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  • hi all -- happy weekend! As of this morning I had lost my first 5%! ! ! I can smell those 240s coming! I went out and spent a bunch of money at clothing sales yesterday (tax holiday weekend in NC) and bought one size smaller in several items. I"m looking forward to another big shop at Christmas time.
    Woo hoo! Woo hoo!
  • Congratulations on the loss! I have about 8 more lbs to go before I hit my 10% goal...I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to some shopping...but that probably won't happen for a long time. I still have lots of my old clothes from high school I can wear when I've lost more (saves money, oh yeah) and even though I'm losing on the scale, all the sizes 16-18 I have now still feel the same on my body

    Saw the X Files movie last night and loved it, because I'm a big nerd. Today I get to help my bf shop for a suit, as we have 2 weddings to attend this month. I'm actually really jazzed about that too, because it's rare I see him in something other than ripped jeans and a tshirt...let alone a SUIT lol
  • I too am waiting for that drop in clothing size. It seems like I've been in an 18 forever. I WANNA SIZE 16!!! I also have not stepped on the scale since I began this journey. I am afraid of the number I may see. I have decided that once I can wear a 16 I will weigh myself. It will still be high, but not so high as to send me into shock (like the last time I weighed myself, over two years ago)
  • an auspiciously advantageous august all!!! i have been teaching esl beginners so i feel the need to rock out with the multisyllabic words and alliteration.

    guynna! congrats! howzabout some progress pics??!!
    hopefully i will be able to retire my fat pants by end of august.

    meowkat-movie any good? used to think scully was the cat's meow (ouch! lame pun) but donno.....

    aloha 150 reasons...what're ur top 5 for getting healthy? i have been reevaluating mine

    so now that i am finally on vacation i hope i kin get my bertha-sized booty back on track and keep up w/correspondence and stuff and stuff


    oh, hey welcome back irish!!
  • I'm new to the 3FC scene, but I feel like I'll probably fit in best round these alternachic parts. So I guess this is hello.

    How the heck did august creep up on me like this? Its like a cruel joke everybody is playing on me.
  • welcome, ghost! hey janda!

    Anybody else here a fan of the TLC show _what not to wear_? I just bought an outfit that Stacy and Clinton would so loooove: black and white circle skirt, little one-button jacket with seaming that defines the waist (over a red cami I already own), and red peep-toe wedge shoes -- WOW! And the skirt is a size 18 and fits! I can't wait to wear it somewhere : )
  • I love what not to wear...I watch it like the news. Everytime I buy clothes I think, WWS&CD (what would stacy and clinton do), LMAO! The last time I went shoe shopping I said, to heck with sensible, I'm going expensive and classic! Best shoe choice I ever toes red patent leather heals...haven't found an outfit I can't wear them with yet.
  • WWS&CD (what would stacy and clinton do) -- so fabulous! That will be my new motto!
  • man i haven't watched that show in awhile. I keep forgetting about it. I'm really hooked on project runway right now and american dance crew. Fanny Pak rocks.

    I did go shopping last week. I haven't dropped a dress size, but I bought a dress I really liked that was only available in a size lower. So, I figured it's my little motivational red dress.
  • Guynna - congratulations on the 5% loss! Your outfit sounds fabulous!

    Welcome Ghost! I was thinking the same about shoes at a shop I was in today! All the styles were those flat ballet style, sporty sandals or "old lady work shoes" - where the heck were all the sexy shoes?

    What Not To Wear - love that show! I have been watching the original British show with Trinny and Susannah - those two make me laugh out loud!

    Sadly, on one or two episodes I have seen a person on the American show that made me think of myself - i.e. love of rockabilly, goth and mostly black clothing - collection of weird purses and shoes and obsession with leopard print. Oh, and there was this gothic interior decorator girl who was 23 years old or so and Stacey and Clinton told her she needed to grow up and wear adult clothing - ack! What does that say about me at 40??!!!

    As I say this I am planning on packing my corsets and funky purses for a convention I am going to next week!
  • Top five reasons for getting healthy:
    1. My beautiful boys. They are active and healthy, and I want them to stay that way.

    2. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in my family is diabetic. I want to be the odd one out on that one.

    3. I have simply not felt like myself since I gained all this weight. I want to be "me" again.

    4. Newly divorced, I'm back on the market, hehehe I also kind of want to do an "in your face" to the ex. Is that bad?

    5. Because I'm worth it. And it has taken me a very long time to be able to say that about myself.
  • hi, 150 -- #5 is absolutely true and should be #1!! And I don't think #4 is bad at all -- just human ; )

    I remember that interior decorator "fashion victim"! She was really cute... but I don't know that I'd want her to do my house (if I had the money to have someone "do" my house).
  • Hey there! I wanted to pop in and intro myself here...think I fit in a bit more round these parts

    Me, in a nutshell:
    31 years old, 5'3, 183 lbs. want to lose about 45 lbs.
    am a retail manager by day and a tattooed rockabilly-esque burlesque performer, by night
    i've gained more weight after i started performing than ever before...kinda weird to think that being a strip-teaser would do THAT to somebody!
  • urrrrghhh. just wrote this humongous post and mozilla just up and went kaput. sigh. more later.
  • i'm popping in too. i tried to butt in on the july chat, but it was the 31st or something and i think i was just talking to meself. i'm surfing these boards so much i gotta be productive and actually post.

    i'm an english grad student by day and night. and hang out with the husband and cats in my spare time. i noticed a couple of fellow literature lovers and teachers o'english on this board, which is groovy.

    just trying to get in shape and make a lifestyle change. it's easy right now because i have the summer off, but my prob is time management when the going gets rough.

    clementine - burlesque cool. i just moved, but my home town had the "rosey peep show" which i used to frequent. welcome.

    150reasons - i feel ya on the diabetes scare.

    not much else to add to the conversation cause i hate shopping and television, but i wanted to say hello to everyone and give ya a heads up that i'll be throwing my two cents in here and there.

    have a nice day