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  • Thanks gals! I can't wait to pop a few more of these onto my Ipod! I'm feeling slightly discouraged this week!
  • O.k, here goes. My booty shaking playlist...

    According to you- Orianthi
    Big Balls- AC/DC
    Ain't my job to f*ck you on your birthday- Bloodhound Gang
    All the right moves- One Republic
    All the things she said- TATU
    Damned if i do ya- All time low
    Always- Saliva
    Angel Eyes- Jeff healy band (just because. lol)
    Applebottom Jeans-T-Pain
    Are you gonna be my girl- Jet
    Bad romance- Lady gaga
    Bad Things- Jace Everett
    The Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang
    Bathwater- No Doubt
    Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston
    Rock Me Tonight- Billy Squire
    Kicked Out Of Purgatory album
    Blue Angel- Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Bodies- Drowning Pool
    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy- The Andrews Sisters
    I don't like Sundays- Boomtown Rats
    Break-up Song- SR-71
    the Bright Side of Suffering- Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    Burning for you- Shiny toy Guns
    Candyman- Christina Aguilera
    Circus- Britney Spears
    Click Click Boom- Saliva
    Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz
    Creepshow- Kerli
    The Day That I Die- Good Charlotte
    Disturbia- The Cab
    Drunk Daddy- Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    Every Man Has A Molly- Say Anything
    Every You Every Me- Placebo
    Ex-Girlfriend- No Doubt
    Eye of the Tiger- Survivor (I know, a cliche...)
    Family Portrait- Pink
    Finnegan's Wake- Dropkick Murphys
    Who Killed The Cheerleader- Necromantix
    Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger
    Goin' Down- Three Days Grace
    Hemmorage (in my hands)- Fuel
    Hey there Delilah- Plain White T's
    Handlebars- The Flowbots
    I Kissed A Girl- Attack Attack
    I Like It Rough- Lady Gaga
    I write sins not tragedies- Panic! at the Disco
    I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
    Informer- Snow
    The Kill (Bury Me)- Thirty Seconds To Mars
    Living Room- Tegan and Sarah
    Major Tom (Coming Home)- Shiny Toy Guns
    Mexican Radio- Authority Zero
    Carmina Burana- Mozart
    Barbie Girl- MXPX
    Not Fair- Lily Allen
    Time Warp- from Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Paralizer- Finger Eleven
    Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado
    Scotty Doesn't Know- from Euro Trip
    Second Chance- Shinedown
    18 and Life- Skid Row
    So What- Pink
    That's Not My Name- The Ting Tings
    Heaven(?)- The Killers
    Trains- Bad Religion
    Walking With A Ghost- The White Stripes
    We Made You- Eminem
    When I Grow Up- Mayday Parade
    Wherever You Will Go- The Calling
    1, 2, 3 Slam- Guttermouth
    10 Years Today- Bullet For My Valentine
  • thanks for this thread! Shall check out all of it at home tonight and maybe get some tracks for my future workouts!
  • Yay!Babbling threads!

    My current playlist:
    Going Down-Sick Puppies
    Boys Wanna Be Her-Peaches
    Take It Off-The Donnas
    Pot Kettle Black-Tilly and The Wall
    Red Stars-The Birthday Massacre
    The Vampire Club-Voltaire
    Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
    Snake Eater-Cynthia Harrel
    Roller Derby Saved My Soul-Uncle Leon and The Alibis
    Sweepstakes,Stylo,Dirty Harry,Kids With Guns,Dare,Punk,Re-Hash,Left Hand Suzuki Method,Superfast Jellyfish,Glitterfreeze-Gorillaz

    The entire House of Pain album(the one with Jump Around on it;oh yeah,old Irish rap.),and pretty much all of the Repo!The Genetic Opera soundtrack.
  • Bob Log III
    Link Wray
    DakhaBrakha - awesome Ukranian "ethno-chaos", check them out here: ---gah, can't post links yet, they're well worth googling, their website has all their songs for download, particularly great for walks is Vesna from Na mezhi, gets me into a crazy zone, it's sort a a slow build to great intensity. Perfect for those lst few minutes of a walk when you feel like giving up
  • Quote: 3AM Eternal KLF
    Abattoir X Marks The Pedwalk
    Agenda Suicide The Faint
    The Anal Staircase COIL
    Arsenic On the Rocks Aesthetic Perfection
    Assimilate Skinny Puppy
    The Becoming Nine Inch Nails
    The Box (Single Version) Orbital
    Breathe (Album Version) Ministry
    Breathe (Album Version) The Prodigy
    Cantique 2 Die Form
    Chase the Morning Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
    Christ**** :Wumpscut:
    Control Traci Lords
    Devil Bunnies (Album Version) My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
    Father Forgive Will
    Fine Time (LP Version) New Order
    A Forest The Cure
    God Is God Juno Reactor
    Habebe Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman
    Hellraiser (Psychopath 01-Version) Suicide Commando
    Jihad Sisterhood
    Juke-Joint Jezebel KMFDM
    Love Like Blood Killing Joke
    Military Fashion Show And One
    Nausea Executive Slacks
    Nemesis Shriekback
    New York, New York (Dancefloor Cut Mix) MCL
    Nothing Rosetta Stone
    O Fortuna Apotheosis
    the order of death Public Image Ltd.
    Ozar Midrashim Information Society
    Panzermensch And One
    Psyche-Out Meat Beat Manifesto
    Quite Unusual Front 242
    Reptile Nine Inch Nails
    Ritual Noise Covenant
    Schweine Glukoza
    Scorpio Imperative Reaction
    Sent to Destroy Combichrist
    Sex On Wheelz My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
    Sleep Isabella Abney Park
    Smack My ***** Up The Prodigy
    Soul In Insolation The Chameleons
    SR2 Dark Danger Combat Kurt Harland
    Strap Me Down Leæther Strip
    Tower Of Strength The Mission UK
    Wreath Of Barbs :Wumpscut:
    Angel Dust New Order
    Running Two Tykwer/Klimek/Heil
    Thieves Ministry
    Fear Infekktion
    oh snap! you're awesome.

