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mauvaisroux 06-14-2002 07:33 PM

Hello Everyone! :wave:

Good to see everyone is in good spirits! (Ruth, by this I don't mean Scotch).

They are repairing the stairs in the park this week and they are closed to the public...WAAH! The gods of exercise are frowning upon me :(

Ellis- I never claimed to be mentally competent, I'm just not taking meds for it :dizzy: but I will gladly accept the slim and beautiful part of that comment :lol:

Ruthxxx-ROFLAO! Boy, that certainly was a come uppance for *****y Drawers, if her dog graduates maybe you could give her some Pampers and a barf bag as a graduation gift! Did BD actually clean up the poop with her own two (highly manicured, I'll bet) hands?

All this talk of shortness- you are all making me feel like some amazonian freak!

Squeeker-meander away-we all do it eventually...It's a rite of passage in being an alternachick :lol:

Shel-Yeah Wings! I wasn't watching but yay anyway!
Glad to see you back! Don't fret over this week there is always Monday ;) at least that is what I always say...

Den-what a great story! My ancestors fled the french revolution and landed in Scotland. And the stories my parents tell me about growing up in Britain during World War 2...Sir Winston Churchill is one of my heroes...

Tiggerdiva-I wanted to go into social work when I was younger but I thought I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure and depressing things that you see-so I ended up working in law where I still get to deal with sad depressing issues in other peoples lives-go figure :p

See Ellis I am crazy I just use my warped sense of humour to deal with it hee! hee! :dizzy:

Hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to do something nice for yourselves! I will post tomorrow...


tiggerdiva718 06-16-2002 02:22 AM

Hi y'all! Did you miss me? I certainly missed all of you! Just a warning, though. This is probably going to be a long post!

I'm so glad the Wings won! Shel and Den, I hope you were dancing with me! I actually didn't get to see much of the game (:( ) because I was downtown having a blast. I stopped at a bar with some friends, and then we walked around downtown and celebrated.

Den: Thanks for the great stories! I love hearing those interesting tidbits that make us all unique. That's probably why I'm into social work! That's very coincidental that your mom was a school social worker because that's exactly what I'd like to do when I finish my masters next spring. Originally, I wanted to get my clinical psychology Ph.D, but because I decided that I wanted to work in schools, I figured a Master's in Social Work would serve me better.

I grew up on the Southwest side of Detroit. Some people say that East and West siders have nothing in common, but I do know where Cass is and I actually knew some people who went there. That's much closer to the West side, though, so maybe that's why.

Keep those stories coming because I look forward to them! We all have some kind of story to share, and that's why I love hearing them from all of you!

Squeak: Please don't feel bad about you depression discussion. I think a lot of what you said resonnated with us. (Well, it did for me anyways :p ) I appreciate that you are so in tune with yourself, and it really sounds like you have things under control. However, it must be hard to feel like you are dealing with this on your own and you put up a front for others. I hope that you have a good way to deal with things when you really get down and out, and I hope you know that you can always share with us.

I can especially relate to one particular thing that you said: You mentioned eating because you feel bad, but then you feel worse after you've ate. I think that for a while that was my biggest problem. I'm not sure that I'm completely over that, but lately I've reconnected with some of the other ways I deal with my problems, and I noticed that I've been eating less due to my feelings. It's a ***** of a cycle, and it's definitely one that is hard to break.

Ellis: What do I do??? Well, that is a bit of a story (although nowhere near as interesting as Den's family story!). As I mentioned earlier, I had been planning on getting a Ph.D in clinical psychology and becoming a researcher/psychologist. I changed my mind and decided to do school social work instead. Right now, I'm halfway through my master's at the University of Michigan. I'm pretty pissed, though, because had things (mostly money) been slightly different, I would be graduating in December instead of April.

Anyways, I am working a few different jobs right now. Primarily, I work at a domestic violence agency. Normally, I do presentations and crisis counseling for early elementary school kids on issues surrounding domestic violence, but because schools are out, I'm working some slightly different areas. For one, I am in a local police station to provide support, advocacy, and information for victims of domestic violence. I am also running a bunch of groups for kids of all ages.

