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  • It's snowing in Minnesota, what else is new? I woke up to a white winter wonderland, really pretty but getting old. The turkeys have been here 3 times already looking for food buried under the snow.
    Rosey...I think I'm as excited as you, great room. Give Steve a Golden Girls hug. Are those work benches low so your wheel chair can slide under them? Or do you sit on a stool while you putter? There used to be a chef on one of the cooking channels that had a high work stool with 3 legs and rollers on the bottom so he could scoot around the kitchen while sitting. If you don't have one, tell Steve to get you one for your next birthday .

    Hi Donna, I saw your post and remembered I didn't close the March thread. Nice to see your smiley face.

    Nothing happening here today other than exercise at the Y. My little Yorkie is really putting on weight. I'll have to post another picture of him.

    Lucinda...do you usually make the same passover foods? I'm not Jewish so know nothing about foods that are eaten other than coconut macaroon. My mouth waters when I think of macaroon, love them. Do you have lots of family over?
    It's just about 9 am, gotta get off my cp and do something.

  • Quote: Yes, we have to be mindful when the months change even though I can safely assume none of us here menstruate!
    Hahaha, well, not all of us are finished with that crap yet.... lol. With my luck, I'll probably have another 10 years to go. Started at 11, and still going strong. I have no idea when the average age of menopause is in my family since all my relatives on my mom's side have had serious issues and hysterectomies, etc before getting there.
    I think I should have had it all out at the age of 12, never wanted children anyhow so what's the point.

    Going through TOM as we speak, as you probably could tell from my breakfast menu of Raw Foods Cacao Protein smoothie, and 2 servings from a Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate bar.

    PS - at least in a good mood today & cramps are gone.
  • Well, we didn't get the happy news we were expecting from the surgery. Once the surgeon got in there he saw that the cancer had spread to Tim's liver and determined removing the tumor on the pancreas was a higher risk than leaving it. They did remove his gall bladder which was full of stones. But told us that chemo is not very successful with this type of cancer. He is stage 4 and the decision to do chemo will totally have to be up to him. As the surgeon put it to me he will need to choose the quantity of life or quality of life. So it wasn't good news at all. He should be released from the hospital on Saturday. Just wanted to come and give an update
  • Hang in there Karen!! Sending out our prayers to help you & hubby deal with the news...
  • Good afternoon GG's,

    It is a beautiful sunny day here today. Hot inside while working around in the house ~ a fan helps when you are just sitting, but while working around, hot, sticky, sweaty. Makes me want to turn on the AC. Today though, it is only 64 outside, so I opened up the windows ~ more comfortable now to keep working around. Kitty loves it too ~ she gets up in the windows and her little nose is working overtime ~ smelling all those “wonderful outside smells” LOL

    Washed the bathroom rugs and hung them out in the sun and fresh air to dry.

    On a roll ~ getting stuff done. That good old sun makes me feel good and wanting to do stuff.

    Karen MO ~ it is hard to even know what to say. Sorry the news was not as we had all prayed for it to be. Not giving up ~ prayers continue. Sending many {{{{hugs}}}}.

    Liana ~ glad your cramps are gone. So glad to be done with all that myself.

    Bobbi ~ your little fur baby is so cute ~ remind me of his name ~ I can't recall it right now. The snow is pretty, but I don't blame you for wanting to get on with spring. This seems (in some parts of the country) like “the year of the never ending winter”.

    Lucinda ~ the menu for your dinner sounds delicious.

    Donna ~ Hola to you too. How are Grannymom and Samson doing? How is your hip feeling?

    Rosey ~ your woman cave is beautiful. I love how it has windows to let in the sun while you work on your creations.

    Carol Sue ~ you're not alone with the evening snacking troubles.

    Lizzy ~ hope April is the beginning of “better” for you.

    Mary ~ yes, I am keeping busy. There is plenty to do here. Catching up on all the stuff that I wasn't able to get around to while working and didn't have time to deal with it. We are doing ok even though the income is less. DH is a good planner with the finances. We live very frugally, but we had been practicing living that way for a while before I retired, so it hasn't been too painful.

    Hi Tam Tam ~ hope you get a chance to relax a little somewhere along the line.

    K3 ~ how are your knees doing?

