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  • oh my dear ladies.. so much to catch up on, to the birthday girls.. happy bd a little late.. To rosie braving a raging fire..please stay safe and you're right, nary a mention on the news
    To Karen..here is where words are inadequate. Be the strongest Karen you can muster. Please know that we are all thinking about you and Tim and I hope you find solace in our camaraderie.
    I have not strayed or lost my resolve to battle back the sugar demons.
    I have chosen sane wholesome foods THanks to all for your support.
  • Rosie in Alaska: Here's hoping the fires turn back on themselves with a wind change. We had the last of the huge piston driven Martin Mars waterbombers take out our fire when our town was evacuated in '98. Too bad they retired them this past Sept. You must have the new C-132Q Hercules up there dropping on your fires.
    Best wishes and stay strong...
    It seems that if it isn't threatening New York or LA, it just isn't news... sad.
  • Happy Memorial day everyone. Hope our parade doesn't get rained out.

    Mary...you have to par boil the potatoes before grilling. cook them in salted water just til barely done. Then toss with olive oil, thyme salt and pepper. They take 9 minutes on the grill, turning them every 3 minutes.

    No YMCA today, it's closed. I have to run out to Walmart and pick up my new glasses, mine broke. I always get rimless because I hate the look of frames but my last ones were so fragile I changed my mine.
    You all have a good one!
  • Quote: Hi everyone and thankyou for the birthday wishs.spent the day with family including a party for my mil who turned 93.she handeled the commotion pretty well but cried when we told her she was 93. poor thing. my dd took me to bingo last night. I used to go once a week but handicaps and finances keep me away. sure was fun but didn't win. we are still on fire watch. about 30 miles from us is a raging runaway forest fire. its burned 96,000 acres all ready and we have fire fighters from all over including Canada. they have these huge planes that fly down and scoop up water and take off to spill on fires. we can smell the smoke and its blocking the sun.. very windy today that doesn't help. I have 2 nieces who live closer and may need to leave their homes. what surprises me is this is a huge fire and never made the national news.. we are safe where we are as it would have to jump the kenai river and the wind is driving it the opposite way..so far no one has lost homes and no reported injurys. scary tho. we are getting ready for church ttfn for Karen and Tim rosey
    Hi Rosie,

    It has been on my news. I watch CNN. Stay safe. Can you evacuate quickly if you need to?

  • Just a quick note to say I hope you are all having a good Memorial Day! We are having a BBQ soon. DD had a run this morning so waiting til she can get here. The sun has finally come out so I'm hoping it can be outside.

    Bobbi - Thanks for the tip on the potatoes. Hopefully I'll remember to do that next time. Most of my fam doesn't seem to eat the potato salad and it's not so healthy for me but I do love it.

    My weight was up a 1/2# more this am so it doesn't pay to go off plan for sure! I wish I had Lucinda's discipline.
  • akrosey: I just heard on the local radio news today that they sent our Rapattack crew & helicopters to Fairbanks area to work on the fire on Saturday. I assume it's yours... they can only work 19 days straight and then have to switch out crews, but the big main base for Southern BC Rapid Attack crews is here where I live - so I'm sure they will be gathering more from other parts of the provinces and sending them on to you guys...

    Hope you are still hangin' on there!
  • Hi everyone,im still here just a lot going on. my nieces where evacuated yesterday,the fire is on the kenai peninsula south of anchorage. we finally got rain last night and still raining..that will help. I saw it on the cbs national news this am. so glad for all the help from the lower 48 and Canada. scary but so far no life's or homes lost. woke up Tuesday with no heat or hot water.. the plumbers coming today.. I took an ice cold shower last night. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr and then grabbed my dogs and a blanket to warm up. hoping your day is a good one. rosey
  • Happy belated birthday to Rosie and Bobbi! Hope you both had great birthdays.

    I ate too much on Memorial day, but everything tasted so good. It's not food we eat on a regular basis, so I should be able to get back on track easily. I am like you Mary, that I love potato salad. That's why I only make a small amount when it's just the 2 of us. I don't need to be facing leftovers the next day!
  • Good morning GG's,

    It is a rainy, drippy, dreary day here today, and is supposed to continue like that all week. Wish I could send some of it to Rosey for the fire up there.

    We were supposed to have a cook out yesterday with DD Sara and the kids, but rain changed those plans. Thought maybe we could cook indoors and still enjoy time together, but Sara was feeling kind of down and wanted to wait until another day.

    DS Jason is here this morning to work on his resume and has an appointment to meet with a guy to inquire about a position at a new company that is going into the warehouse where he used to work. Praying for God's will. He has a job, but was led to believe the duties would be one thing, but when he got into it, found that there were additional duties that they didn't tell about ~ things that are hard on his body (back) to do. So, he is inquiring about this job ~ hoping it will be like his previous job.

    Rosey ~ hope they get that fire stopped soon. Glad you had a nice birthday and fun at bingo.

    Donna ~ you are almost there ~ retirement and hip surgery ~ yippee

    Bobbi ~ did the weather cooperate for your town's parade? Congratulations on not giving in to the temptation of yummy foods.

    Lucinda ~ you are doing awesome staying OP ~ wish I could be more like you. Shame on your doctor for not giving you some positive reinforcement for the great job you've done ~ losing weight and improving your health.

    Mary ~ glad you had a nice enjoyable, relaxing trip to Idaho

    Deelou ~ way to go ~ keeping going even when the weight is staying the same despite your efforts

    Cajun ~ what did you do this weekend ~ you always seem to have a great time

    Karen MO ~ echoing everyone else ~ it is hard to know what to say.
    Thinking of you and prayers for you guys continue.

