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Wannabehealthy 04-14-2014 07:19 AM

Mary, my doctor is really pushing me to get the vaccine. I didn't want to get it right now because I have already been exposed to DH and I don't know what would happen if I took the vaccine now. I am just taking my chances that I might get it, and am hoping if I do, it is a mild case. My first case was moderate. I heard that it's hard to get the vaccine approved by insurance. Before I took the shot I would call my insurance and find out what it will cost. If it's up to my doctor, he would push to get it approved because of all my health problems. Now that DH has it, my DIL is the only one in the family who hasn't had it. Maybe she should knock on wood!

We used to eat venison but DH won't eat it anymore because he heard there's more disease in the deer population now. I would think that proper cooking would get rid of any bacteria, just like cooking any other meat.

Bobbi I don't know how it would work out with everyone seasoning their own meat because the seasoning is best when it is distributed throughout the meat. I use very little salt when I cook because of our high blood pressure. Everyone in my family knows the salt shaker is a must at mealtime. I wonder if you could use Salt Substitute.

jess1 04-14-2014 09:40 AM

Hola, All...

Bobbi - just because I was interested, I looked up spicy recipes for venison and found these two that look good... maybe you can adapt the spices to work for you?



Our projected (as usual, the WF were WRONG) 4-6" of heavy snow ended up being about 2", and it'll all be melted by noon, I'm sure! Lots of water, though, and that will help the lawns and trees. Spring is bursting here!

Nothing to report. Weight is still good, slow but steady. VERY slow, actually. Oh, well, no biggie... better slow than no!

Hope you're all well. Later, lovelies!

Cajunlady165 04-14-2014 10:27 AM

Good morning. I'm so tired can't imagine why! It started Thursday night. Sister called us for a crawfish boil. Dh and I got into bed at 11 pm and was up and working for 6 am. Again Friday night at sisters camp for supper, home and in bed for midnight. Saturday morning off to walmart to get groceries for Good Friday crawfish boil at my house and barbecue Easter at my house. Saved groceries and off to camp by noon. Fished all afternoon sister and I. Ate supper at the camp again and home and bed by 11. Sunday morning church and shopping at SAMs. Dumped everything in the kitchen and left for some friends camp for a crab boil. Home by 10. I never fell into a deep sleep last night at all. I feel sick today. It was entirely too much this weekend. Working today and house work to do. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.
I didn't stay exactly on plan 100% but I didn't do too bad either. I'm very swollen today due to all the boiled seafood. Lots of salt. I'm sure Wednesday will not be a good weigh in day. I'm trying to get a lot of water in to flush out the sodium retention.

Bobbi maybe you could prepare him a lil bit on the side without the salt and season the rest for your company. A lil bit more work but I remember doing that with the pepper when my sons were babies and starting out on table food.

Donna we are getting some cooler weather tonight and tomorrow. Winter doesn't want to end.
Out of time. Hi to all.

ladyinweighting 04-14-2014 10:52 AM

Hi Everyone,

Got 2nd cortisone shot this morning (left knee). Last week, got shot in my right knee - REALLY worked GREAT!

Tomorrow my DD & SIL are coming up here to celebrate my birthday. It was a surprise & I am THRILLED!

Have a wonderful Monday,


glynne 04-14-2014 11:27 AM

Good morning GG's,

Where is that sun this morning? It was beautiful on Friday ~ we (DH, Maddie and I) had a nice time bike riding ~ went to a couple parks. We have these free concerts in the park here on the weekends, but it seems like every weekend lately it has been cloudy with rain predicted, so we haven't been able to enjoy any of those yet.

Donna ~ glad you got enough snow to water the ground, but not so much as to make it hang around long. I like your saying ~ slow is better than no. And slow and steady is certainly better than my up and down and up and down. It is just a couple pounds, but Grrrrr at my self ~ I gotta straighten myself out and get to where I make some real progress.

Cajun ~ your schedule sounds tiring ~ hope you get to feeling better.

Mary ~ hoping for weather to warm up a little more so you can enjoy your new patio furniture.

K3 ~ how are the knees doing?

