So what is an alternachick?

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  • I'm very happy to see that there are so many different women on here! When I first found the site I was concerned it was going to be all middle aged soccer offense to the middle aged soccer moms, but as the title of the thread would state, finding alternachicks to share my goals and thoughts with is refreshing.

    My friends always call me eclectic, I've got ink from my shoulders to my knees so that its all cleverly hidden for my sickeningly boring but sucessful corporate fiance and I are always being asked if we're in our early 20's since we're not the typical 30 year olds but we take it as a compliment. We're getting each other sleeves for our wedding gifts which definitely raises eyebrows but what a better way to have a gift that lasts forever! Hehehe...I'm a total gear head, ride a sportbike, mod cars, love music, hiking, travelling and just doing the most random things ever.

    So glad to meet you ladies!
  • Wow, what a cool surprize. I just haphazardly stumbled upon this forum this morning looking for a review of some gadget, but found that there's all these cool chicks on here! I've always felt like a square peg in a round hole. I never fit in in school. After highschool I started playing an RPG and finally found that there were others like me - smart, creative, outside the box thinkers who would never hold my looks or brains against me. From there I found more places I could meet people like myself and I havent looked back since. But when it comes to online forums, I've always expected to find the same mundane types who have never seen anything outside of the mainstream. To illustrate my point, I remember I was in the staff room of one place I worked and this chick I worked with made some derogatory remark about how I always ate weird food. I was eating an avocado at the time. Before that, I had brought in some take out sushi with me. I was so happy when I left that place.
  • I'm DEFINANTLY an Alternachick :P I practiacally LIVE on, I've met AND baked for Nightwish, I named my firstborn child after Shadows Fall. I'm a gamer(LOVE Need For Speed) For some reason, I find European metal more to my taste. I do dress goth at times, but right now, I see a lime-green baby-doll style top.
  • I always feel like the out of place mom, with my bright red hair, piercings and tattoos. I am also the mom blasting the rock and roll, punk, new wave... whatever's good at the moment. It's like everyone expected me to "get over" that phase, espeically after having children and then hitting 30. I've just hit my stride.

    to all the other kick *** ladies here!
  • Oh my! I positively am in love with the place officially! I've always been the shy one, never quite fitting in anywhere. I was a bookworm band geek in school, discovered skateboarding and punk rock soonafter, and it was all downhill from there. I've got 2 tats (arguing with the hubby about getting more), multiple piercings, including my labret I gave myself when I turned 30, I role play, I video game, I write and paint and do all I can to keep the creative juices flowing. I joined the military, managed to keep my alternalife intact with hidden piercings and shaving most of my hair off, and on the weekends went clubbing. I like nothing better than combing through piles of old LPs looking for gems I'd play on my imaginary turntable (again, hubby not seeing eye to eye here), or spending days travelling through thrift shops and flea markets. I did recently pick up knitting, I play soccer, flute in a community orchestra, AND I'm the assistant leader for my 12yo's Girl Scout troop. Oooo, kinda mainstream there...

    And of course I married a jock. WTF was I thinking? I don't dress goth or punk or anything like that. Give me a comfy pair of jeans (or Dickies shorts!), a well-worn t-shirt and some Chucks and I'm all set. And I love this thread!!! Yay to us Star Wars geeks!!!
  • Guess I had better explain what makes me an 'alternachick', though I'm not even sure myself. I just don't feel like I fit in a lot of places, and I'm most comfortable here.

    Physically, I probably don't look too different.. I've always had a more classic look (some have even said I look 'European'. haha) I mostly wear black clothing, though I'm not goth.. I also don't really adorn myself that much. I stick with my naturally pale skin and just darken my black hair a bit. (Okay, I guess it sounds really goth, but with light makeup and my natural colorings, it looks normal on me.) Lately I've gotten bored with myself though and have considered doing henna tattoos. I loove Moroccan and North African designs. I guess I'm really interested in anthropology too..

    My brain is very liberal, which is funny considering my entire family is very conservative, very Christian.. I'm also very Pagan. haha I'm interested in other religions too, but am fundamentally agnostic. I'm bi/pansexual.. and a feminist.. and vegan.. Some people never suspect these things because some assume I'm just a snob. I can have a very serious air about me that I can't help. I'm actually pretty compassionate and understanding.

    For fun.. I guess I'm much of a loner. haha I love watching films--mainly old foreign ones and documentaries.. As for music--I adore folk fusion, and though I listen to a lot of different stuff (metal, industrial, rock, punk, synth pop.. even ska!) it's probably my favorite genre. I guess I like art that lets me zone out and live in another world. It sounds silly, but I love fashion too. Though my wardrobe is monotonously black, I adore cool black things! I just remember to keep it ethical.

    Well, that's most of me.. Looking back, perhaps I do belong here. My last health/weight loss forum was very conservative..
  • Inner punk wants to get out!!
    I'm a single mom who plays violin, loves all types of music, plays video games, and watches horror movies. I especially love zombies and vampires. I have some ear piercings and one tattoo....for now.
    I'm also a big girl. I would love to wear Hot Topic clothes, but I'm too big. Torrid stuff just doesn't look right. I also have fairly large breasts, which makes it super hard to find anything that fits right.
    Anyone else have those issues?

