

Ruth: When is your family reunion? It sounds like both you and Sqeak have big families. Mine is small, but my boyfriend's is huge, and I love that about his family. I will be celebrating Father's Day on Sunday, and I can't wait. I saw my dad today, and he's excited, too. How did the doctor go?

Ellis: That is wonderful that your husband is understanding. How are things with your daughter? Please, please don't worry about snapping at her. That's a part of life. Every parent in the world has those moments, and it's completely normal. The important part is that you reacted by apologizing and talking it over with her. BTW, I love your story about Ruth, the 15 year old boy!

Den: Where are you taking off to for a few days? I love going up north, so I will be mighty jealous if that's where you're headed! I normally spend the summers camping through the UP with my boyfriend. However, I had to work as many hours as I could this summer, and I really miss those lazy days we usually share. We're going away next weekend, though, and it is much needed!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend's dad. She's lucky to have a friend as caring and considerate as you when she really needs someone.

Mauvauis: How's the preliminary job search going? I think Den's right. Sometimes, we have to take a leap of faith. It's not easy, but those are the moments in life that you really discover what you have been missing out on. You have so many wonderful skills that any employer would be blessed to hire you. You're an asset, so find someone that makes you feel that way.

Squeak: Lake Placid is coming up fast! It's funny that we've been talking about friends getting married and having kids. Just yesterday, one of my friends asked me to stand up in a wedding in May (the weekend after I stand up for another friend), and yet another friend had a baby! When does it end! I know what you mean about eating everything in sight. Sometimes I feel like a vacuum cleaner, and that's the habit that I've recently developed and is impossible to break.

Okay, that's all for me! Oh yeah, none of you are lying--you are all gorgeous! Keep smiling!

Tigger :wave:

soozie 06-21-2002 08:57 PM

hi ladies
Christina, my little girl is five. She will start kindergarden in the fall. I can't believe how big she is getting. She's still my baby but she looks like a kid now. She's at that age where she says amazing things all the time. She takes in everything. Today I was telling my partner about this web site (3fc). I rarely talk about weight in front of our daughter, don't want to make her crazy if I can help it!!! well she said to me, mom stand up a minute, I stood up and said, yes?, she said, yeah mom you do look like you lost some weight. Too, funny, my cutie. Well ladies. Onto the weekend, sorry I blabbed so much today, guess I'm just excited about finding the support. take care. Soozie

Ruthxxx 06-21-2002 09:19 PM

OMG, if Moses is not a hunk, who is? Whom is? Of course I got dumped on for thinking Prince Phil looked pretty good at the Queen Mum's funeral.

SO chickies - come up with a droolable hunk for me. Sean Connery? Paul Newman is losing his mind. Howard Keel is dead. Peter LAwford? Rock Hudson - not my type. Ummm - can't think of any other except Farmer Art and his ilk. What the heck is an ilk? I want one!

Am a bit delirious because I announced to the Fair Board that I will finish my term and no run for Treasurer next term. I am taking my LIFE back!

Am off to watch a Dog Show in Kingston tomorrow so try not to miss me too much.

Hey, it's raining! ANd my dogs are out! Ireally wanted a muddy floor before bedtime.

Night all.

mauvaisroux 06-22-2002 12:02 AM

Hello Everyone!

Good grief! I don't post for one night and I miss all the action, I will never be able to catch up with everything!

Firstly a big hello :wave: and welcome :D to Soozie and Christina!

Secondly, I guess my definition of an Alternachick is someone who has various interests, hobbies etc., maybe they are a little different from those around them, maybe a bit artsy, creative, I guess I was describing how I feel about myself when I picked the name (see first Alternachick post where Ellis and I introduce ourselves, banter, and then Ruthxxx butts in and points out that we live in the same city:lol: )

Soozie- your daughter has a beautiful name and sounds like a total cutie! :lol: about the drawers. They are one of my motivational tools as in " I so do not want to be wearing these so I better do something about it"!

Christina-congrats on your weight loss! I must be on the same fat fairy or elves route as you are...they have spackled my butt and thighs too! Darn things just sneak up on you when you are not looking!

Ellis-I liked the first Planet of the Apes best, although I did enjoy the new one. As for Charlton Heston... I used to like him but I don't care for the man's personal opinions and politics these days.

Ruthxxx-How did the board take it when you announced your bid for freedom? I hate to tell you but both Peter Lawford and Rock Hudson are dead, are you still looking for dates in the cemetary? :lol: I am voting for Sean Connery...why if I was 30 years older, whoa baby! ;)

Tiggerdiva-glad you had a good time at your conference, nothing like catching up with old friends...As for my work, well I am staying where I am for now but working towards some goals that I have set for myself so things should get better. DH gave me a big supportive pep talk that ended in tears and hugs and kisses, he is so good to me:love:

Squeeker-how many days to your holiday? ;) I know you are counting down, I am doing the same but I am not leaving until August.

Dentrassi-where are you headed on your holidays?

Shel-haven't heard from you lately-hope everything is good with you.

I was flipping through some girlie how to book the other day at the book store...one of the lines was "every woman should treat her self like a princess" well, how sweet...I say screw that! Every woman should be treating herself like a Queen! :D

Goodnight everyone and have a great weekend!

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