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  • Faerie-

    I usually weigh in first thing in the morning, before eating, in underwear, on the said weigh in days. I just get it over with...

    That being said, I think that it is very, very important to have other focuses to measure your successes by-besides the scale. I use pants sizes, measurements, pushing my walk that extra mile...saying no to the cake/sweet at whatever function I may be at-and I count those as successes as well. Make sure that you are celebrating ALL of your successes in your journey to health. It really helps to make the scale less powerful, when it is only part of the picture, and not the whole thing.

  • Faerie -

    I know exactly how you feel! I get a little flutter in my stomach because no matter how much I tell myself that it doesn't really matter what the scale says, I do want it to show that I've actually been trying!

    I do what aphil does on my weigh ins. I do it Saturday morning with just underwear too. heh She's got the real advice though. Think of other markers to keep track of your progress and look for them instead of the weight on the scale. One of mine is to stop getting pins and needles in my legs so soon while sitting cross-legged. I can almost sit through my whole workout DVD with my legs crossed. I remember in the beginning not even being able to do it for one minute! I actually have a list of things I'm going to look for in myself so I won't be so focused on the scale.

    Even when I'm disappointed with the number or just worried about being disappointed with the number, I just have to keep reminding myself that it doesn't really matter what the number says because it's just an indicator of whether or not I need to change some things in what's becoming a lifestyle change. I set a deadline for myself, but if I don't reach my goal weight by my deadline, it doesn't mean I'm going back to what I used to do to my poor body. So yeah... that was a long, rambling way of basically saying, "Yeah, what she said!"
  • Faerie--aphil gave you (and all of us) some really great advice. Do not let the scale have that much control over you! F the scale! Make it about the NSVs!

    I weigh every morning, right after I pee, buck arse naked. I do this mainly because I have noticed how my scale fluctuates, so I will never change my ticker and make it official until I have seen the same number for two or three days in a row. I feel it also, and this may sound loony, but it also makes me be more at peace with the number, with the scale, with the how my body fluctuates, with the whole makes me realize more that it IS just a number.
  • Thanks all of you, Aphil, Frog, Ollie. It helps knowing that it's not just me. And yes yes yes. You are all very right. I need to start focusing on things that aren't the scale. (It does not always tell the whole story.)

    On that note, I tried on my roommates size 22 jeans today and they fit perfectly... I usually wear the same kind in a size 24. I think... *joyous sniffle* I think I just went down a size! Though I can't afford to buy a new size so I'll just keep wearing a belt to hold my pants on. lol

    Thanks again for the support It's very much so appreciated.
  • Faerie-congrats!!!!!

    Another tip that I have, if you have one around you, is a local Goodwill store. They, unlike some charities, only take nice clothing-with no rips, stains, etc. and often have brand names! I have gotten many items from Old Navy, Gap, Mossimo, Motherhood (when I was pregnant), and other brand name clothing there. They usually have a plus size section as well with nice things. If you have the time to "dig" through, you can often find a few clothing items to get you through your weight loss journey for cheap. It's better to spend $5 for a pair of jeans used, than $40 on a new pair, if you are only going to be in that size for a couple of months.
  • That's great, Aphil. I forget about goodwill/salvation army stores. I just went to one a couple of weeks ago that had some nice sweaters. Can't hurt to go back and see if I could find a few pants. Thanks
  • Yes, I too will have to start scouring the thrifty shoppes for clothes. Rambo Husband noticed that even my jeans are baggy on me now. I have noticed that my tops... taxi mom uniform...jeans and v neck tshirt from Target... the V is much deeper than it used to be and becoming not the look I want to wear. LOL
  • Great job on the losses ladies!

    Also, thanks for the idea of Goodwill. I have a friend that goes there and it never occurred to me to try to find smaller clothes to fund my weight loss journey there! Thanks! I'm going to check it out after I lose a bit more. I don't think I'm a smaller size yet. I'm not really sure how much weigh loss even equals a lower pants size really.

