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  • i think i've done pretty well for being out of town a couple of days and surviving off of airport food which translates to a ****load of fries. no working out either. i'll throw an aaack! out there with guynna.

    but it's cool. definitely not gonna sweat this stuff, well, when i work out yeah, but you know what i mean. in a bookstore over the weekend i read a photo journalism book on bodies called This is Who I Am, it put things in a little bit better perspective about feeling good and not paying attention to numbers and overall love of yourself.

    schools started back and my reading list is pretty friggin loooooooong.

    i hope everyone is alive and well. later, dudes!
  • Quote: Anybody here a fan of _Attack of hte Killer Tomatoes_??

    Love it. I used to watch the cartoon when I was really little, then about 5th grade I discovered the movie(s). I have a stuffed F.T. to this day
  • Hi all --
    Not "aaack!" but woohoo today! I got on the scales for an unofficial midweek weigh-in and was under 250 for the first time in quite a while -- in just less than 50 pounds I'll be in Onederland!

    (Cynical inner voice says "duh, you still have to lose 50 pounds to even get that far; what are you pleased about??") Optimistic inner inner voice says "Sod off! I'm celebrating every little gain --- er, loss!"

    On the movie front, saw _Tropic Thunder_ over the holiday wkend; truly a great satire on the movie industry.