So what is an alternachick?

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  • Quote: But i am trying my hardest to break the mould within careers. I am currently in my 2nd month of an amazing job/career which is public facing and has LOADS of progression opportunities. I hope i am making way for people to look past the appearances of people who may look a little differently and see the intelligent and successful person inside.
    awesome. i feel like tattoos/piercings should have no influence at all on career, service, job skills, etc. because...umm...they don't and stuff. good for you, paula. as for me, i am a TA for college writing courses, so i'll get back to you after i interview for real jobs, but, yeah, i'm with you.
  • am pierced and have teaching job...even teach at überconservative banks!! hasn't been an issue yet
  • I'll toss my hat in. I'm into alternative music (I was even in a band). Have both tattoos and parsings (all hidden behind my clean cut appearance). But I would have to say the number one reason I'm an alternachick is because I'm a dude on a weight loss forum. And I must say it has been Extremely helpful to me!
  • I am an alternachick, not because I am goth or listen to heavy metal music, but because I am a 33 year old dyke living the childless life in suburbia with my girlfriend and our two dogs.
    I am also a sci-fi/fantasy geek, a Star Wars fan from the age of 4, player of RPGs, internet addict and science nerd.
    I so do not fit in with the soccer moms nor the church going community.
  • I like your music collection MeowKat!

    I'm a jazz-loving, vintage hippy type alterna-gal, myself. What makes me happy is gardening and going out to hear live music - cocktails and jazz is my favorite thing. Although the cocktails part, helps me to be a fat chick, so I'm trying to be a one-cocktail-and-then-switch to Perrier clubster!

    Clothes wise I like peasant blouses and jeans for hanging out, 50's style dresses and cardigans for work, black cocktail dresses and heels for going out.

    I'm not pierced or tattooed or into metal....However, I don't really seek "people like me," I like to meet different types of people.

    I'm certainly not "conservative" or "Christian!" I don't dislike people who are, but I don't really relate to them either.
  • Quote: awesome. i feel like tattoos/piercings should have no influence at all on career, service, job skills, etc. because...umm...they don't and stuff. good for you, paula. as for me, i am a TA for college writing courses, so i'll get back to you after i interview for real jobs, but, yeah, i'm with you.
    very interesting about professional careers and tatts/piercings. I have an MA in counselor education with emphasis in community counseling. until recently i found the progressive look beneficial in working with at risk teens. lately as my community contacts and networking grow, as i prepare to interview for therapist positions, and as i might be in line for a big promotion, i feel that my attitude towards showing others that an intelligent, successful, caring, and responsible individual need not fit the norm is a fight i might not win...not in this community
    i was delighted when i replaced my tiny nose stud with a silver hoop and began wearing a silver monroe stud (a piercing above the lip, like Marilyn Monroe's mole) to work, without condemnation. as my position, and age rise, i feel people roll their eyes at my style. it seems especially silly to wear a pants suite to a community meeting with one of my tatts sticking out of the top of my shirt, 2 facial piercings, and 00 gauge tunnels in my ears.
  • Actually, I am the guilty party who started a thread on this site many years ago called Alternachicks in the hopes of meeting some people that I had something in common with. When I first got here I met a lot of nice people but couldn't really talk to them about things I do, books I read, weird movies, music etc. My tastes weren't really similar to theirs.

    To quote from the bio thread "The word Alternachicks basically grew from the word “alternative” an 80's reference to punk/new wave music. It reflects our different lifestyles and mindsets." I guess these were the only words I could find to describe it. There are no set rules or dress code or lifestyle requirements for being an alternachick - it is just how you feel about yourself.

    For me it is never really feeling like I belong in a group - a feeling I have had since childhood. Even if I didn't look like a weird kid I had different opinions and ideas from those around me. I can fit in wherever I go because I make an effort to be social but a lot of times I feel I am just doing it to be polite and social and I don't really have anything in common with those around me.

    At work I look completely conservative and no one would suspect that I am a gamer, a bellydancer, a lover of zombie movies and crazy foreign movies with subtitles ( most people I know hate to "read" movies ), listen to every kind of music under the sun, love sci-fi books and speak 4 different languages. I fly my freak flag after work and on weekends.
  • Quote: I'm an alternachick on the inside, but on the outside I look soccer-momish.

    I'm a video game fanatic and have been for a long time, way before it was cool for girls to be into them. I've gotten some weird looks from people even now. Depends on where the game store is.