Besides that, I am a director at a summer program for kids. During the school year, I do an after-school program with them, so I know them really well. Finally, I am a program evaluation analyist at an agency that does preventative work and works with adjudicated youth. This is part of my internship, but I get paid, so it's a nice fit for me! When my classes start in the fall, I won't be with that agency anymore, which I'm disappointed about, but I will start my internship at an elementary school where I'll be doing school social work!

I'm sorry that I went on and on, but I've been keeping myself busy, and it isn't often that people ask what I'm doing. Most of my friends are content to explain that I "work with kids"! Aren't you glad that you asked, though!

Mauvaisroux: Sorry to hear about the stairs! You're a very dedicated and committed person, and I have faith that you will find an alternative. How long will the stairs be out of commission? I hear you about not wanting to deal with everyone else's problems. It's not easy, especially because I have to work with kids. I'm pretty good about not taking it home with me. I process with a lot of co-workers and my boyfriend, so I feel like I'm able to get it out of my system. I must admit--when I see some kids in a bad situation, I have an incredible urge to take them home with me! Law is so interesting! What do you do in the legal system? Now that I'm at the police department, I find that my passion for learning about the law and interacting with it has grown tremendously! I spend most of my days in the court house, and I have learned so much. My minor in school is social policy and evaluation, so I find myself looking for opportunities to interact with a variety of policies, and this new aspect of my job has really given me that opportunity.

Ruthxxx: Congrats to Miss. Lucy! When does she start the next phase? Your posting really made me laugh--you have the greatest names for people. I must admit, that is one of my favorites--my boyfriend and I come up with little names like that for everyone who annoys us! A tip for the orange tan--mix the self-tanner with lotion. The lotion dilutes the mixture somewhat and makes it less radioactive-looking, and it is also easier to apply.

Okay, I'm sorry again that this posting was so long. My job is to listen to people all day, so when I get around friends, I tend to talk a lot to compensate! Thank you all for listening (well, reading) and I promise the next one won't be quite as long!


mauvaisroux 06-16-2002 02:50 PM

Afternoon everyone!

Had a big movie weekend. DH and I rented a couple of horror movies on Friday night. we watched The Others with Nicole Kidman which was really good, very creepy without blood and gore factor. The other was called Bones with rapper Snoop Dogg in it...It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

Then on Saturday we had some friends over to watch a 1970's movie called The Black Godfather, it was hilarious! I love 70's movies-the hair, the clothes, the bad dialogue!:D
Then we watched Training Day with Denzel Washington..it was great..he played a baddie very well...not to mention is a dammned fine looking man;)

Ate mostly healthy this weekend but I have a planned pig out :ink: for tonight...I am taking my dad out for Indian Food as part of his father's day pressie.

Tiggerdiva-I work as a legal assistant, mostly civil litigation, a bit of family law. I used to work in an office that did mostly Family Law. Most of our clients were legal aid/Child Welfare and battered women. Quite a few of our clients had drug and/or alcohol abuse problems or mental health issues...it was very sad.
I didn't realise it was affecting me until after I had gone to another job and realised that my mood when I got home was very different than the last job. I tried not to take my work home with me but I found that I was depressed a lot during that time.
We also had one criminal lawyer there and I used to have to accept collect calls from jail from his clients. It was kind of weird knowing that you were talking on the phone to a total stranger in prison but most of them were very polite to me except for guy who was always started swearing at me when I told him the lawyer wasn't in...I was told by the lawyer that I could just hang up on him whenever he did that -so I did! :lol:

Well that's my ramble for today!
My DH just made me an omelet for lunch so I am off to devour it:D

Hope you all have a great day!

ellis 06-16-2002 05:24 PM

hello darlings

Happy Father's day to all of you who are in drag.
I just had a two hour nap. Woke sweating from a dream in which I was hitting some jerk (who looked suspiciously like Hugh Grant) with a suitcase because he'd locked me in a room with him. I must have lost 2 pounds.

Gee Mauvais, what a cozy weekend! It's the perfect weather for watching movies. I don't remember getting this much rain at once for years. Enjoy your Indian food with your Dad, you oinker. :lol:
Sorry to hear about the stairs. Yell at the construction workers and tell them to get a move on!