Bobbi ~ have you figured out anything yet for your cooking dilemma?

Carol Sue ~ hope your husband gets to feeling better from the shingles and hoping that you don't get it again. My Maddie is 6 (will be 7 in September) she lost the first two teeth several months back ~ can't remember if it was before she turned 6.

Rosey ~ glad you got to enjoy your lady cave/craft room. Sounds wonderful. Enjoyed the pictures of your granddaughter ~ thank you for sharing.

Lynn ~ hope your eyes and arm/hand have gotten rested up after your extra computer time. Glad the shots helped your knees feel better. Sorry I missed your birthday ~ hope it was a good day. Shame on me ~ I finally found that birthday thread so I could check it and not miss birthdays, and I still missed it. Enjoy the visit with your daughter and SIL. :(

Karen MO ~ hoping for some good news for Tim ~ prayers continue.

Liana ~ your “bovine-processed crop enrichment program” comment made me smile. I remember as a kid ~ being in the car with my parents ~ in the spring/summer time with the windows down ~ passing by the farms and my parents saying ~ “smell that fresh country air”.

Lucinda ~ great job ~ sipping tea and sticking to your planned meals.

Guess I will get off here ~ see what I can work on here.

Hope you all have a nice day.

jess1 04-14-2014 12:21 PM

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Lynn, we are horrible, terrible, awful, and really bad people! We've never forgotten birthdays, and now we have.... I am so sorry!


Love, the GuiltyGoldens!!

:cp::encore::congrat::congrat::congrat::stars::bda y2you::celebrate::bday2::woo:

Bobbolink 04-14-2014 12:42 PM

Darn...I should have my GG's birthdays printed out and posted on my wall or something. Belated happy birthday Lynn:hug:
Thanks for the suggestions on the salt free meat everyone. Donna...I wrote down the spices on the one web, sounds good to me. It's a good thing I read thru the whole recipe because you only use a little bit of the spice mix in a bag when shaking the meat. Can you imagine if I put it all on? Yikes!
Yesterday at the grocery store I picked up three different seasonings that were salt free. One was a Greek and two Mrs. Dash. I'm going to make a roast today and divide it into 3rds. Put one of each seasoning on and see how they taste. If that doesn't work, I'll try Donna's recipe.


P.S. Our ground is all white again and it's NOT GOING TO MELT ANYTIME SOON.:mad:

Karen31 04-14-2014 12:57 PM

Lynn, so sorry that I missed your birthday!! Sure hope you didn't something fun for yourself!! Happy Birthday!!

maryea 04-14-2014 02:10 PM

Oh what a glorious day! I hope you are all enjoying nicer weather. Dh got up early and went salmon fishing with a friend. Last night our son invited us to dinner. He and his gf fixed a great dinner of grilled BBQ chicken, scalloped potatoes and salad. I am happy to report I enjoyed it with restraint and it was easy to keep OP.

bobbi - Oh I see you have snow again! Hope you get spring soon! Can the sun shine and it be warm even with snow on the ground there? I remember in KS it used to be that way. We don't often get snow here and it usually melts right away but when we do have snow the sun doesn't usually shine and it's cold. I love that about KS and it is the same in MO. I actually think I like MO weather at least around Springfield even more than KS. Im rambling and realize you are not in either state but just reminiscing. :dizzy:

Glynne - Glad you are enjoying bike riding again. Great exercise!

Lynn - glad the shots are helping. Are they very painful when you get them?

Cajun - No wonder you are tired! That's a lot for one weekend! I think your idea of cooking some venison separately is a good idea. That's probably what I would do just in case.

Wannabe - Yes, as a nurse I used to see some terrible cases of shingles...but these were on people who were already debilitated in other ways. I don't think I'm going to get the vaccine. We are Medicare and Tricare4life and I kinda doubt they'll pay for it. I may call to find out. Hopefully I will never have another episode. How is your dh doing now?