    I love cartoons, especially comic book related ones.
    I love anime as well.
    I'm not a Christian nor do I want to be. I'm not really anything other than me.
    Stephanie, you describe exactly me. ^^I have nothing more to add.
  • Can I play, too?
    I think I fit in with the non-fitter-in-ers.

    I have the requisite tattoos, sport the obligatory nosering and push the boundaries whenever I can.... does that qualify me?

    I am also compassionate to a fault.. so I tend to be a great listener (or, reader - if you will) I am a lot of things...maybe one will spark: a vegetarian, a stepmother, an only child, an attorney, a fat chick, a procrastinator, a wino.... anything?

    If all else fails, I have really cute pets and I could sendy you pictures in exhange for your friendship.
  • I was curious too about Alternchick and now that I peeked - you all are awesome! I love individuality and being who are - not what someone wants you to be! I am probably older than most of you in here, but I too always beat to a different drummer. I still blast my Rock music, have some Tattoos that I love, and welcomed my teenagers when they got theirs.
  • AKdny - yes, you can play too -

    mygrits - you sound like a cool mom
  • New "alternachick" here.
    I've never fit in to society's norm. I don't know why, it just never 'clicked' for me. I don't get the shopping for dresses, purses and matching shoes.
    I currently have 4 piercings, (but used to have 7), and I have 2 tattoos.
    I used to play 'Janet' in San Antonio's Rocky Horror Picture Show cast. But that was many many moons ago. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen it other than A LOT.
    I was introduced to Roller Derby a few years ago when a friend took me to see the Lone Star Roller Girls when they came to town, and instantly fell in love with the sport. So I skated and reffed for the last 4 years, but I recently left the league. It was like a bad marriage.
    I'm into anime, industrial music, the 70s, independent flicks, outdoorsy stuff, zombies, horror, anything that's odd and ecletic or has the possibility to get me into trouble. I'm also a recovering drug addict with 8 years clean.
  • I just wanted to say "hey" to all the new chicks and DUDE here in the Alternachick forum. I've been around for years (and, yes, I wander off from time to time, in my own little world of denial and then I realise that I can't really do this without support) and this is hands-down the best weight loss forum on the 'net (JMHO).

    So I hope the newbies will keep coming back and join in on the monthly thread. I know the old chicks are thinking "there she goes again; it always starts out gung-ho for Velveteen and then she leaves after a month". I can tell you this - I'm not leaving this time! I'm not getting any younger or any healthier by staying the same!

    So get yer butts over to the monthly thread, say hello and let's get to know one another and support each other along the way!

  • Quote: Haha, RPGs. I'm going to cry.

    I traded in to Gamestop a crap ton of them last night including most of the Shin Megami Tensei PS2 games. The darkest, most interesting RPGs I've ever played.
    I think I'm in the right place then...I never seem to fit into the other boards and they are a bit too "clicky" for my taste. I look like a soccer mom type, but I think I am pretty freaky on the inside. Always clicked more with guy friends...married my best friend nearly 18 yrs ago. I 'm one of those oddballs that really never did care too much about music. I like a little bit of everything okay...but never "got" what all the fuss was about. I admit to wiki-ng what "RPG" meant too. But I do have a really warped (okay...more like an adolescent boy) sense of humor and would like to be involved in a forum that has less tradational girls in it. This sounds like the one!

    p.s. My ticker still says 154....but if I hold out at 152 for another day or two...I'm moving it
  • hmmmm could it be i found a little spot i might like long enough to stick around?!?! I am Rae, and am new here to 3FC. I live in Kansas City, am a freelance artist / henna artist / tat flash designer / poi spinner / djembe drummer / herbologist / tarot card reader / and brand spankin new lead singer of an evanescence cover band.

    I have been married for 12 1/2 years to the guy I met when I was 12 (ahhhh young love!) and have 3 daughters ages 19 months, 9 and 13. We have 7 cats, 1 parakeet and a 13 year old bunny. I am more of a hippie at heart, not quite the goth girl anymore. I love all the lovely unique people roaming the earth and seem to find them everywhere i go...thank god lol. I have two years left of school before I become a holistic health practitioner and hope to write a few books and eventually open up my own wellness clinic when my youngest is old enough to be without me.

    Music? LOVE music. Any classic rock - world - screamo metal with chick leads - not so much a country/r&b/pop girl.

    Not a gamer ... soooo i will have NO clue what you all up there are talking about ;-)