Tigger, you must have the patience of a saint. I wish there were more people like you in this world. My DH is incredibly patient. He worked as a T.A. for a couple of years with kids with mental/physical disabilities. Then he worked for 10 years with adults with the same "problems". Now he's working in a program initiated by the government. The group's job is to help mentally ill adults in working towards a healthier lifestyle. Their clients are very ill... many of them are/have been living on the street. With regular visits, psychological assessments, etc the clients are less likely to end up back in the hospital or on the street.
I'm glad you had fun celebrating! I suspect you would have had almost as good a time had the Wings lost. ;)

Ruth... miss *****y drawers got her come-uppance. hahahaha! That's hilarious!! I'm so happy for you. I don't know how you didn't laugh out loud. I would have been peeing my OWN pants laughing!
Listen sweetie, Scotch in the quantities that YOU drink I would consider medication!! :lol: (girls, I am TOTALLY teasing Ruth. She is NOT a drunk, nor is she a 15 year-old boy. She's just a frigging HOOT!!) Listen, you should see my garden. I'm worried I'm going to look out and it'll be underwater.

Shel... welcome back!!! Where have you been hiding? We just had a visit at the door from a friend with a new puppy. Oh, what a darling. A cross between a border collie and a pointer. She's fuzzy and white with a patch on one eye. I DO love dogs. I must remember not to get one, though.

Squeak, Den, where the heck are you? What's everyone doing for Father's day? My parents came here for an elegant breakfast cooked by moi. I managed to fake eating, and didn't overdo it. My little sis blew in like a storm on her way to brunch with her partner and his dad. She didn't stay to eat, just long enough to disrupt our breakfast, grab all the attention, and then blow out again. Aaaaaaargh!! I love her more than anyone, but sometimes she drives me right up the bloody wall!!

uh oh, water overload. Just had 6 cups... talk to you later...

squeaker 06-16-2002 08:58 PM

Hi! :wave:

a quick drive by post. I actually have a ton of energy so I want to make sure I do something before all I end up doing is sitting on my rear. :)

All your jobs seem much more interesting then mine. I do tech support for Human Resources at a bank. I pretty much sit on my butt and write programs that spit out reports. I currently am working on doing a tax update. woo hoo :p Sometimes it is really interesting but sometimes it just makes my head hurt.

And thank you guys so much for allowing me to ramble about my depression. :) A year or so ago I wouldn't even admit I had a big problem.

Did the family thing most of the weekend. We had 3 anniversaries to celebrate including a 40th. 17 of us went out to dinner. It took an hour to get a table big enough. I drank a big frosty, fruity drink and a few cheddar biscuits. By the time we actually sat for dinner I only at the salad, the potato and about 1/4 of the steak. I left before cake. :)

I will post something much more intersting and in depth tommorow.


mauvaisroux 06-17-2002 10:06 PM

Evening all!

Sigh...raining again today:(

I don't know if it's just the weather but I have been kind of down for the last week, usually I can shake myself out of it but I still feel blah today.

I think I am in one of my moods where I don't like my job, feel unfulfilled, wish I was able to do something else but can't figure out what that something else should be. Today at work I was daydreaming that I was suddenly independently wealthy and could tell everyone " Sod off! I'm going home and I'm not coming back! Ever! Nyah:p"

Way to go Squeeker! You did really well at your dinner:)

Ellis-I just hate it when someone breezes in and steals your thunder! :mad: a pox on your sister!
What's that about Ruthxxx? She's a hooting 15 year old drunk boy:?:

Tiggerdiva-I have thought about trying to get an office job, clerk or something like that with the police, I think there are some civilian jobs you can apply for. I was checking into applying for a civillian position with the RCMP but I'm not sure if I have enough qualifications. Your jobs sound really interesting and you seem to have found your calling:)

Den, Shel and Ruthxxx-where are you girls hiding out these days?Hope we hear from you soon!

I am off for a therapeutic candlelit bath while listening to Portishead-hopefully it will do me some good...not sure if I should be kicking myself out of this mood or if I should just revel in my melancholy until I am bored with it :D

Talk to you all soon!

tiggerdiva718 06-18-2002 12:49 AM

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm really close to my dad, but he had to work Sunday, so we'll be celebrating Dad's Day next week instead. I haven't been completely faithful to my plan so far. I feel like I'm getting my stuff under control, though, and that' s so reassuring to me. If I could just put forth a bit more effort, I'd be in a much better place.

