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Bobbolink 04-30-2014 06:42 PM

~~May Golden Girls~~
We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you when you turned 50? 60? 70? Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!


Bobbolink 04-30-2014 06:53 PM

So............what's the 1 2 3 cake?

Cajun...how's my plan? I'm stuck.

Lucinda...:jig::jig::jig:I am doing the happy dance with you for making goal.

I'm making DH some of those oyster crackers seasoned with dry Ranch Mix and dill weed. I can't eat store bought ranch because of the MSG in it. But I found a homemade dry mix for it, they turned out yummy.

Now all you gals have to slap my hands when I go near them. See why I'm not in the mood to diet?

Ta Ta

glynne 04-30-2014 09:46 PM

Thank you Bobbi for always making us a new thread for each month.

I found a recipe for that 1-2-3 cake ~ I know I had read it here before ~ I think it was Rosey who shared it.

1-2-3 Cake


1 box cake mix, any flavor

1 box angle food cake mix ( one Box of Angel Food Cake mix that just calls for water)




1 ~ To make take 3 tablespoons of dry mix in a big coffee mug.

2 ~ Stir in 2 tablespoons of water

3 ~ Microwave on high for 1 minute. Top with fruit, ice cream whipped cream or whatever you want.

ETA ~ angel food cake mix specifics

akrosey49 05-01-2014 01:42 AM

Hi everyone yup that's the recipe but be sure and use the one step box of angel food cake mix..who knew there was a difference. ive used chocolate,strawberry and now trying key lime cake mix..all good and it lets me have one serving instead of a whole cake ( which I would eat :( ) I had a nice day working in my craft room,ive been making some flannel shirts and sorting out my stamps for making cards while watching tv,, how fun it that :D not much else to report, thinking about the karens :hug: for them ttfn rosey :wave:

Bobbolink 05-01-2014 08:13 AM

Good Morning girls....nothing happening here today. It's a non YMCA day, we only go Mon, Wed & Fri:dizzy:

I'm thinking of the two Karen's too. K3, in case you're reading and not up to talking....You're welcome!

Karen...hoping Tim is coping, blessing to you and family to help him cope.

On the 1-2-3 cake, you can probably lessen the calories by buying the sugar free cake mix.

The recipe below is for canned tuna which is basically what we get in Minnesota since we don't have that lovely sea next to us like the East & West coast has. I stopped buying canned when the foil packets of tuna came out, they aren't mushy like the canned. I've never had fresh tuna before, I'm sure it's delicious.

Bruce has blood test this morning, doc won't give him anymore cholesterol meds until he gets a check-up. It's been 2 years so it's time. We're both on cholesterol meds, fortunately they're cheap with our insurance.

Time to get cracking....later


Canned Tuna Ceviche

Canned Tuna Ceviche
Servings: 2 • Size: 3/4 cup tuna, 1/4 avocado • Old Points: 3 pts • Points+: 4 pts
Calories: 153 • Fat: 8 g • Carb: 9 g • Fiber: 3 g • Protein: 15 g • Sugar: 1 g
Sodium: 187 mg (without salt) • Cholesterol: 26 mg


2 tbsp minced red onion
1 to 1 1/2 limes
kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, as needed
1 tsp olive oil
1 (7 oz) can chunk white albacore tuna packed in water, (5.1 oz drained)
1 medium seeded plum tomato, finely diced
2 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 jalapeņo, minced (keep seeds for spicy) or you can use pickled
3 drops Tabasco sauce (optional)
2 oz sliced avocado (1/2 medium haas)

In a medium bowl, combine the red onion, pinch of kosher salt, juice of 1 lime and olive oil.
Mix in the chopped cilantro, jalapeņo, drained tuna, tomato, and Tabasco, if using. Taste for salt and lime juice, adjust as needed (I used 1 1/2 limes).

Cover and marinate in the refrigerator at least 20 minutes to let the flavors blend. To serve, top with fresh sliced avocado and serve.

Karen3 05-01-2014 08:55 AM

Thank you Bobbi.....:hug:

Cajunlady165 05-01-2014 09:05 AM

Good morning. After work yesterday I brought dh to puck up his company truck at the repair shop. Air conditioner was out. Came home and got my tackle box and fishing poles cleaned and ready. Dh started the boat. We peeled leftover crawfish and by that time it was bath and bed time. It's very cool this morning. Sun is shining so bright!!! Thank you Bobbi for putting our new page up every month! I'm missing the Karens too. Hoping k3 knees are doing ok and praying for k31 and Tim.
Bobbi it's so hard to get our minds in this roller coaster game we seem to be on every day of our entire life. I'm so sick of dieting. As I'm sure everyone is.

Gotta get busy. Kiddos are coming in!


Cajunlady165 05-01-2014 09:06 AM

There you are k3. Are you ok with the Florida flooding? Take care!!


jess1 05-01-2014 09:47 AM

Hola, Goldens!

