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canadjineh 04-10-2014 08:34 PM

Hidden ingredients
Hi Bobbi: Yes thanks for posting the list for everyone, I have had to be Gluten Free (doc's orders) for the past 4+ years so I know all about the hidden gluten in food labels. I go for only those things labelled as Gluten Free (the processors must be regulated for it) but I wasn't sure how gluten free you are or whether you are just avoiding MSG.
The only soup in my cupboard is Habitant French-Canadian Pea Soup - ingredients are water, yellow peas, lard, salt, onion powder. The company has been in business since 1918 in Montreal, Canada. Just 'cause sometimes I want to open a can and heat it up- I don't want to go to the trouble of making the pea soup from scratch. I make other soups from scratch though, like Tom Yom soup, and beef with veg, chicken rice, etc. I'm not a huge soup person though.

I appreciate the info and I'm sure others will find it useful too :stir:

Re: umami flavour - also in fresh tomatoes, shiitaki mushrooms, sardines, and fish sauce (thai/Vietnamese), true Parmesan Reggiano Cheese and other foods - these are natural sources that do not cause issue with my body, though. I do know the labelling regulations are different in the US and Canada and the EU.

Karen31 04-10-2014 08:42 PM

Tim called this afternoon and they took the tube out and he has started back on clear liquids as of 2:00 this afternoon. Hoping that things move forward in a positive way now and the stomach starts working like it should.

Bobbolink 04-11-2014 09:15 AM

Good Morning....too busy to chat today. My desktop cp is still gone and my Fitday is on it. Haven't a clue as to my calories, forgot to see if I lost the 3 pounds this morning. I had to get Levi (4 month pup) outside before he pooped on the floor. Dressed quick, had coffee outside while watching him. Then I thought, Ooooop. I usually weigh myself 1st thing, before dressing and having coffee.
Liana...it's just MSG that I can't have. We don't have that brand of soup in the states. Lucky You! I'll check out the Healthy soup we do have next time I go grocery shopping.
Karen...I'm glad they didn't have to go in again on Tim...I've been remembering to pray for him and you. God's speed on getting him home.:hug:

canadjineh 04-11-2014 12:08 PM

Karen: Here's hoping Tim will be home with you soon - stressful times, but I'm sure you will both feel better about being together again. Hugs


ladyinweighting 04-11-2014 01:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

Things have been BUSY for me. Ending 1 class; starting another class; and attending an online (all-day) three-day conference about online learning.

I LOVED the conference, but my eyes are bleary & my arm/hand aching - too much computer time.

Karen, I am thinking of you and Tim all the time & sending my love and prayers.


Cajunlady165 04-11-2014 02:19 PM

Happy Friday golden girls. Yesterday evening I received a call from my sister saying that they were at their camp on the lake near our house. She was inviting us to eat boiled crawfish. We went and while I was there her and I rushed off of the deck. So peaceful. They invited us for a barbecue Saturday night. I woke up this morning to a text message inviting us to the lake for supper tonight too. Lol we'll basically I guess we will be spending the weekend with them on the lake. Coming home only to sleep. Our house is about 8 minutes from the lake. We were supposed to clean the patio and outside of the house this weekend. Guess not. We will have to do it after work next week.
Hopefully I can stay on my diet this weekend. I did really good last night at her camp. Tonight she is serving a salad along with shrimp in a red gravy served with rice. So I should do ok. Tomorrow night is going to be a challenge with the barbecue. We tend to serve mostly carbs with BBQ. Such as pork n beans potatoe salad candied yams rice dressing garlic bread. :-0. I'm in trouble.

Sunday we are supposed to go to SAMs and buy things in bulk. The ds's want to go with us for their houses. The membership is up to 49.00 now so instead of us all having a membership we will go together on my membership. We usually go every 3 months.

Y'all have a nice weekend now!! Hi to all!!


maryea 04-11-2014 09:39 PM

I've been really busy trying to catch up with things around here. The house still looks dirty...love the sunshine but oh, gosh I see dust and dirty windows everywhere i look now! :( Today I focused on our bedroom and the guest bedroom. At least (except for the outside windows) look clean now and smell good. I always light a candle or turn on a scentsy (couple rooms only) after I clean. Makes me feel like I've really accomplished something! :dizzy:

I've done ok with my eating today, but my bs is still high. Maybe I will still have to have more meds. :( But I will keep trying and see how my A1C is in July. I'm not cooking tonight, we are either going to each get our own or go out.

Yesterday I had my Medicare Health appt...just updating files as I thought. Then we went shopping for a patio table/chairs set and found one for a good price that we liked. When dh picked it up they gave him a coupon for another $10 off AND he also has a rebate form and will get $50 back with that! So we think we did well! Joe spent part of last night and most of today putting it together. Can't wait to use it but it's not quite warm enough to stay out long yet even though it is sunny.

