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I love this thread!! It really got me thinking!
Mine are:
* Reach my goal weight
* get pregnant
* buy a house
* grow my hair
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Restarting my journey :)
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I love setting myself goals, lets make sure I reach them all

- Reach my goal weight
- Stop Smoking by my bday in Dec
- Learn Italian and be fluent enough to hold conversations
- Pay off at least half my overdraft
- Have volunteer experience working with children
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Default 2008 commitments...

That's what I've been calling it because it all takes commitment, right? I love this thread! Here we go...
• create a closer relationship with God by reading the Bible everyday, finding a church, and spending one on one time with Him.
• Be a better mom and wife...and daughter... and sister... and friend... and neighbor, etc..
• Remain a non-smoker - quit Sept. 9th 2007
• Get in shape... around 125 and a size 6ish would be nice
• Run a 5K in mid May
• Run to my folks house which is 14.75 miles on the one year anniversary of the day I quit smoking
• Spend less time watching tv and more time doing things I enjoy
and last but not least...
• Do something I'm affraid of (mostly due to shyness or fear of looking like a dope) at least once a week.

I keep adding stuff to my list...
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I turn 40 in November too. For some reason this is shaking my tree like nothing ever has before.

I'm going to:

Re-learn how to step dance

Fit in my wedding dress :

Take that horticulture course I've been eying for a couple of years

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Getting there...
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This is a good thread. I've been absent for a while - and running alongside the wagon - not really climbing on, but need to get back on this weight loss journey again:

1. Get to goal. I'd like to be at my TOPS goal (140) this year. I'd like to be closer to 130, but I'll aim for 140 for 2008.

2. Do 25 push-ups without a break. Seriously! It's one exercise I'm lousy at, and want to change that.

3. Run a 10K race. I want to run a marathon one day so I plan to work up to it with commitments.

4. Finish painting my house. Everything seems to be "in progress" permanently.

5. Keep my hair red (not naturally, can't seem to persuade it to do that) and keep growing it. Get a tattoo (linked to #1 as it's my reward for reaching goal).

6. Lastly, (a familiar one here) pay down the credit card.

Those are the plans for this year - as I envisaged them about 6 weeks ago. I haven't got very far yet...
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hmm this is actually somthing I was just thinking about

*Get to my goal weight
*Grow my hair back out
*Make my parents proud of me instead of disappointing them again...
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Reading your third "goal" made me sad. So, I'm sending you a hug.

A couple of things come to mind.

First, parental expectations are relative. For instance, I am the first person in my family to have gone to college, then I acquired a masters degree. I'm also one of the only people in my family to be self-sufficient and not rely on handouts from our matriarch. Some people would consider that quite an accomplishment. Yet my mother is disappointed that I'm not a vapid bimbo like her. She always wanted me to be her girlfriend instead of her daughter and she's always harping on me to wear more make-up and high heels etc. I feel like she looks at me and just sighs...

Secondly, and more important, we are not responsible for other people's feelings. Do what you can to make your own way and be good to yourself. You can't make your parents proud of you. Concentrate on making you proud of you.

Ok, i'll stop practicing psychology without a license, but I feel for you sister, I really do.
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Hey thanks! I just did alot to disappoint them in the last year. They are the kind of parents who I know are disappointed by the way they sometimes look at me and little things they say, but any time I need something they are there to help me accomplish my dreams no matter how crazy. I just want to make them proud of me.

They are also the kind of parents that are proud of me when I know who I am and am not following anyone else in the path I choose, even if my path involves bright pink hair and a year away from my education to find myself.

But I will say this: the hug is MUCH appreciated. My year away from my education has been everything I wanted it to be. I have found myself in many ways, but it is also kinda lonely. So a big THANK YOU!!!
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ooh nice thread!!!!
I would like to
  1. lose around 30 pounds before july so I can enjoy the summer a little lighter
  2. lose around 70lbs before xmas so when we hit Paris I might actually be able to buy some cool clothes
  3. be healthier all around
  4. be happy to have my full body in a picture
  5. pay off the boyfriends small debts
  6. start a savings plan for a house and for my retirement.

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1. Try to do more for my husband.
2. Get my daughter into more activities
3. Meet my weight goals for 2008
4. Try to clean house once a week
5. Take the dogs to the dog park atleast once a week.
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hope it's okay for the newbie to post here goes

1. finish my &%$§!! master's thesis
2. start going to the gym or begin to exercise , period!
3. overcome my flight anxiety
4. fit into a size 10 hip-wise, a size 8 top-wise by the summer
5. keep in touch with my buddies/fam (am unreliable that way)
6. find a new job
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I just found this thread and it interested me,mine are
1. Get out of plus size clothes,atleast into a 14 by Christmas.
2. Get my hair done in a different style.
3. Quit biting my nails,so I don't have to go buy them (LOL).
4. Get my teeth fixed,I don't like my smile at all.
5. Quit being so material,and appreciate what I already have which is alot.
6. Save my money more and think about the future.
7. I know I'm good to DH, but I think I should be better to him,because he is sooo good to me and he really spoils me.
8. Work harder at my job, and work harder towards what I want,which is opening a tanning bed salon,that's what I've wanted for a really long time and only I can make that happen,nobody else.
9. Quit being so particular about everything,I'm a freak when it comes to something having to be perfect,whether it be the house,the yard,my car...
!0. Stop being jealous (which is usually secretly) of other people and stop stressing,because jealousy causes me stress...
Sorry I had so many, but I really felt like I needed to clean house or in other words,clear my conscience.
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