Happy May!!

Karen31 05-01-2014 10:23 AM

Happy May first everyone! Tim had a buddy that we have known for over 35 years come from Colorado this week to visit. He got here on Monday and left this morning. He is headed to Florida for his daughters wedding. He may stop by on his way home to Colorado about the middle of the month, not sure. But sure was nice having him around. He has gone through this twice with two of his brothers and we really had some good talks. Well, he and I did while Tim snoozed a lot but I sure needed to be able to talk to him even though he just pretty much said what we already know.

Anyway, don't want to be Debbi Downer here! Got some laundry going and looking forward to Bible study this afternoon.

Gayle, you are always so good with the personals- Thanks so much! Shoot now days I have trouble remembering my own name!!

Have a good day everyone!

glynne 05-01-2014 10:25 AM

Good morning GG's,

Rosey ~ I didn't realize there was a difference in the cake mixes either ~ I looked back at the recipe and I had missed the part where it said the add water only kind.

Karen MO ~ you are not a Debbie Downer. You've got a lot on your plate and we are here for you :grouphug: ~ glad you feel comfortable enough to be able to share your feelings. So glad your friend stopped by and you had a chance to talk with someone who knows what you are going through.

Cajun ~ I can identify with your feelings about being sick of dieting and feeling like it is a roller coaster. It gets so discouraging sometimes. I have been battling the same 3 or 4 pounds. I get to where it is my lowest in a long time, then back up it goes. And it doesn't seem like it takes much to make it go back up. It zooms right back up real quick, but seems to take days to get it back to where it was. :mad: Oh well, my own fault. Gotta keep plugging away at it or it could be even worse.

On the upside ~ it is a beautiful sun shiny day today ~ a little on the chilly side.

We had Maddie here with us all day yesterday. Mommy kept her home from school because she wasn't feeling very good. She was so quiet ~ that's just not like her ~ you know she didn't feel good. Poor little thing. No call from Mommy this morning, so Maddie must be feeling better.

Hope you all have a nice day.

canadjineh 05-01-2014 01:25 PM

First, hi & hugs to Karen31.

Maryea: re Philippines - We flew in to Manila of course, but after a few days around there (visited Taal Volcano, Tagaytay), we went north to Panagbenga flower festival (lucky fluke of timing...) in Baguio City. We struck up a conversation on the bus (took 5 hours just getting out of Manila since it was a holiday and EVERYONE was headed to Baguio City) and when we got to Baguio City, there was NO PLACE to stay, seriously. We thought we might have to bed down in a park under a tree... Our new friend tried helping us look for a place, but no luck... He phoned his parents and they said come and stay at their place, sorry but they only had a mattress on the floor for us as it was packed with family coming for the parade & festival. We enjoyed our visit with them immensely; they were so kind and made us breakfast in the morning and would not take any money for our stay. We got up at dawn along with everyone else and walked the back streets taking pictures of everyone readying their floats - covering them with fresh flowers in amazing designs. A great experience, then we left for Sagada and caving, arriving there in time (again by fluke) for a serious fertility festival procession for the local rice god to bless the harvest. Everyone (locals & us) along the roads & paths had to turn their backs and not witness the actual passage of the statue to the fields (and the other locals asked us not to turn & take photos after they had passed - which we complied with of course.) Then on to Banaue, where we hired a local private guide to take us through the UNESCO rice terraces in Ifugao country. We also went to Malapascua Island (famous for thresher sharks and diving) and Cebu City and then on to Bohol to see the Chocolate Hills where we met people from Tagbilaran City and decided to do a side trip to their town. We have stayed good friends and still correspond with her & her daughter (her daughter is the same age as my nephew.)
We didn't head further south due to Muslim insurgents/gov't fighting. Everyone local suggested it was safer just to stay away from those areas as they had been kidnapping tourists there for international attention & money. Some had been killed, too.

Love to go back...

lucindaarrowspark 05-01-2014 03:47 PM

Greetings to all ! Liana, please enjoy your vacation but please avoid any hostile locations. Your adventures sound so interesting.
Karen 31.. I confess, I skipped Bible study this Monday so I could go to zumba class. But I said a quick prayer along the way, do you think it ought to count?
I love Bible study, I do. I just needed to get my weary self to zumba too!
Right now I am munching on a salad flavored with my husbands home made horse radish and a teaspoon of peanut butter.
I ate crazy combos when I was pregnant too.
I like the interplay of hot spicy with creamy hint of sweet.
Last night I had a severe craving to binge sooooo
I ate a monster sized carrot and dipped it in a cup with half a smashed up avocado!
It worked. Craving satiated, diet not abandoned!

maryea 05-01-2014 05:50 PM

Hello everyone! :) Its very warm here today at 84 degrees! We didn't go to the gym (going mon, wed, fri mostly now), but ran some errands. The Japanese Lilac bus is blooming and smells so good. It blooms a bit more each year. Looking forward to when it really comes into full bloom! Our Rhodies have also begun to bloom. I love this time of year!