Mauvaisroux: How are you feeling? I hope the nice bath washed away your blues. Sometimes I feel that way, too, and I tell myself that I'm having a mid-life mid-life crisis! I think it's normal to want something different for yourself, and especially to wonder the almighty "WHAT IF". It sounds like you had a nice weekend, though. There are days where I don't want to talk to anyone or listen to anyone else, and my boyfriend and I snuggle on the couch to watch a movie together. It's a nice end to a long week. Have you looked into that civilian position you mentioned? It sounds cool! I never knew how much I would love working in the police department until I spent a day there. I'm going to miss it in the fall when I will be abruptly moved back to schools!

Ellis: Thanks for telling me that I'm patient! That's so sweet! I'm not sure that it's altogether true, though! I just love what I do, and I'm pretty lucky to enjoy my career. Your DH sounds like a great guy. I have been considering getting my teaching certification to work with students with disabilities, and I have so much respect for people that work in the field. His current job sounds awesome! Before I worked with kids, I worked with adults, and somehow that's even more frustrating because adults tend to be set in their ways. How does he like his job? Good for him to give back to others in such a caring way!

Squeak: Congrats on making it through dinner! That could have been a potentially potent situation, and you breezed through it. I hope you are proud of yourself because I know that's not easy! And three anniversaries! WOW! You must be tired! I feel like I'm at the other end of the spectrum. A lot of my friends are getting married, having kids, and the like. I spend a good portion of my weekends at someone's shower, birthday party, wedding, or christening! I love it because it's nice to see everyone happy and loving!

Everyone else--have a great day! I will work harder tomorrow to stick to my plans, although I won't have time to work out.

I probably won't post again until Thursday because I'll be out of town for a conference until then. In the mean time, take care!


Ruthxxx 06-18-2002 08:32 AM

Just a quick check-in. We finally have sunshine! I cannot believe the rotten rain we have had for the past 5 days - or was it 6? Our garden well is overflowing and the earth is just saturated. I have a bit of a pond out there but no duck or Canada geese in it yet.
Hope everyone is A-OK. Mauvais, I was in the same mood last night - just completely fed up with dogs and mud and rain and men - so I did the bath thing and went to bed. Life looks better this morning.
Family reunion the long weekend and I need to check out the graveyard for a few missing dates. Off for my walk with the two dogs. Retirement is great!

ellis 06-18-2002 08:54 AM

Ruth darling, you must be pretty desparate if you need to find dates in the graveyard. heh heh. Sorry. Very corny.
It'd better stay sunny today!! I've had it with this rain!
Ruth, didn't you just HAVE a family reunion a few months ago? Have fun!! Don't eat too much.

Mauvais, I hope you're feeling better. I'm sorry you've been down.
Why don't you write down a few goals for yourself re: possible change in job, etc. It often helps to see things on paper. And it's sunny today (knock on wood), so you'll be able to wear a flowing dress and a big hat and look BEAUTIFUL!!

Tigger, my husband loves his job! He was in a bit of rut with his last job, and was starting to burn out. This job has been really good for him. He's learned a lot of new stuff, renewed his sense of worth, and the really nice thing for our family is, he's much more understanding of my and our daughter's mental health "situations".
Unfortunately, for the first time in his life, my cool/calm/relaxed/laid-back husband is a LITTLE bit stressed with this work. He's starting to deal with that though, and is learning to let things go.
You've done a LOT of different things!! It sounds as though you're equipped to do anything you want!
I hope your conference goes well, and that you have a great time with your dad next weekend.

Squeaker, you ate well!! Good for you!! It's so difficult not to stuff down the food when you're out with others.
Hey, your job sounds cool! I'd much rather work with a computer than with people. :lol:
Re: the depression... ramble on, honey... we all do it. :)

Shel, how's the job? And the apartment? And the boyfriend? I hope you're doing well.