    I really love listening to metal when I'm working out, especially really energetic stuff, like thrash. Working out to municipal waste is a blast.
  • Last nights walk music:

    Hank III
    Hanggai (Awesome band....I actually ran during "The Drinking Song", I never run (except for the next one below\/)
    Th' Legendary Shack Shakers (Inspired by my earlier run, I ran again (albeit briefly) during "Gipsy Valentine"

    Oh, also, whoever said CCR, you saved me from some major buzzkill a couple of nights ago, thanks!
  • okay, I won't post ever song, but these are my two favorite albums to work out to!

    TOOL- Aenima (the entire cd!)
    Mindless Self Indulgence- frankenstein girls may appear strangely sexy (the entire cd, too!)

    love these albums to work out to!
  • Quote: Since I am from ND I have been subjected to a lot of country and some of it really makes me want to shake my butt! I love to country 2step and jitter-bug and I know after 4 mins of dancing on the floor to any of these songs I am pretty winded so it helps me going on the elliptical aswell. So I figured I would add my "30 Min Cardio" playlist on my Ipod. I hope this all helps you guys!

    1. Boots On- Randy Houser
    2. She's Country-Jason Aldean (My future husband! 8P )
    3. My Maria- Brooks and Dunn
    4. Feel that Fire- Dierks Bentley
    5. Fishin' in the Dark- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or Emerson Drive version is great too
    6.Right where I need to be- Gary Allan
    7. Gun Powder and Lead- Miranda Lambert
    8. Life is a Highway- Rascal Flatts
    9. If you're going through ****- Rodney Atkins
    10. Settlin'- Sugarland
    11. Awful, Beautiful Life- Darryl Worley
    12. Thank God I'm a Country Boy- billy Dean
    13. Quit Comin Around- 32 Below
    14. Make a Little Noise- 32 Below
    (My cool down Song)
    15. Kick'n Back- 32 Below
    This is practically my list too (for those country kind of days!) Although there is a bit more Alan Jackson in mine... "Gone Country", "Chatahootche", "Good time" and "Like I Never".
  • Hey all, just popping in to say the entire Sleigh Bells album (Treats) is GREAT workout music. I literally can't sit still whenever I hear it. I also like the faster tracks off of Julian Casablancas' album (Phrazes for the Young) to get my caboose shakin'.

    And my walking playlist:

    My CoCo-Stellastarr
    Somewhere Else-Razorlight
    Vertigo-The Libertines
    Song 2-Blur
    Juicebox-The Strokes
    D.U.I.-Har Mar Superstar
    Icky Thump-The White Stripes
    Freakin' Out-Graham Coxon
    Call Me-Franz Ferdinand
    Apply Some Pressure-Mark Ronson (feat. Paul Smith)

    This thread is awesome! So much new stuff to put on my list of things to check out!
  • Quote: Here's my Sweat List. I have to say I was in great shape when I raved in the early 90s. lol Great thread!!!

    41. Free Your Mind - En Vogue
    42. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Ge It) - En Vogue
    43. Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous - RuPaul
    44. Workout- RuPaul
    45. Supermodel – RuPaul
    Omg Rupaul is the best to work out to! So upbeat makes you just want to dance!
  • these are song songs I can't help but move to! i often catch myself dancing down the street on my evening walks when listening to these

    1.Faggity attention- Adam Joseph
    2. Soccer practice - The Gay Pimp
    3. My Pumps- Erikcouture
    4. London Bridge- Fergie
    5. Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake
    6. Tu est Foutu- In-grid
    7. Harder better faster stronger - Daft Punk
    8 Technologic- Daft Punk
    9 Its raining men part 2 - Martha Wash feat RuPaul

    Just a few theres a ton more but these are some of my favs!
  • I can't work out without music, and the BPM's have to match PERFECTLY with my walking/running or it totally throws me off. I like to listen and run to the beat and just zone out.

    I'll post my full list later, but one of my favorite bands to jog to is H.I.M. For example, "Right Here In My Arms" is such an awesome jogging song. And their new album has so many songs right in the perfect tempo. Plus... they're HIM. They're only the freaking best ever.

    My playlist would confuse a lot of people. I've got everything from HIM to Tool to Wham! to David Bowie, Billy Idol, Muse, Christina Aguilera, Das Tekno, Sum 41 --

    Sum 41 is GREAT running music. **** Song for the win.

    Candyman by Christina Aguilera is a great one.

    Outkast! Hey Ya! Such a good running song.

    But my number one FAVORITE song to jog to right now is Magic by B.o.B. I sometimes run it through like three times in my jog. LOL
  • A song I used to love doing push ups and sit ups to was I Want It All by k.d. lang. The beat is just right for this kind of exercise.
    This time around I need to do more aerobic exercise so I made a CD of songs that are quite fast to move around to with a heavy 70s slant:

    heaven's in the back seat of my cadilac
    murder on the dancefloor
    there's more to love than boy meets girl
    diggin your scene
    let the music play
    love really hurts without you
    love me like I love you
    dress you up in my love
    virginia plain
    everyone's a winner baby
    love is the drug
    whispering your name
    the first the last my everything
    you sexy thing
    so you win again
  • Any and all of the Mortal Kombat games and movies. I swear by them.