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  • Happy Friday. I'm packing to go meet friends at their camp. We are going sacalait fishing on their party barge. We went a few weeks back. Going again.
    Oh I almost forgot i did my floor exercise and jogged already today too. So I've done 5 days in a row. I'll take the weekend off!! Back at it on Monday!!!!

    Lynn glad your stress test wasn't so bad!!!!

    Gayle what a relief to have the drive across Houston over. Glad you made it. That maddie is something else. They can come up with cute things.

    Rosey cold weather? Now I'm drooling. I want some of that. Please pretty please? Lol.

    K3 dee can have chocolate and I can't. Hmm that's not fair.

    Mary hope you are enjoying your trip.

    Bobbi and K31 you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Got to finish packing.
    Have a nice weekend.
  • Happy Week-end everyone!
    Thinking of you Karen, strength and prayers for you. Thanks to all still praying for Damian, my 22 yr old grandson. ( Everythings still on hold)

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  • Hey chicks....We got super busy yesterday. Went to the county animal shelter and brought home Robby a 15 month old Yorkie/Cairn terrier. Dash was so excited with his new toy. Robby was found on Rt44 3 weeks ago. He has come from a good home and is house broken, not afraid of a raised hand or loud voice. He put up with Dash's sniffs for so long and then said no more. Today he found that Dash's testicles are fun balls to play with and Dash is now doing rapid sit. LOL

    Biggest problem is he doesn't know his name....Been Robby for just a few weeks. Had a bath this morning and first obedient lesson. Never had such a wee dog.

    Cajun...Nope not fair, but worth it when you are the red hot mama of the groom. I'm gonna write a song about The Red Hot Mama of the Groom.

    Rosey...Have you started Breaking Bad?

    Lynn...I would consider coming to Fl post op.

    Bobbi...Sat night and I will have fingers and toes crossed and prayers said he does okay tonight.

    Karen...One Day at a Time....and one step at a time....and take time for just you. But a whole lot of cyber hugs from all of us.

    Off to Publix for groceries been almost 2 weeks and pantry is bare. k3
  • Afternoon!
    I am at work, it is slow today and I think one reason is that the heat index is around 110! People are staying indoors!! Eating is good, could always be better. Need to get with hubby and see what to cook for next week. Have a blessed afternoon!!!
  • K3...bless you. The week-ends are when I don't like seeing caller ID from DD. I fear the worst and it's when Dami needs the most prayers.
  • Praying Bobbi
  • Hi everyone! Just got home this afternoon. We had a great time. It was the International Kite Fest and my dh had it on his bucket list. We had to reserve our condo about a year ago to secure a place at that time. The kite flyers are so skilled and it was amazing how good they are. We also attended an indoor kite competition. Besides the competitors, there were three young guys that performed who were especially good. One was on America's Got Talent a while back...last season? He was only 17. It was a nice surprise to watch him in person! Last night they flew lighted kites followed by fireworks. There were some performances still going on today and tomorrow but we felt last night was the finale. I enjoyed the fireworks more than our 4th of July community event because they weren't so long...at the community event it seems like they go on so long and I get too tired. The weather was to be partially (mostly) cloudy all week but actually although there were some clouds, the sun was out every day and it was very pleasant. In the mid-high 60s. Yesterday was the coolest day, the sun only came out for a little while and last night was chilly. We took a blanket with us and it helped a little.

    Lots of restaurant food to work off...I put on 2 more pounds! I'm sure it is mostly sodium so hopefully will fall off quickly.

    I'm too tired tonight to do personals.
    ETA: Whoops I see that the Connor was on AGT in 2010....doesn't seem like it was that long ago!
  • Welcome home, Mary. Glad you had a good time.

    Still praying for DGS, Bobbi. Hope things can get resolved soon.
  • Hey....Who made up that storm Cristobal? You are suppose to blow her to England. Started obedience yesterday and had to go get a wee leash...I have trained Shepherds, Goldens and GWPs with the same collar and leash, But too too big for Robby. Cougar the shepherd was good enough to show in advance classes where you stay him and leave the ring. I'll settle for come and sit with this little guy. Still a mad play cycle here, but slowly calming down.

    Mary...welcome back. I keep hearing....come fly with me.....

