Good, Bad, Bad, Good

  • Ok, so my morning started out allright, had some cooked shredded potatoes and two eggs, both cooked in Pam. Lunchtime, I hit up the diner and get a veggie burger, cheese fries, and a shake. Snack was 1/2 pint of Ben and Jerry's. Dinner was a quart of egg drop soup with steamed wontons (I'm a vegetarian, I feel horrific about that) and about 1/4 of a quart of vegetable lo mein.

    The bad news: I've managed to hit every bad food choice possible. The good news: I ate all the soup, true, but it was WAY less than the lo mein which, after a careful debate on whether or not it was REALLY worth it when I've been working out and doing so good, dumped it upside down in the garbage, and just tossed out the ice cream. I did have one can of Coke after that, but I drink Coke maybe once every two months. So, I'm just feeling fairly proud of my newfound ability to say no. Now, to exercise it BEFORE spending money would be awesome, lol.
  • I do that too. I buy cookies for example, eat a few. Feel guilty usually but more so am annoyed with myself I wasted money because I end up throwing them out!