Den, how's your friend doing? Are you having a stressful week? Are you sitting shiva? Are you eating bacon?

have a lovely day, all

dentrassi 06-18-2002 04:45 PM

Hi All!!!

First of all, to those of you who were contrite about long posts.......STOP!!!! We ALL do it, we need to blow off steam, and I for one enjoy reading those long posts!!!! And Squeak, most if not ALL of us here are depressed or deranged in some way or another, so all YOU are doing is proving how well you fit in!!:lol:

Ellis-Yes, things have been crazy here. DH and I went and sat shiva last night, and I went to the funeral on Sunday. My friend is holding up okay (kinda!) she was very close to her Dad, so even though the death was expected it has been difficult. I have been eating many pork products, including at the shiva. (joke!!) Actually, when DS#1's friend's grandfather died they had ham on the deli tray at the shiva. Some of the relatives were NOT amused!!! We went late, and the family had already had a meal, so I didn't eat there at all (YES!!), and DH, despite his best efforts, was unable to eat everything on the sweets table!! I would have to give him an A+++++++ for effort though!!!

Mauvairoux-I am like you. One of the reasons I decided not to go into the mental health field is that I definitely get too emotionally involved in things. By the way, I AM on meds, and I'm STILL not mentally competent!!! I hope that you are feeling a little better now, by the way. If you are thinking of changing jbs, do it!! It gets a bit harder as you get older and have more financial responsibilities. Also, everyone I know who has made a leap is happy with the results. Sometimes it is even worth a pay cut (especially if it is temporary) if your mental health improves!!

Ruthxxx-I LOVE IT THAT *****Y DRAWERS GOT HER COMEUPPANCE!!! Karma. By the way.......THANKS for rubbing your retirement in my face (GRRR!!!) :lol:
I know what you mean though, my Mom is having a GREAT time now that she is retired!!!

Tigger-I agree with you. I LOVE hearing people's stories. It is great to see the differences, but there are always strange similarities too. THAT is why I don't understand bigotry. We are all very different, but we are all the same too, and it is fun finding out where those differences and similarities are!!!

Squeak-My son would disagree with you. He MUCH prefers computers (or ANY electronics) to just about anything else. I meant what I said before too. If you stick around long enough you will see horribly long diatribes from me!!! Sometimes I'm mouthy and happy, and sometimes I'm mouthy and sad!!!

Shel-What's up? Still recovering from celebrating the Wings' win? I promise I'll be quiet!!! :devil:

We are taking off for a few days starting EARLY tomorrow, so I probably won't be back until Friday. You all help keep me strong. Thanks for being who you are, and thanks for being here!!

See you all soon!!!

mauvaisroux 06-18-2002 08:07 PM

Hello everyone! :wave:

today was a much better day all around:) Thanks to all of you for the moral support! :hugs: to all of you!

Ellis-:lol: :lol: :lol: That comment about Ruth looking for dates in the cemetary! You have a very morbidly droll sense of humour...I like that in a person.

Dentrassi-sorry to hear about your friend's Dad, it is difficult even when you are expecting it. You did great resisting the dessert tray-yay for you!

Ruthxxx-the bath thing really worked for me too...chased the doldrums away. I have the best bubble bath from Lush, it's called Blue Skies, smells divine, turns the water blue and reminds me of that old song..."blue skies, nothing but blue skies from now on..."

Tiggerdiva-I am planning on checking out a few websites this weekend to check out some opportunities. I have always been interested in law enforcement but i don't think I have what it takes to actually be a police person so I think I may check out civillian positions within those areas.

Shel-how is everything with you, is your house all Martha Stewart like and all or what?

Squeeker-hope everything is going well for you and again kudos for not eating cake!:) I am feeling guilty for eating a donut after dinner last night at my parent's place. I tell my mum that I am not eating things like white bread, pasta, rice and desserts, and what did we have? Fish with noodles and sauce, white bread, tea and donuts for afters! Arg!!!! How do I resist:shrug:

I am off to do some housework so I will have the weekend free>
Talk to you all tomorrow!

squeaker 06-19-2002 10:14 PM

Hey girls! :wave:

How is everyone? It is currently that time where I get *****ier then usual, eat everything in sight and gain an extra 5 pounds while I am sleeping. :p Actually I have been better then usual about the eating part. At least they were low fat Oreos... Other then that it is going ok. :) Booked my reservations for Lake Placid. 14 more days!!!! I can't wait *sigh* 12 days with my favorite person and also a lot of quiet time to read, think, and just veg while he is at work.

