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  • A new year. Hopefully this year will be kinder to me.

    Pop the wine and let's celebrate!
  • Looney Tunes marathon on Cartoon Network all day today! What a great way to start 2009!
  • It's 2 pm, do you know where your pajama pants are?? I'm still wearing mine...

    Lazy day here, cold but sunny...
  • Quote: It's 2 pm, do you know where your pajama pants are??
    1PM here, and on my booty!

    Hi ladies! Just found this section of the board and believe I may fit in here.
  • Heya Jessica I am an Alterna-Newb as well LOL

    Well, I am putting on the black eyed peas in a bit, have ham steaks. Got my collards ready to cook, too Tiny batch of corn bread. Got all my Luck Foods covered, I think. One funny note about my small southern town... I had to wait in line to get the smoked hog jowls. LOL
  • Well, it's 4PM here, and I'm *still* in my pyjama pants

    Mind you I did get up at 2PM, so it's not really that late, if you look at it from a certain point of view. I'm going to have some 'breakfast' in a minute then relax with a book for another hour, then hit my elliptical. No point in starting the new year off on the wrong foot!

    It is -15C here today. Ugh! Probably the only time I'll get warm today is when I get into my exercising...

  • I'm in my pajamas as well. So comfy.

    It's a cold day. The past few days were around 60F, but now it's in the 30s.
  • All right, so I didn't hit the elliptical. I tried, but it seems my asthma is really acting up to the point that I can't do cardio until I get it back under control. That means increasing my steroids. I should have it hammered into submission in three days, but until then, I'm not going to have to be a lump on the sofa and watch movies.

    But I did finally get dressed!

  • You gals were so lucky. I had to be in work at 10AM. No comfy jammies for me!
  • i didn't really sleep in, but i lounged all day! then around 4, i got in gear and did some Yoga Booty Ballet, showered, ate a big salad, and watched some Dexter. it was a good day.
  • Good (super early) morning. The sun isn't out yet, but I'm awake. Oh well, I'll at least have time to plan out what I'm going to eat for today. Last night, I consumed mass amounts of pizza. Not good! I'm waiting for the day my brain all of a sudden clicks to healthy mode. Will that ever happen? The funny thing is, I love healthy food, but the few unhealthy foods I do like, I eat a lot of.
  • Happy New year to all of you and may this be a great year for all of us!

    I am starting the year off right with a clean house and a day at the spa today! (Christmas pressie!)
  • Hi hi Everyone!

    Happy New Year! Yay!

    Did anyone actually bother to make any resolutions?
  • I never make New Year's resolutions - I never kept the ones I used to make, so I just decided that I would turn over whatever new leaf needed turning over when I was ready, not based on the date. I seem to have more success with that method of attack

    Today was bad/good sci-fi movie day. DH and I went and bought a bunch of movies yesterday, and today we are being semi-lazy sofa slugs (semi-lazy because we each did a turn on the elliptical while watching them). We watched 'Soldier' (with Kurt Russel) and 'Pitch Black'. I think as soon as DH is finished killing zombies in his computer game, we'll put on an old favourite - 'Fifth Element'.

  • I'm not big into resolutions either but this year i'm determined to get things done. I want to get healthy for one and secondly i want to get my photography up and out there. I also have a urge to learn to be a cake maker, i know why do that while trying to lose weight? well i think it would be amazingly fun.

    Anywho so not much is going on in my life i'm majorly excited to get back practicing tomorrow which means working out heavy cardio three times a week for two hours I swear roller derby is amazing <3