September/October Alternachick chat

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  • I would love to try - but I feel the same - need to lose some more weight first. A gal I work with does it and loves it - but she looks good doing it too. She said the ladies with more layers show the movements better though and was encouraging. I thought that was nice.

    I have a small NSV - I've been dragging my giant pants with me everywhere I go for some time now... but have been in between sized so didn't bother to get new ones. Last night I bought a pair of 22's and they fit. perfectly. I am so happy. I can toss out some of my saggy pants.
  • lizziness-your friend is correct. While women of all sizes look fabulous belly dancing, it is actually easier for a beginner to learn to shimmy, etc. if she has a little extra. Skinny women can definitely do it, but sometimes it takes a little more work for them, since they have less to get vibrating.
  • Quote: Bellydance classes sounds like fun - wonder if I could find any around here - are they expensive ????.
    Classes around here are $12 and if you buy a 10 class card it's $100.
  • lizziness - yay about your pants victory

    All this talk about bellydancing has me looking into it. If skill were based on size, I could be a natural born pro! ^^ In all seriousness, I've always wanted to wear what they wear in confidence & show my stomach to the world! Maybe someday...
  • Yeah, I seriously am thinking of looking into it around January, funds willing. Even though with the weight loss, I'm more confident. I work with kids and I had to swim with the little ones. I walked by the (rude) older ones and they made fun of me in my bathing suit but I didn't get bummed out about it like I normally would because I was confident that next year, I won't look like that anymore. I'm a work in progress and my progress is for the better. Although it is VERY positive to hear that bigger women will learn bellydance easier. At our place, they have bellyaerobics. I'm going to try that first then add in the begining bellydance classes. I live a quick bike away from the dance studio too!
  • I should get my Bollywood dance workout in the mail tomorrow. Anyone tried it? I am interested in bellydancing meself, but oh, so have to start in my living room first. My belly is where I carry ALL my weight, so this should be interesting.

    What's NSV? Still trying to get down all the abbreviations here. TOM took me forever and then when I found out, I couldn't belive menstrual cycle has a dude's name. WTF?

    Congrats, liziness
  • NSV-Non Scale Victory

    Like, not eating the cake you were offered, having a pair of pants getting too big, etc. Anything that shows progress in your path to health that doesn't have anything to do with scale numbers.

    ollie-which Bollywood one do you have? I have one, but I don't know if it is the same one you ordered.
  • Hey ollie - This might help :
  • Thanks. Makes sense. I guessed the victory, but had trouble with the rest. Speaking of which, I had a weekend house guest come in late last night with a piece of carrot cake for me, and I refused!

    I Netflixed the "The Bollywood Dance Workout With Hemalayaa" and didn't like it. Sending it back tomorrow. It is billed as being one for beginners, but it still moved a little fast for me. And it was a little too, "Oh and this is a SEXY move! Yeah, baby!"

    Honestly, I ain't feeling the sexy thang right now. Eventually, maybe. But not right now. I need something a little bit more down to earth than the hair swinging, sexy! moves. Suggestions are welcome

    Thanks, Faerie. Bout to check the link out...
  • I've always wanted to belly dance too. I had a DVD that I wanted to learn from, but I somehow picked up one that just showed belly dancers instead of actually teaching you how to do it.

    My goal for the next couple of months is to get into some kind of shape so I can join a dojo near my house. I used to do jujitsu in college, and it's going to be a reward once I get to my halfway point. I'm going to join mid January. It's been working really well so far because I haven't stopped thinking about it.

    October is going pretty well so far though. It's been extremely warm for October here in DC though. Like, summer heat. I don't know what's going on. I want crisply cool days with flirty winds! I can't wait for Halloween too. I plan on doing something this year. Anyhoo, I just started my journey to get fit at the end of September, so I'm still in the first blush of it. I'm trying to remember to stay patient and just take it one week at a time, one day at a time, but I feel really good.
  • Ahh what a day... Don't know about anyone else, but today was just so... blargh. Maybe it was the cloudy sky & drizzle. Boy I feel busy though. Just had a joint parent dinner this weekend to tell them that me & my boyfriend are engaged to be married next year. We did all the cooking, so I was on my feet for about 27 hours. >.< (Internet note: I'm totally exaggerating as I'm prone to do with numbers... it was really closer to 12 hours. Next time I embellish I will do so with greater leaps... 1,000 hours.)

    Oh well, managed to walk an hour after work today, and my yoga book & dvd arrived. (Thanks ollie for the recommendation.) Now I just need to take an hour to relax & start my yoga journey.

    Too bad that this is the week before my friend's wedding. I've got to finish sewing the hem on the bridesmaid dress tonight, and then iron everything out tomorrow night. And then go buy foundation & cover-up and other essential what-nots.

    I am really super glad that I've lost 50 lbs since ordering the dress, though. As I'm sure you're all aware, bridesmaid dresses run old school sizes, so a size 24 is not a today size 24. Anyways, parts of it had to be taken in, and only a small bit had to be let out. If I hadn't lost some weight, I bet a ton more would've had to be done.
  • Not here. The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! Took another midterm today which I kicked arse and took names on and got my exercise in as well.

    27 hours?!?! Slow yo' roll!

    Hope you like the Megayoga and yoga in general. I do the balance ball as well. Good toning and strengthening.

    Frog- can I call you frog-Jujitsu sounds wild. Have you ever practiced Qigong? That's another thing I would like to learn about.

    Night, night, gang.
  • Faerie - Congrats on the engagement and upcoming marriage! 27 hours on your feet though! You must have been frazzled. Also, grats on losing the 50 lbs and having to only do a little on your dress.

    Ollie - Grats on your exam and getting your exercise in! I love jujitsu. It's great for a shortie like me. I don't have to worry about reach. It's all about take downs and grappling and joint locks and the like. I have done a little bit of Qigong at a martial arts retreat I went to. I was very surprised. You can really feel the energy they're talking about if you really focus on it. I think I would like to eventually take more of it.

    Anyhoo, today is starting off well. I hope the weather is normal. I'll chat again with you later ladies. Have a wonderful day.

    p.s. Oh yeah! Frog is fine. I have a thing for poison dart frogs.
  • My room mate and I are getting a new internet provider. LOL. Our internet used to crap on us. And we're getting cable. It was so funny. I took a cat nap. Force myself to go to the bathroom to change for the workout and he just laughed at me because I was in "zombie mode."
  • Ollie & Frog - I added an "internet note" to my above post. You both made me laugh I didn't actually mean 27 hours. I forget sometimes about the intarbloggotubes not having any tone inflections. >_< My bad.

    Ollie - I'll definitely let you know how the yoga goes.

    Frog - Thanks for the congrats

    Daimere - Good for you for getting up to work out even though you were nappin'! (I know that's tough >.<)