    Cajun ~ your Easter gathering sounds fun.

    Ok, back to work now.

    Hope you all are having a nice day.
  • Hola!
    Thanks for the lovely personals, Gayle! You are appreciated!

    My hip is still there (sigh), noticeably deteriorating, but I'm psyched for "AT LEAST June"... Mom is doing the same, which I interpret to be "doing okay"... and Samson is just the best furbaby EVER! I'm so lucky we found each other!

    Maybe this weekend I can do personals (don't hold your breath, though!). It's been a long time, I know!!

    Bobbi - we got snow yesterday, too, about 3" at my house, up to 9" throughout the city. Of course, it's all gone today. There was a lot of water in it, which we need... chilly today, but kind of pretty.

    I'm at work and am verily weak with hunger, so I'm going to go feed my tum. Hope you're all doing well!
  • Glad to see lots of posts today! I've been busy again today...no housework done again...been packing away seasonal clothes and actually more just too many clothes. Giving away a lot. I have lots, dh has even more! My excuse is that I change clothes too often and keep them just in case...dh has no excuse because he can easily fit almost everything. Of course he rarely bought clothes when he was younger and I was the big spender so I understand and it is only fair. I did go shopping today...bought three tops trying to match a skirt i plan to wear to a funeral tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit into some larges! Usually I have to buy Xlg in tops. But when I got home I didn't like the large I got so wear..the outside part fits fine, but underneath is this irritating little thin cami....I is attached to the top and gets all twisted up and I spend way too much time trying to figure out how to put it on! I'm going to dig through my stuff and see if I can find another white cami, or may even buy one to wear with it if I keep it. At least it fits. All of them could go with the skirt I'm wearing to a wedding tomorrow, but I have a feeling I'll settle on the black as usual. I bought some brown sandals thinking they would go with the skirt, but realize now they are too casual, but think I will keep them because they fit pretty well and I have trouble finding sandals that fit. Also got a manicure and pedicure (because of the sandals!), and came home and immediately took off the flip-flops and put on some shoes and ruined two nails!! Grrrr...I also got my hair cut again and am not yet sure whether I like it. Am I having a bad day...naw...I mean I did get a subway footlong for only $5! I had the first one for lunch and we are sharing the second part tonight for dinner. So no cooking tonight again!

    Lynn - was it you that said Capt Phillips was good? We finally watched it last night and really liked it! I often don't care for movies these days so glad to find one I liked.

    PB mocha frappe - protein, carb and fat

    turkey and ham subway - protein, carb and fat

    Glynne - Glad things are working out ok with not working. You sound less stressed and more peaceful? Although I know you still have the family issues but they are always there it seems with us all.

    Karen31 - How is Tim taking all this...I know it is must be very hard for both of you esp since it seems like it's all happened pretty fast. How suddenly life can change...am continuing to pray for your both.

    Cana - I started at 12 but ended it with surgery for another issue. BUT, I continue to have hot flashes at age 71...life isn't always fair about these things..

    Jess - for your sake only I wish June would come soon as I do so want you to be get over this terrible pain!

    Rosey - So happy that you have your craft room. Hang onto that man...he may get cranky at times (so do I!) but he's handy and a definite keeper I believe!