I don't think I did very well with eating out at the Japanese buffet last night. It is a little expensive even though dh's (birthday) meal was free, I felt I had to eat enough to get my money's worth! More stinkin' thinking!:( Anyway I don't think I did terrible but I should have done better. I don't even care for their food...just went for dh...so why do I waste calories on food I don't really like:?: I keep making these mistakes but hopefully I will learn in time. My weight was up 4 oz and my bs was higher than it has been the two days. Hopefully if I eat better today it will both come down again.

So far today:
Lighter mocha frappe - protein, carb, fat

am snack
1/4 lg apple - carb
1/2 T PB - fat
1 T mixed nuts - protein

Lucinda - You are good at making good choices, proud of you!

Cana - Your trip sounds wonderful! I've been to some of the same places...like
Tagatay and the Taal Volcano, Sagada, Banaue and the rice terraces, Baguio. I can believe Baguio being so crowded! I had a camera stolen out of my purse while I carried it in Baguio in the crowds once! We went to Corregidor which was very interesting and esp to my dh and son who are both military. Dh's father was military also and survived the Bataan Death March. I have been to Cebu City during a festival around 1999 and explored that area a bit. Haven't seen much of Cebu though. I haven't been to Malapascua Island or the Chocolate Hills. In 2009 we also went to Vigan. I liked it there. We went to a hotel where Tom Cruise stayed while making some movie. The room was offered to us but only was available for one night and we were tired and wanted to settle for a while so we moved on to another. Beautiful mohogany throughout the hotel. It was a nice room but I'm not that impressed by movie stars.;) The mayor has a zoo there on his property that we visited and enjoyed. We were on our own for that part of the trip. Earlier We stopped at Subic Bay so our son and his gf could snorkle. I had read that it was contaminated but it actually was very clear and beautiful. They saw beautiful fish and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. We didn't stay there but enjoyed the restaurant. Next time I hope to skip Manila. You can fly into Clark Field now so that's what we plan to do. There is a hotel in San Fernando where we have stayed while we visit dh's brother and his family. So many other things..too much to share here but we have enjoyed our adventures despite the fact that I usually get a little bit sick at some point. Last time I was the last to get sick out of the four of us though which surprised me. I hurt my knee getting in and out of those little side cars on the bikes! Of course we always take a few Jeepneys and Occasionally hire FXs, but last time we took a LOT of buses! Good way to get to mix with the locals but I don't want to do that so much next time. Too wearing and I think it helped to make me sick. The Filipino TV gives us ideas of things to see there...dh had never done much outside of his childhood province and later Manila until we started going back together. Yes the muslim areas can be very unsafe esp for Americans. Too bad because it would bring in more revenue if tourist felt safe. Traveling is harder for me these days, but I still love to do it. Fun to "talk" with another non-Filipino person who's been there! ;)

Karen31 - Glad to hear from you. Glad you had a visitor...helps to share with others. I keep sending up prayers.

Cajun - Don't give up. I need you for support to as I get to feeling I'm just spinning my wheels sometimes. Seems like the older I get the harder it gets.
Was talking to a little old lady in Costco the other day who said her hot dog would be her last food for the day as she was so full! I wish I could be that way! She was on her own and didn't look sickly.

Hi to Jess, Bobbi, Glynne, wannabe and anyone else I've missed...

Cajunlady165 05-02-2014 10:41 AM

Good morning gg's. Packing for the camp this morning. Yesterday I went to Walmart to get a few things for the camp and my diet. Last night we hooked up the boat and checked out all the lights. Dh is going gas it up. I will be pulling the boat and he will be pulling the trailer with the lawn mower.
I measured my 1-1-1 snacks for both days. I'm bringing that in the boat so there is no breaking my diet.

Mary I was reading you menu that you posted yesterday and I noticed that you put nuts as a protein. I saw someone asked that question to rania and she said nuts are not a protein but a fat. Wasn't sure if you were aware of that. Just a lil tip for you. I'm not quiting this 1-1-1 diet. I'm still going to give it a try. I feel like it's too much food though for me to lose. I'm going to change a few if the things I eat and see if it helps.

Lucinda I admire your will power. So inspiring.

Gayle how's little maddie feeling. I sure know how you feel. I keep losing and gaining the same weight. It goes on faster than it come off for sure.

K31 I'm glad you got to confide in someone. Don't ever feel like you're being a downer. We are here for you. We went thru the same thing your Tim has with my father in law. I know a little bit about how you're feeling. One day at a time!

Be back later goldens. Hi to all! Have a nice weekend!

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