Cajun - Nice that you can spend so much time with your sister. I wish mine was closer. When I visited my brother before he died, I promised him I would not stay away so long next time. He is no longer there but I plan to keep my promise by visiting my sister and my sil (his wife) more often. They are both in their 80s so I don't know how long I will have them too.

Lynn - Don't envy you with your working but I'm glad you enjoyed the conference. Hope you can get some rest now.

Karen31 - Hope Tim can be home soon. Sometimes just being home makes you feel better. Still praying.

Lucinda - GFY staying OP!

akrosey49 04-12-2014 04:19 PM

Happy Weekend every one.. Its snowing here today :( steve went to the cabin with his buds and im having a quiet day. did some altering on some shirts that were to big,and shortened a new sweater I got.. it was a jacket sweater and way to long for me. all while watching the hallmark channel in my craft room I'm loving it.. Made split pea soup for supper,i like having something ready when steve comes home starving:dizzy: Hope your weekend is happy and productive in doing the things you love :hug: rosey :wave:

maryea 04-13-2014 01:38 AM

Just a quick pop in before going to bed. Had a productive day...thoroughly cleaned both bathrooms plus other things. Entered lots of sweeps too. Back at it quite seriously, though don't know how long I'll last. Too many things compete for my attention and somethings are just more important to me.

I gained back a pound this week...not surprised...just seems like I can't stick to just one serving and worst of all I continue to eat in the evening. I eat proportionally correct but too much. I still like the 1-1-1 way of eating though and hope to do better again.

Can't believe tomorrow is Sunday again...

goodnight everyone!

Wannabehealthy 04-13-2014 10:16 AM

It must be terrible having to watch so closely with food additives. I have a hard enough time just watching carbs and fiber. It's amazing the stuff they put in foods these days. Way back when, our forefathers ate everything from scratch, but it's hard to do that today.

I am supposed to host Easter next week but my DH came down with shingles and is have a lot of pain, nausea and dizziness. I can't wait to long to cancel because people will need time to make other plans. I think if he isn't up and around by tomorrow I will cancel. It's just his kids and their spouses and 2 brothers and spouses. Maybe one of them can volunteer to cook for the day. I have given them warning that I may be cancelling. I hate to do it because everyone has such a good time here and we enjoy it. The start of the spring/summer season.

I hope everyone is having the nice weather we're having. We had some sprinkles this morning but it stopped and the sun is out. Supposed to go to 80 degrees.

Bobbolink 04-13-2014 12:16 PM

Happy Sunday to all.
I have a problem and could use some suggestions. Our daughter's new friend is invited over to our home for Easter Dinner. He has an inner ear problem, Meniere's disease. It's an inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing. ... Severe vertigo or dizziness. It gets worst if he eats salt or any of the junk they put in boxed items. (chemicals, MSG, etc). He loves vension so we're having a venison roast and a turkey breast as part of the meat. I made a venison roast last night using no salt, just some Tone's No Salt spices. It was terrible, bland, yuckie without salt. Any suggestions of what I can use to make these two meats edible?

Karen3 04-13-2014 12:35 PM

Bobbi...you can think me crazy, a fabulous easy way to do venison is in a crock pot with a JAR of GRAPE JELLY and huge splash of Worcestershire Sauce.

glynne 04-13-2014 12:39 PM

Bobbi ~ could each person just season/spice their own portion to their taste?

OOOOOhhh ~ K3's idea sounds way more tasty :)

ladyinweighting 04-13-2014 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by Karen3 (Post 4983553)
Bobbi...you can think me crazy, a fabulous easy way to do venison is in a crock pot with a JAR of GRAPE JELLY and huge splash of Worcestershire Sauce.

The jelly might work, but 1 tsp of W Sauce = 65 mg of sodium :(

maryea 04-13-2014 06:20 PM

It's a beautiful day here. Lovely to be outside but after a while unless you are working it can still get chilly. Now that we have our new patio table set I am eager to have a BBQ but don't think it's quite warm enough.

Went to church this morning..Palm Sunday...it was a wonderful and somewhat different than traditional teaching. I am so thankful for the good teaching I get at my local church. Afterwards we went to Subway for lunch. I again resisted the Cheetos even though dh got them. :carrot: BTW, I dropped the pound I gained...maybe Sunday should be my weigh-in day?!:dizzy:

So far I've eaten ok.

pb mocha - protein, carb and fat

Turkey and ham sub with lots of veggies - carb protein, fat (mayo) and free veggies

dinner will be at our sons. Not sure what we'll have but I'll try to be careful and proportioned. Perhaps I'll get back and edit this post.

Bobbi - I have never cooked venison, have eaten it a time or two.

Wannabe - Sorry to hear about your dh. Shingles can be really painful. Dh's was very painful, mine was mild. My doc says most people only have once but I've had twice. There is a vaccine now but it is expensive if you don't have insurance to cover it. Hope he is better and you can have your traditional Easter dinner with family.

Lucinda - Hope you are having a blessed Passover!!

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