Must get to work...thoroughly cleaning the family room and living rooms today. Esp like to hit the family room well when dh is not home.;)

Bobbolink 04-14-2014 03:35 PM

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I'm going to seclude myself upstairs, lock the door behind me. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz, Mr. Cranky Pants is not in your home today Rosie, he's in mine. What a jerk!

glynne 04-14-2014 05:24 PM

Bobbi ~ maybe there is something in the air ~ I thought cranky was at my house today. I asked him this morning if he wasn't feeling well ~ just picking me apart. And now Maddie is home from school and has joined the team. Fun, fun, fun. I might have to run away from home ~ LOL.

jess1 04-14-2014 08:51 PM

Bobbi - Oh, the expression on Charlie's face: "get this thing OFF me!!!".... poor forlorn little guy!

Computer woes after the "storm"... I'm switching to cable and will have it installed on Monday. Pray for me.

SO glad I don't have a CrankyPants (or any kind of pants, except for the 4-legged furry kind!)!


akrosey49 04-15-2014 02:59 AM

Hi everyone hope u all had a great weekend. sorry Bobbie that you have a mr cranky pants I can sure relate. my dh has been better I think becuz he feels better and can do some of the things he loves esp going to the cabin. Hes planning a mule deer hunt in new mexico if he draws a permit. Hes also considering going with a group from our church who go to remote area in peru to build churchs,something he would be good at and love to experience.
I went shopping yesterday with my dd and grdd. we always have such fun. got the foods needed for easter dinner. today I got my easter outfit I had ordered. I remember when we were kids we always got new dresses,shoes gloves and hats.. so I got the cutest ballet shoes to match my new pink top.. the shoes are pink too. I will feel festive ;
tomorrow we have to be up early to take Tootsie to the vet to be spayed. shes the last and am glad to have it done. we qualified for assistance from a local organization to help people spay their pets. they gave us coupons for both pepper and tootsie 100$ each,and boy does that help.
we went to a funeral today, really sad for his family,we have known them for yrs. He worked with my dh and it was nice but sad to see so many folks that worked in the oil industry..to bad its a funeral that brings old friends together. well here its late and im rambling. thinking of lynn and happy belated birthday,thinking of kfl and hope the pt folks arnt being mean to you, and K3 you and Tim are in my prayers and hope he can come home soon. :hug: for all rosey :wave:

Bobbolink 04-15-2014 08:17 AM

Good Morning...DH is back to his normal grumpy self instead of the nastier person he was yesterday. : He only lashed out at me once because of some minor incident but that's all it takes with me. I gave him the cold shoulder the rest of the afternoon. He hates when I don't talk to him.:D:D:D

Donna...sometimes I envy your single state. Do cats get up on the wrong side of the bed?

Rosey...I smiled when I read about Steve going to Mexico or Peru. That would mean a lovely vacation at home for yourself. No fixing beds, no cooking to speak of, radio as loud as you want it, shop all day if you want or stay in your very nice craft room until midnight!

I didn't get around to making the roast with the different seasonings yesterday so I'll make it today. Yesterday I didn't feel like cooking, guess why?

Mary...good job keeping OP at your sons house.

Cajun (never had crawfish before), Carol, Glynne...what's happening at your house today?

Lucinda...I'm sure you're busy with family, cooking and Jewish traditions.

Karen...blessing on you and Tim today.

K3...blessing on you too with your recovery. I'm missing you and Donna's humor.

Sorry if I missed anyone, should have taken notes on the page before.

Wannabehealthy 04-15-2014 09:19 AM

DH is getting up and around more now and yesterday he ate some real food. A hamburger patty and some tater tots. He's lost about 8 lbs. A terrible way to do it. He is making us all angry because he won't take the anti-viral meds. So I told him when the pain continues on it will be of his own doing and I won't feel sorry for him, but really, I will. It's a terrible pain and hate to see him like that. I just wish he would take the meds.

I have cancelled my Easter plans to have everyone over. It's just too uncertain as to how he will be feeling, and one brother already said he wasn't coming because he didn't want to catch the shingles. DR said he will no longer be contageous by then, but better safe than sorry.

I really hate to complain about this because some day it will all be a memory and there are others who have much more serious problems. Prayers going out for those who are dealing with such things.

I don't know what happened to our 80 degree, sunny day we had, but today it is 36 degrees, rainy and windy. Staying inside.

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