The Ides of March Exercise Thread!

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  • March 1, 2, 3 = 30 minutes each day = 90 minutes

    Group 11203 +90 = 11293
  • 15 min bike, 60 min bootcamp, 75 minutes track workout

    Totals So Far:
    Personal: 315/2500
    Group: 11,443
  • Hi everyone. I recently added myself to the bios thread and would like to contribute here too if you'll have me.

    I did 60 minutes on the treadmill tonight.

    Totals So Far:
    Personal: 60/900
    Group: 11,443 + 60 = 11,503
  • I'd like to join too!
    I'll set a goal of 1000 minutes this month and see how I do. I took the dog on an hour walk this evening.

    personal: 60/1000
    group: 11503+60= 11,563
  • I'm gonna set my goal at 1000 minutes. will check back with you for an update on what i do today.
  • Ugh!! Well I'm back in town after a rush trip up to Santa Cruz because my oldest daughter who is an UCSC student had emergency surgery last week on what turned out to be a cyst that was mangling her fallopian tube, causing internal bleeding massive pain etc. etc.!!! It was very scary until they got in there and found the cause, hopefully she will be good as new real soon.

    Anyhow.....I didn't want her recovering in her crazed dorm room so I went up and got a nice hotel room on the beach and played nurse for a few days. Needless to to rained half the time and so I'm coming off of hanging in a hotel room and ordering in food etc, not good but I did at least manage to eat semi healthy and stay away from junk etc. NO EXERCISE LAST WEEK AT ALL!

    Oh well, back on the old bike! Will try to put in an hour today and get back on track....
  • Hey everyone - I did 45 mins at the gym last night on the bike, and went farther (and faster, obviously) than the night before, so yay, progress!

    Personal: 90/900 (hey, 10%!)
    Group: 11563+45=11608

    Hourlong weekly step aerobics class starts at the Y tonight, so we'll see how I do. I think an hour might be a bit much for me but I'll bring plenty of water and take plenty of breaks!
  • Only did a little cardio due to schedule!


    Group- 11638
  • 45 minutes treadmill, 60 minutes power pump, 60 minute track practice/workout.

    Totals So Far:
    Personal: 480/2500
    Group: 11,803

    **WARNING: I caught a lady stealing money out of my wallet in the gym this morning. I never bring it in, but I needed to pay for a tanning package, so on the off chance I brought it in, and left it unattended in my bag for about 2 minutes. In that short time, she dug through my bag and almost made off with over $100.00! So to all gym goers, remember that people are desperate right now, SO BE CAREFUL WITH VALUABLES IN THE GYM!!!**

    :] Nelli
  • did 45 minutes on the bike.
  • 60 minute step aerobics class last night (almost kicked my butt!)

    Personal: 90+60=150/900
    Group: 11803+45(Lizziep)+60 (me) = 11908
  • morning ladies! i'm feeling a little bit like i'm awesome today- i went to bed not expecting to work out this morning, but i woke up before my alarm and couldn't go back to sleep so i got up and did it! 30 minutes on the ole bike. wooohooo!

    now if i can just keep the cold that everyone around me has at bay.... then i'll really be awesome.
  • I did 30 bike and a 30 minute walk.

    Personal- 516/2000

    Group- 11968

    Thanks Aiela for adding lizziep's minutes! And I'm glad you survived aerobics!

    Neli-wow! what happened after you saw her take the money, did she run or what?
  • K8-EEE: I hope your daughter is recovering nicely now. I'm guessing she lost that tube?

    nelli: Gosh, some people are brazen. Did you exchange words with the thief?

    I walked and jogged a bit outside yesterday: 45 min
    Had yoga class tonight: 30 min (the class is 45 min but I only count 30)

    Totals so far:
    Personal: 135/900
    Group: 11,968 + 75 = 12,043
  • **That's the weird part. I think she knew she was busted, and I think she froze. She didn't move at all! she stayed right in front of my stuff as I gathered it all and left. I froze too. I couldn't say anything! I didn't even know what to say! I was stunned! Very awkward situation!! But she is no longer a member of the gym and is being charged with theft.**

    Today I did 25 minutes treadmill, 60 minutes bootcamp. New instructor today. WAY HARDER THAN BEFORE!!

    Totals So Far:
    Group: 12,128