Mauvais - Don't feel bad about the donut. I can't ever pass up one from Tims. They are just the best donuts ever!

Den - I am not sure if I should be relieved or scared that we are all deranged. ;) Out of curiousity what exactly is shiva? Is it like a wake? I hope you are off having fun!

Ellis - I have a silly question why would Ruthxxx be a 15 yr old boy?

Ruthxxx - how do you stomache scotch????? I was drunk off my rear one of the times I tried it and it still tasted horrible!! Family reunions can be great. Except when you can't remember who everyone is and how they fit in. ;) I would always ask my grandmother who's who. At her funeral we were all lost, and wasn't sure who everyone was.

Tigger - In a semi-big family we end up together for some occasion at least once a month. And all my friends seem to be getting married also. I guess it's just that age. I have younger sis#1's baby shower next month.

Hope everyone is doing ok!


ellis 06-19-2002 11:25 PM

howdy all

Hey Squeak! You know, I can't even remember why Ruth would be... OH WAIT!! I remember now!! Ruth and I were meeting in real life for the first time. She was coming to my place for a visit. She jokingly said something to the effect of, "Wait until you see me, I'm really a perverted 15 year old boy!" :lol: Which of course, she is NOT!! She is this really cool, lovely 55 year old chick (55 Ruth?) with stunning white hair (keep away from that dye bottle), a killer laugh, and smiling eyes. She's about the size of one of those plaster garden dwarfs. (Okay, that's a joke, too) And she has the most BEAUTIFUL voice!! Geez. When I heard her on my answering machine, I thought, "Gee, I wish you WERE a 15 year old boy!!" :lol:
Your trip to Lake Placid sounds divine! I'm very glad you're going to have such a wonderful holiday... you deserve it.

Den, I KNOW you're having a great time! Eating, reading, sleeping, eating, reading, sleeping...

Mauvais, I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Wasn't it a lovely day? Unfortunately I had to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment, which involved driving down Laurier. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!! I was in full road rage by the time we got to the doctor's office. (for those of you unfamiliar with Ottawa, Laurier Avenue; a big street smack in the middle of downtown, is under HEAVY construction.) My car was literally smoking. It's a good thing I couldn't pull over. I just kept driving and the smoke went away. :dizzy:
How's the job hunt going?

Ruth, Tigger, Shel... whatcha doin'? Ruth, I am SO frazzled. We got back from the psychologist's and things had gone really well for my daughter and then I was so stressed with the driving and stuff that I yelled at her, which I haven't done for about a year! :mad: Curses. I'm such an idiot. She very sweetly forgave me, and all is well again. But why do I get like that?

I'm going to have a nap on my hammock tomorrow afternoon. I've got a cozy mystery, and I should be out for the count before I can get through a single paragraph. I wonder if I can get away with never ever driving again?

nighty night!

mauvaisroux 06-19-2002 11:36 PM

Hello everyone! :wave:

Had an okay day today...walked around at lunch time enjoying the sun...:)

Squeeker-I know what you mean about eating everything that isn't nailed down. I went through one of my binges last night...ate a perfectly good dinner and then snacked for the rest of the night...I had 2 pieces of cheese, some strawberries, a chocolate truffle and then proceeded to munch while making lunches for work the next day...:( oh well, back to it tommorrow.
And Tim's has the best donuts ever:T and I drink scotch too...have to- it's in the blood- along with my love of bagpipes, haggis and the urge to cry everytime I hear Amazing Grace:lol:

Ruth and Ellis-do you think scotch and dim sum would work well?

Den, Shel, Tigger-hope you are all doing well-you are probably out enjoying the sunshine.

I may not post tomorrow night as I am going to see Hubby's band play and will probably be out late.
Have a great night!


soozie 06-20-2002 02:19 AM

Hi ladies
hey ladies. I'm new to 3fc and was wondering why you call yourselves the alternachicks???

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