    This Saturday's weigh in I was at my first mini-goal which is 200 pounds! Next week, I plan to be under 200! I don't know why, but that's so exciting to me though I still have most of my weight loss after the 200 mark. It's just nice to think one hundred something I think. Anyhoo! My reward for that mini goal is a new tea mug. I love the things. Here's a picture:

    I'm going to use it at the new job! They're all tea drinkers there like me! I love it.
  • Hey Frog - that cup is really pretty. You can get to Onederland!
  • wrdfrong-

    How many pounds it takes to change a pants size is different for different people, and it will be different for each pant size. Someone who is 5'1" tall will lose a size with less pounds than someone who is 5'11", because their weight is going to come from a smaller framed body.

    Sometimes, the first 5 or 10 pounds may come off more in one area than another, and the next 5-10 pounds might be concentrated somewhere that will vary as well. Sometimes if I lose 5 pounds my measurement changes more in my hips, and the next 5 pounds it might show up more in my arms and waist, etc.


    I am wiped. I had a class Friday night, came home, Saber was sick and up half the night, then I had to take a 2 1/2 hour drive to a dance event Friday night, went to bed late, slept in a hotel (I never sleep well in them) and drove 2 1/2 hours back yesterday. I had a couple hours at home unpacking, etc. and then had to drive 45 min. to teach a dance class in a small alternative village in Indianapolis. (Broad Ripple)

  • Aphil - I do not envy you. That sounds like a very long weekend. *snooze*

    Gah. Had a bad yesterday. Lots of snacking, no full meals. And I know why, too. I was bored and didn't plan anything. One of these days I'll learn, I swear.

    On a better note, I planned to complete my yoga video 4 days in a row (because I had off from work these 4 days) and I did! Success! At least I'm getting in more exercise lately.
  • Well today I went and worked out after a long day of overtime. (Blah) But, of course, feel better for having done it.

    I got an apron and smudged it with some dye & paint, and am going to cut it up a little bit for my costume. Pretty much got everything set then for the party on Saturday. Got face paint markers... going to try those out.

    Sorry not a terribly interesting day. Weigh in tomorrow, though

    How is everyone else doing?
  • Hey Ladies,

    It's been a busy week, but thank goodness the weekend is finally here!

    aphil - Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to wait to try on new pants anyway just because I know it'll make me sad if I try and they don't fit. My biggest obstacle to weight loss is my impatience, so I'm trying to exercise it at every possible step. I'm not getting new pants until someone tells me I have to because I'm at risk for flashing someone! What kind of dance class are you teaching?

    Faerie - Have fun at your party today. Great job on workout out even after a long, hard day and the 4/4 yoga days!

    It's been raining for the past three days here in DC, and on top of that, Friday my boss asked me to do something right before it was time to get off so I had to leave work late too. I really didn't feel like doing my workout when I got home and you could tell at the start, but after a while I got into it. It's a great feeling! Small steps, and all that.

    I think I need to change my workout a bit. I think I'm getting bored, or too used to the one I'm doing. I might start my weight training thing after work. Also, I'm below 200 lbs! I'm either at 199 or 198.5 (I'm going with 198.5 just to make me feel better.) My scale is being iffy and I'm just truly realizing how arbitrary the scale is. Does anyone know of a good body fat percentage calculating scale that they'd recommend? Or are those just as faulty as a regular readout? I need something that can really let me accurately judge my progress so I can see if I need to change what I'm doing from week to week. The scale doesn't give me any level of confidence that what I'm doing is working. Rather, I'm afraid of losing muscle.

    Anyhoo, I hope you gals are having a nice weekend.
  • Hey everyone!

    My apologies to all for not being around much lately. I am taking over my co-worker's job for about a month so I have double the workload. I've been too exhausted and mentally drained to get on-line at the end of the workday.

    Hope you are all doing well.

    I had a nice relaxing evening tonight - I went with my DH to see 30 days of Night. I really enjoyed the film and there were only about 20 people in the theatre so it was quiet.

    So is everyone ready for Samhain/Halloween?