    I just want to wear the cool clothes!! Not the men's graphic tees!!!
  • wow i never knew this thread was here! i'm so happy to have found it! I'm a married 26 yr old who loves art, drawing in black and white, occasionally paints, love to read and write stories, plays video games, attends comic and anime conventions and i like to wear clothes that aren't "in" which means dark denim and earth tones plus a lot of black. I also adore tattoos, ear piercings, ankh, symbolic jewelry. I like hot topic for their music selection, but their clothing is a little too much. My skin is super pale and I have dark brown hair, rarely wear makeup. But I tend to resemble a ghost when pictures are taken of me in dark rooms.. I love the renaissance era and obsess over costuming for special events.
    (see my wedding pic in the mini goals forum) XD

    You can catch me typing away online all hours of the night

    My music selection- I listen to everything, especially metal and classic rock, some pop is okay, I really like relaxing music too including celtic themes and Zen.
  • Well, I think of myself as alternative for many reasons.. Im 49 and got my first of two tattoos at 40, have wild hair. Dress in an avant garde style. Im pagan, and live in a big city called San Francisco with lots of queers, pagans, and other freaky types. Been a vegetarian 27 years. My politics are radically left. I am strong outgoing and love who I am in the world. Have a septum piercing that I do not wear all the time. I sail a lot and my nose runs so I wear it going out at night. Wear a lot of black and have done since I was 16. I like to grow, think, expand and generally try to educate myself into growing up around isms.... speak out about unjust things. Try to stay open to love. I guess Im a love warrior... cool. much love Flip
  • Wow, I think I fit in here more than anywhere else. I am a middle aged (45) mother of 4, married and bored out of my damn mind most of the time. On the outside I am a walking catalogue model for LL Bean. You know sweaters, jeans and hiking boots with a furry vest, LOL This is due to my job as a school bus driver. Can't be too radical with a dress code. I love anime art and do 3d art on the side. My hair is always a different color or two at a time, well whats left of it, I am slowly losing it due to aging I'm afraid. Maybe time to shave it off. I do not have any tatoos but would love to get my nose pierced. My current musical taste is hip hop. Hubby says I have the tastes of a 13 year old black girl........better than having the taste of a 90 year old white guy I tell him.
    Politically I am on the lunatic fringe, hubby says I am an anarchist. I don't think so but I believe truly that we should divide up everything and get rid of the rich versus poor crap in this country. Everyone should have the right (not privilege) of safe housing, water, heat and food. No one should have to decide whether they want to eat or go to a doctor. Education should be equal for all, no private school system for the elite. College should be free and public as well. Marijuana should be legal and cheap. The drinking age should be eliminated entirely. I call this Utopia. A place where we all live together and share with one another. A place where we become what we want to be without the constraints of choosing our destiny based on our ability to accumulate more and more wealth. Dream on, I know.

    Now here is where I get weirder than many people my age. I do not believe that sex and love have to be in the same conversation. Humans weren't designed to be monogamous. I married my husband because I love the person that he is, not because I want to have sex only with him forever. Secretly I want to sleep with a black man before I die. Already been with a man of mixed race. This wasn't about love, it was about physical attraction and plain and simple "booty call".

    I was raised in a conservative family who all belonged to the Lutheran church. I rebelled early on and refused to get confirmed at 13 like most of my "peers". Although I believe that there is a higher power, or atleast something that we humans cannot grasp out there, I am not convinced that his name is God or Jesus Christ for that matter. I don't believe that someone who "sins" and goes to church to repent each week is any better of a person than someone who just "sins" according to our social mores.

    I don't fit in with any one group and never have my entire life. Most women my age just don't get me or like me. But the guys do. So I guess that I am honestly an "alternachick" in every sense of what the word alternative means.
  • Welcome!
  • you guys sounds just like me! i am new here and could use all the support i can get. i am struggling with my weight and feel extremely isolated from everything because i am ashamed at what i look like, and have no motivation whatsoever. please give me some encouragement, advice, pointers, etc.
  • Welcome muggle born!
  • I think I fit into this category. I am kind of new to the site. When I was a teenager I used to have a lot of piercings, dye my hair different colors, and have a mohawk. I have kind of toned it down lately. Nice to see there are so many different kinds of people on this site. Nowadays my interests are cooking, cats, coffee, and studying Japanese. I still think I am out of the norm.
  • Hi I'm new to 3FC, I think I might fit into the category. I'm 15 years old, I have a nose ring, I love to listen to "old" music like The Cranberries and Fleetwood Mac. "Old" meaning people my age consider this music old, but I don't. I'm really into art and writing...just being plain different and creative, it excites me so much. I'm the kind of high school girl who couldn't give a darn about sports, and is into stuff like the art and poetry clubs. Wow, this is the most I've said about myself on 3FC so far :P