    Bobbi...did we get thru another weekend okay?

    Cajun...Don't put that in your mouth!

    My DD has now lost 58lbs since the surgery. BS is 110 and BP perfect.

    Did any of you watch Outlander last night.....can't wait for next weekend.

    Gayle...I just cooked a hunk of turkey for Dash and thought of Maddie.

    Still stinking hot down here with an outrageous heat index. Pool at 86 feels cold. k3
  • Nice warm day. We went to church and then out for Indian food. Now just relaxing at home.

    I was disappointed because we forgot to tape Extant while we were gone!
    We couldn't find it on the TV in the resort. One complaint about our resorts is that they never put a TV guide in the room. We did record the Dome and watched it last night.

    Karen3 - Wow 58# that's great! Must seem like she has started a whole new life with weight loss and better health!
  • Hi girls. Back from camping trip. I'm totally done. Exhausted. Alarm didn't go off. Woke up at 6:20 to a mom beating on the door. 3 cups of caffeine didn't even work. Have 1 extra emergency child from a friend. Be back later to tell y'all about my weekend.

  • Hello again my Golden Girls...
    I have been away from this forum for far too long.
    Karen3 .I go to our local animal shelter on an ongoing basis hoping to find an adoptable dog as a pal for Cosmo.
    But every single dog is a pitt mix and we are not equipped to handle a dog like that .
    Enjoy your yorkie terrier mix. My Cosmo is a little dog too and I love him like a baby.
    I have become a devotee of a local exercise studio. It is owned by a gal in her 20's. She is smart and savvy and her studio is friendly and easy to get too.
    If it wasn't for Zumba I could not have lost and maintained my weight.
  • Good morning Goldie's. Today I'm feeling rested. I have never been so exhausted in a long while. I got overheated in the boat this weekend. That could be the reason. When we got back Sunday dh went to cut a tree for firewood for the camp. I stayed home and cooked a huge meal. The boys and their girls all came to eat. Yesterday I had a extra child to keep but he was good.
    I had a good weekend with my diet considering we were camping with friends. I did drink 3 cans if beer Saturday. Lots of water. But I'm still retaining fluid. Tomorriw is weigh in day and I don't think I'll have a loss but my clothes are telling me a different story. Exercise is helping!!!! I'm going by my clothes this week!! We are planning another camping trip to our camp this week. We will both have Monday off for Labor Day!!!

    Mary have fun on your trip!!!
    K3 very happy for your daughter!!! That's awesome!! Can't wait to hear your song you are writing for me. Glad your pups are settling down. K3 hurricane activity is starting. Let's keep blowing them away.

    Bobbi glad things are quiet with Dami this weekend. Praying for soon!!!!!! Come on insurance!!!!

    Tam we are burning up here too in south louisiana.

    Rosey I'm so jealous of your cooler temps.

    K31 praying for you. Hoping your pain lessons day by day.

    Out of time. I know I missed some of you. Be back later.

  • Good day all....I am too old for this. Chasing a terrier is only for kids. In the yard is okay, but he slipped his collar and headed towards the pitbull house. Bare foot and in a nighty giving chase....not a pretty sight. He knows sit, heel, stay and eat. But will not COME.

    Cajun....how about 16pounds and what'll you get....a new daughterinlaw and win our bet. I can't write poetry or sing. The music is in my soul and can't get out.

    Lucinda...Our shelter too has so many mostly pits. They had 4 dogs we picked from. Jack a docksy was a yapper. One was female and old. I don't even remember the 3rd one as Robby was ours instantly. We have never had a little dog before.

    Gayle...Did you find the puzzle site?

    Bobbi...It was be getting soon now. Yes I've been running after pup with fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Rosey...Cool? Wow how does it feel?

    Donna...Have you watched the next episode yet?

    Anybody have recipe for something with meatballs? gotta doing something for dinner???????

    Karen...Hope you are getting so peaceful rest.

    Off to check weatherunderground.com for report of storms. Cristobal should be heading to England. k3
  • Hi Everyone,

    Went to joint replacement class. Sounds like they think of everything. The others in the class seemed MUCH older and more disabled than I. I hope I did not jump the gun with this surgery.