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Hi I know I am a bit behind! I am 54 and this post menopause is tough. My mind is young!! LOL
I'd love any support I can get!! I just start Ideal Protein and it is working but it is not easy.
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Hello, all!

Iíve been looking for an online support group, and am hoping this is it.

Iím 65. Weight has been an issue for me since I was 13. In my 40ís, after I had my son, I lost 100 lbs on Weight Watchers, but over the decades, surprise surprise, much of it has come back on.

Due to the arthritis in my knees, I canít walk far, as I used to. I bought a baby boomer bike (Electra Townie) and have been working on getting back on it. Itís both exhilarating and terrifying. (Other health issues: sleep apnea, asthma, allergies, restless legs. And I canít eat wheat, as it gives me asthma, so I eat gluten free.)

Iím back on WW, which works well at home since I do the cooking and my wife wants to count points too.

Today I am getting my shopping list together for tomorrow. I want to plan my breakfasts, snacks, and lunches better, as they especially have gotten out of hand. Oh, and desserts.

I want to eat more fruit and fruit based desserts, and cut back on the sugar.
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I'll be 65 Sunday! I'm having some serious issues and I don't know why!? I'm eating at night, which I have never done before! Three kids,
7 grandkids.I've always had a weight issue, but when I was younger I was able to keep my weight to where I was stage comfortable (performer).
When I had to stop performing and working...I packed in on. I went up to 240 and I just hit 5'.
I had weight loss surgery at 60 and lost my weight. I did great for three years and then stupidly
decided that I'd gain a it for the holidays and get it right back down. I live in Arizona and all
my friends and family are 1800 miles away, When they came out for a big visit...they all wanted
my holidays recipes and I though I'd enjoy, gain a bit and get it back off. I've
gained back 30 pounds! No mater what I do, I can't lose. I'm staying low carb any more. I do have
7 oz of Merlot wine in the evening, which I can't give up! I was hospitalized for severe insomnia....
hallucinating, the whole works, it was terrifying. Nothing makes me sleep. One Dr gave me
hydrocodone and it worked but I also became addicted and had to kick that, which was horrible!,
Nothing has had helped. Counseling, to see if it was psychological issue, every pill in the book
......finally, an old medication called "trazidone", combined with two Aleve PMs, and a glass of Merlot...a
ctually works enough to where I am getting in 4 to 5 hours a night= I've switched to counting calories!!
First time in many years. I jinked for some support. I look forward to getting to know you guys.
I'm staying at 1000 cal and some days 800, as I am not able to do a lot of exercise. Sorry it's so long. Aaaaaanyway. Been looking for support for my age! I'm now counting calories. I need to do better!
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Could we ask for a 50+ forum
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How do I get my old photo to change to my current. I've changed it, but it keeps showing the old one
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Want to feel better
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Hello all,

I've been wishing this thread would be active again, then I don't do a very good job myself of keeping up when others join in.

I had been away ~ went to Ohio and met up with my sister to go visit my mom. She has dementia and lives in the memory care unit at a nursing home. I am glad we get to go and visit her, but it is kind of sad too. Health wise, she is hanging in there, but it is her memory and speech that give her trouble. The nurses and my sister and I feel that she understands a lot of what we are saying, but we can't understand her. Sometimes a few words will come out nice and clear.

Happy Birthday yesterday LadyV. Hopefully someone will know how to help you change your picture.

Hello AnnePandora ~ I like that description ~ baby boomer bike I have never heard them called that. I have a three wheeler (not electric) I call it my granny bike

Hello VayVay, Phaedra and Old Biddy

Hope you all are doing well.

Take care

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Happy Birthday LadyV. Hopefully somebody will come along who knows how to change your pic.

Hi glynne I don't do a very good job of keeping up either. Then again I start feeling weird when my name is the last post on a gazillion threads.

I lead a pretty boring life. I don't really have a lot to post. Nobody wants to hear about how Ive already taken my husband to assorted doctors four times already this week and he has appointments Thursday and Friday.

Sorry to hear about your Mom. BTDT. Mine are all gone now.
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Hey ladies, I'd also like to join in, I am sometimes not great at checking threads and I know I can't respond every day..but I'll do my best.

Been a member here since 2002!!! and struggling with my weight since 10 years old. I'm not *too* overweight but enough to bother me and almost never feel comfortable in my own skin.

I'm 58 (about to turn 59 in a month-ish) and am still pretty active, work full-time, volunteer, have a yard that I mow/weedwhack/flower beds; ride a motorcycle. Used to work out pretty regularly; have slacked for 5 months and am getting back to it. I used to be a die-hard Gilad fan; then fitnessblender; now I am a devotee of Pahla B.

Besides needing weight/self-image support, I think ladies of our age also need support on what is now looming on the horizon. I've actually felt frozen with fear at times, thinking of ageing and dealing with that. I guess I am trying to fight back with keeping active.

Phaedra - I would have listened to your day of taking husband to appointments

and yes very sorry to hear of the Mom who is not doing great, so hard. Sometimes 'a blessed release' (grandmother's term) is hoped for

I also struggle with periodic depression and have to constantly look for the half-full glass.

nice to get to know you all
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I will be 50 in June...(NOT looking forward to that milestone AT ALL) and deep in pre-meno! I've always struggled with my weight but it seems to be piling on more than usual when I don't eat more than I used to and with all of the crazy hormonal stuff going on, I am too tired to exercise--I lost a bunch a couple of years ago by alternating pool jogging/swimming laps with barely any adjustment to my diet and LOVED it but stopped when I went back to work full-time and can't get the energy and motivation to go. <sigh> Hubby and son I had an account here about 12 years or more ago, forgot what email or password so I just signed up again hoping to get some encouragement!
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I am 78, over weight and have hypertension. I have been following the Mediterranean lifestyle diet since last September. At this point, I am looking for better health and a more comfortable old age. No matter how successful I am, you are probably not going to see any selfies of me in my underwear looking sexy. That ship has sailed😸.

any other oldies but goodies out there interested in the Mediterranean diet or jus diet in general?
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Hello, I am new here, I am currently 69 1/2 and would like to lose 40-50 pounds if possible. I am only 4'8''. I recently moved from IL to NC and am still working at my job which I was able to bring with me since I work from home ever since the pandemic. I'm not able to work out much because of the arthritis in one knee and the osteoarthritis in the other knee. So walking up until a fall I had last year December was what I used to do. Now I have noticed my jeans are tight and I have gained 10 pounds in 8 months. I do have 2 small dogs that keep me busy. Looking for Help in weight loss.
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