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mauvaisroux 01-01-2008 11:26 PM

Alternachick chat - January 2008

Hope you all had a good New Years Eve and best wishes to all of you for 2008!

MangoKitty 01-02-2008 12:18 AM

Happy new year! I managed to make it threw the whole new years party without a single drink! on the 8th i'll be 200 days sober. Hooray for me!

going2Bhealthy 01-02-2008 06:33 AM

Happy new year to all!!! :D

Having had a relaxing day yesterday (I had the day off work) I've just come back from a run along the sea front and I feel great for it. I'm working 2pm-midnight today so I've got my meals all planned out including healthful snacks.

Congratulations on your sobriety MangoKitty!!

Here's to a bright and happy 2008 :D

blondebombshell 01-02-2008 11:07 AM

Happy New Year Everybody!

I'm new here. In North Jersey. I guess you can call me an "alternachick". LoL. I'm relieved to see a section especially for the "extraspecial" ladies. My boyfriend is one of those antisocial gamers and I wear harry potter t-shirts.... so maybe I'll fit in? LoL. I definitely have a lot of weight to lose.

My 21st birthday is this summer--and I'm determined to be sexy as **** for my big night out.

Any tips or help or encouragement anyone has for me is more than welcome! Here's to 2008!!!

Heidijn 01-02-2008 08:37 PM

Well, I guess I'll jump in here and chat. Hello Everyone!

What is it about this bizarre social construct of time which impells us to commit to something based on the calendar? I've usually started dieting on a Monday, or on the first of the month or something otherwise standardized. But this year, I started on Saturday (oooohhh), as in last Saturday. I thought I'd get a jump start on those January 1 folks.

I've lost .8 pounds since then! Today I even managed to bypass the fresh batch of fudge at work.

For dinner I had what felt like the umpteenth serving of the same roasted winter vegetables I made on Saturday. I can't stand the sight of them anymore and may toss the last bunch. I did make Almond-Crusted Salmon from the "Duke Diet" - delicious!

After 15+ years of marriage, I am learning to adjust my cooking for one, and to make things that I like. My husband would never touch fish so the salmon is a new feature in my house and I must say, it is terribly popular with my dogs and cats! Anyone have any favorite fish recipes?

Congratulations MangoKitty! I have not had a drink for 13 years and 7 months, which probably sounds like an eternity to you at this point, but keep it up! Actually, when I became a non-drinking person, one thing I found very helpful was a Rational Recovery chat on AOL. Thinking about how I discovered support for that major change in my life it what prompted me to find 3FatChicks. I hope to find my participation here just as rewarding. (I'm staying away from divorce sites though - Yech!)

Ok, must take care of business, the dogs are playing musical rawhides and that usually leads to someone getting a time out.

Happy month of Janus - god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, and endings!

MangoKitty 01-03-2008 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Heidijn (Post 1978377)
I have not had a drink for 13 years and 7 months,

woooooow! you are total inspiration to me, i only hope i can make it that long!:dizzy:

mauvaisroux 01-04-2008 05:30 PM

Congratulations Mangokitty! :bravo: Keep going - you can do it! :cheer:

Welcome BlondeBombshell and Heidijn! :wave:

I'm quite proud of myself this week - I have had only one coffee since last Saturday! :cb: I have been drinking herbal or decaf tea all week at work and only succumb to a Tim Horton's fix today. :)

Work has felt like an episode of "As the Office Turns" this week with some drama that has finally ended - what a relief! Now I'm home and planning on doing very little since I socialized so much for the last two weeks.

gaia2094 01-04-2008 05:33 PM

Brightests Blessings and Happy New Year!

I started a few days before January 1 as well, but flopped on New Year's Eve when we made vegetarian chili cheese dip and had cheese and crackers (for my family, the big downfall is chocolate, cheese, and garlic. The last one we should probably indulge in more than the other two). Do we have a dancing garlic?!

I didn't start on a Monday! I started my faux-National Body Challenge challenge today; 31 lbs by the end of March. Everytime I drink all 8 glasses of water, I get to put in $1 towards my bellybutton tattoo and ring. I just need a jar now...

Tharmony 01-04-2008 08:17 PM


I love the one dollar at a time idea as a motivational reward strategy. I'm going to have to think of something I've been wanting and try the jar thing myself. If I can find a jar ;). Thanks!

gaia2094 01-05-2008 11:08 AM

I was eating tons of spaghetti at school (cheap and easy to make taste different), so I collected all my jars and have probably 4 or 5. Cut a slit in two of them last night and plan on decorating them sometime soon, as soon as I get some paints. I made up goals for every time I meet my 10% goal, the first being 3 brand new romance novels (my happy weakness) and setting aside a whole day to do nothing but read them. As more weight comes off, the rewards get better and more extravagant, ending with a trip to a day spa and getting the works, then a whole new wardrobe and probably a night out. I'm hoping to be at goal August of 2009, before my 21st birthday in November. Best birthday gift I can give to myself! ;)

MangoKitty 01-05-2008 02:09 PM

That sounds like a great plan! I've been keeping a "tattoo fund" sense i was like, 16 that all my spare change goes into. only problem is now my husband is into tattoo's too so i have to share!

gaia2094 01-05-2008 03:51 PM

The funniest part is that I actually typed up a sheet that lists it all out... and its in rainbow colors...

mauvaisroux 01-05-2008 05:37 PM

Gaia - I have trouble getting 8 glasses in during the winter but not so much in the summer. The $1 per 8 is a great idea that I am going to use too! :)

I need to get to my goal by June as I would like to enjoy the summer to the fullest (activities, vacation, new clothes and possible a trip overseas). My goal is not focused on a number though. It is more about regaining the energy and fitness level that I had 6 months ago before life got busy and I got side tracked.

This morning was the first morning since October that I woke up and I actually felt really good - mentally, physically and spiritually. Things haven't been horrible, I just feel like I have been so busy with everything (work, stress, house, social obligations, other people's drama) that I have neglected myself. I haven't felt right lately and feel kind of tired and bored with myself.

Though I have to say that I'm very excited as today I bought some funky new eyeglasses which will be ready in about 1 1/2 weeks. I've decided to buy some new eyewear and wear my contacts less. I am also going to get a haircut next week and will try a funky new style.

2008 = the new me! :D

MangoKitty 01-06-2008 03:26 AM

I'm so excited, I weighed myself this morning and i'm down to 184! Woohoo! feels like i've been at 186 FOREVER, I'm glad i finoly managed to break this platue. And during my TOM at that! ::does a victory dance::

mauvaisroux 01-06-2008 10:24 AM

Way to go MangoKitty! :cp:

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