    Carol Sue ~ I know what you mean about the potato salad

    Hello Liana, Karen FL

    I keep thinking I have written this same stuff before. I look back for my post but can't find it ~ then remembered ~ I was working on it Friday evening when it went poof ~ I was too tired to try again. LOL ~ glad I finally remembered ~ so I wouldn't think I had gone nutty.

    I shall go see what I can work on today. I have been having fun organizing stuff, mending stuff (giving a second life to some things).

    Hope you all are having a good day.
  • Thanks for the Kudos Gayle! I have stayed on track because I am not on a diet. I have admitted to myself that I have an distorted relationship with sugar and I must be committed to staying away from sugar and the trigger foods that push me towards the out of control sugar binges that have been a problem for me for 20 years.
    I had company over for Memorial Day. My DH and son bbq'ed and there were bowls filled with healthy fresh vegetables.
    I made my own hummos and guacamole which everyone enjoyed, I ate a tablespoon of each on a colorful salad. YUM.
  • Hello GGs! Hope you are having a good day after. Our BBQ was so nice...enjoyed my children and grandchildren and their SOs so much! Good thing we had lots of chicken...I marinaded it all the night before..and dh grilled it, because I was making the ribs in the oven and I guess I accidentally leaned against the button and turned the oven off! Noticed it way too late. So we put them on the grill too...they weren't as good but everyone seemed to enjoy them still. I think the favorite was the chicken wings (mine too!). I gained another 1/2# but it was such a good day I don't care! And my bs although it was still high as usual in am, it wasn't as bad as I expected. And my next two tests were good and great!! The last one was normal normal!

    Its my shopping day (I changed my schedule around and got mixed up!), but we have so much food in the house, I'm not doing it. Will plan our meals around what we have on hand and shop for veggies as needed.

    Glynne - Hope the job works out well for your son. We are always praying for our kids, aren't we? If it's not one thing it's another.

    Wannabe - I do have leftover potato salad (I bought it). When I have it in the house I also feel myself yearning for potato chips...I like to scoop up the potato salad with the chips!! Oh, so yummy! But I'm glad at least I don't have chips in the house.

    Rosey - Thank God for the rain! Also thankful that no homes or lives lost.
    Glad the news finally picked it up as that usually brings in more help and prayers. Sorry you don't have hot water...hope those plumbers get it fixed quickly! Plumbers are so expensive too!

    Lucinda - I am so proud of you and the way you keep up the disipline even with a holiday! I didn't do terrible but know I still ate too much. I did eat some dessert but it didn't really call to me as it usually does. My son's gf made cookies and I sent what was left home with my dd for her little ones.

    A big hi to Cana, Lynn, Bobbi, Donna and everyone else I missed!
  • Good Hola, All...

    Quick check in before I get ready for work. I'm going to see how today goes, insofar as the knee-hip combo, and if I can work tomorrow, too, I will. If not... then I'll go back Friday to tidy things up and be finished! I think I'm pretty ready for "repurposement".

    Yesterday's pre-op blah blah blah was okay... long, long day. Now I have the surgeon apptment on the 9th and, hopefully, surgery on the 17th.

    Lucinda - hang in there! We all have the same sugar addictions, and one bite will trigger the cravings all over again! We know from whence you speak!

    Gayle - thanks for your personals!

    Rosey - are the fires out? I know how scary it is; we had those bad fires last year and early. That sound that the slurry bombers make is scary!...big rumbling things. I hope you and yours are all safe.

    Better get rolling. Later, lovelies, and hi to all.
  • Good morning ladies. It's pouring rain. They are sending text alerts to my phone saying flash flooding. They are saying 5 to 8 inches. I'm sure we got 6 inches already. They are saying large amounts of rain thru Saturday. No camping and fishing for us.
    Our 3 day weekend was awesome. My cousin and her dh came to the camp Saturday morning. We fished awhile and that night we boiled crawfish. Sunday we fished again and took them riding around seeing different things. Sunday night we fried fish. Monday we cooked them a large breakfast and they packed up and left about 10. Dh and I discussed packing up and going home or going back out on the lake. Guess what we did. Lol. We got home about 530. Dead tired. It took us all we had to unload the trucks. I think I was in bed for 7.
    I got a text Monday morning from cousin. She went to Walmart and 2 guys asks her to buy raffle tickets for 4 h club and when she turned her back they took her purse. They were going to review the tapes but they will never find them. I hate going to Walmart alone. Mort times dh and I go on Thursday afternoon after work. Then I'm done for the next week.

    I'm so behind on personels so I'll just say hi to all and start over. But I will wish Bobbie and rosey happy belated birthday!!!!

    Gotta get my work done.

  • Mary, I never tried scooping up the potato salad with chips. Thanks for planting THAT suggestion in my mind! LOL

    Gayle, I hope Jason gets the job he wants. The young people ( and also some older people) have it hard these days with the bad job market. I'm glad he at least has a job, to get him through until he finds a better one.

    Cajun, I heard on the news about all the flooding in LA. Hope you're all OK.

    Sorry to hear about your cousin at WalMart. When I go to the store I try to take just my wallet and put it in my pocket. Sometimes I just put my credit card and license in my pocket. It only takes a second for someone to grab and run.

    Donna, retirement is both exciting and scary at the same time. A big change. I hope everything goes well for your surgery.
  • Yikes, between floods & fires, I hope everyone is managing OK today - Hi to all the rest of the gals