Oh Fairest February! Alternachicks Exercise Thread

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  • I went for a 45 minute walk on Saturday and did 20 minutes on the treadmill on Sunday.

    Group Total = 9470
  • Only did a little cardio today

    Personal- 1205/2000

    Group- 9470+30= 9500 (uh-oh!) I dunno what to do with you amazing ladies. Alright lets try 9600!
  • I had a total Lost Weekend (Oscar festivities -- and drinks, and hors d'ouvres etc. took over Sat. AND Sun as we had a pre-Oscar bbq)

    But!! I managed to drag myself out of bed early and get my bloodshot eyes over to the Y for a swim....so I can at least add 30 minutes today, def an hour tomorrow!

    GROUP TOTAL: 9530
  • 25 elliptical 60 bootcamp today

    Totals So Far:
    Personal: 1610/1500
    Group: 9615/1500

    nice job ladies!

    :] Nelli
  • Yesterday and today on treadmill, 30 minutes each time.

    Group Total = 9675
  • 60 min power pump, 45 min elliptical

    Totals So Far:
    Personal: 1715/1500
    Group: 9780
  • Ah, I don't know what to do with you ladies! I'm kind of afraid to make a another goal. We have broken so many minute lines! Alright how about 9900? Even if we don't make 9900 we are still over the Top!!!

    Personal -1280/2000

    Group- 9780+15+30+30=9855
  • i am trying really hard to get back on track. i have some TOM emotional stuff that makes it really difficult for me to workout or eat right. i am not going to beat myself up over it, but i know that i felt good about the following workout. just getting it done took a lot of disappointment-stress off of my mind.
    50 cardio & 15 crunches
    Personal: 965/1200

    Group Total: 9920
  • 50 cardio & 15 arms/crunches
    Personal: 1030/1200

    Group Total: 9985
  • I bow my head in defeat, haha! i just don't know what to do with you ladies!Lets try for as many minutes as possible!!

    Personal- 1325/2000

    Group Total- 10030!!!!! Look at that!
  • 10 elliptical and 60 power pump so far. but im planning to go for a run later so ill add it in after im done.

    **ok so i went for a run right after i posted this now i can add 75 more minutes!

    Totals So Far:
    Personal: 1860/1500
    Group: 10,175
  • Squeezed in 30 minutes of cardio after school

    Group total 10175 + 30=10205
  • Jane Fonda for 30!

    Personal-1385/2000(counting last post, I was really sleepy!)

    Group- 10,235
  • Also did 12 minutes walking

    Personal- 1397/2000

    Group- 10247
  • I put in 30 cardio and 45 bike.