    Bobbi - Almost forgot you...sorry...snow in April...that's just not right surely! It's a bit chilly here but the rain has stopped at least temporarily and we are having sunshine. going to a wedding tomorrow and sounds like it will be a lovely day for it. A few days ago it was pouring though so you never know.
  • Hi everyone I spent a very quiet day.. I seemed to be tired all day. Steve finally got a chance to go to his cabin. He and a friend left early this am and got home about 5pm happy and tired. Its the first trip hes been able to take out there in over a yr becuz of health issues.. I was really happy for him.. and yes he does have his moments and so hes a keeper
    Bobbie I do use the wheel chair in the craft room without the leg rests,the chair was put together for my size and hgt,so its comfortable so steve measured the tables so the chair would fit under the tables. I haven't used the wc for yrs now but since I had it and it worked decided we didn't need to buy one a sp chair to use in the craft rm.By the way your new furbaby is so cute. Maryea I order clothes on line and then hate having to send them back,i have not worn a dress in yrs but just got a long flowy skirt,a print in dr blues and purpls,a white top,and a dk blue cardigan,and I have apair of black flats..its my easter outfit minus the hat. I remember when I was a kid we all got perms,new dresses and shoes and gloves and hats to wear to church easter sunday
    K31 im cont to pray for you and Tim,what terrible news to hear sending (((hugs))) and know we are here for you.
    Glynne Im so happy that you were able to retire,can you get ss on a disability? It sure helped our budget when I started to collect.Jess sorry you got snow,it sure has been weird weather patterns this yr,
    and good wishes for all I missed,hoping your weekend is lo calorie ttfn rosey
  • Lizzy, I read of a plan that may help you with your evening binges. Because of the rules, I cannot give you a link but can give you the gist of it. Every other day, three days a week, are carb deplete days; on alternate days, carb up three days a week; then one day per week is a "cheat" day. On the carb deplete days, you eat very low carb, no fruit, no high impact carbs. On the carb up days, you eat one fruit and one starchy vegetable or grain. Choose one day each week to be your "free" day. On that day you can eat a moderate amount of whatever you want. That's when you treat yourself to a dessert and/or your favorite high carb meal. I find with this program, I am more in control. I don't feel deprived. I can get through ONE day without my favorite foods, knowing that the next day I can have a serving and that in a few days I can have a meal or dessert that I otherwise would have to avoid. Bye-bye cravings!
  • Just popping in to say hi. Hope you all have a good day. We are about to get ready to go to a "nontraditional wedding", whatever that means I have no clue, except no gifts. We gave to a charity in their name.

    I lost a little over 6 oz this week. Very slow but then I'm still eating in the evenings. Otherwise doing well

    ETA: The wedding was so wonderful...I think I enjoyed it more than any I've attended including (for sure) my own and my children's! And it was so simple...they had a Old Time Gospel quartet that started it off with singing medley, then a simple exchange of vows, Biblical instruction and blessing, then more by the quartet...wonderful music and my most favorite genre. There was no walking down the aisle by the bride in the beginning, they sat together in the front row and stood up when it was time. The groom went to stand by the pastor, the bride stood with her children and her son gave her away. And at the end the pastor had the husband and wife walk down the aisle, greeting and shaking hands as they went. This was all followed by simple but yummy refreshments in another building on the church property. There were lots of people we knew both from our military association and also our church even though it was in another church. I told the Gospel quartet I'd like them to sing at my funeral...only trouble is they aren't much younger than I! And I think I have a few years left in me, of course we never know that really and I'm ready to go when God calls anytime.

    I wore one of the skirts I bought a few weeks ago and a top I bought yesterday. I managed to find some shoes already in my closet that matched. It was fun to dress up a little but it was nothing but what I might wear to church too. We came home to change as my shoes are rather flimsy and it is wet, and then we are going out again for groceries...we've been putting off the grocery shopping for a few days now.

    My eating so far today: not healthy but I tried to keep it to the proper proportions at least.
    PB mocha frappe - carb, protein and fat

    banana filled cake (not sure what kind of cake it was...maybe spice but not very spicy but very very good!) - carb
    handful of mixed nuts - protein and fat

    ETA: LOL I just noticed in yesterday's post I said I was going to a funeral...NO, a wedding!
  • Happy Weekend everyone, hope you're having a skinny day.
  • Hello golden girls. My house is clean from top to bottom. All carpets are shampooed. My body feels it too. Dh did a wonderful job helping me. We cleaned the windows but it doesn't look like it. I'm thinking we'll tackle the outside next weekend. Cleaning windows and pressure washing the house and patio. I was informed that I had to help do the outside too. Which I usually do anyway.
    Youngest ds went to Texas on a paid hog hunt and just got back with 2 wild hogs. Those hogs sure wouldn't win a beauty contest. But the pork meat is very good and lean.
    Yesterday I had to stop cleaning and go to a great nephews baby shower. Upon signing in there was a baby bottle fill with runts and we had to guess the amount. I put my goal weight and won!!! Lol hopefully I can reach that goal weight one day.
    I want this diet to work so bad because it's very easy to do and I'm very satisfied.

    Mary the wedding sounded wonderful. We have a wedding to attend next weekend. I'm sure it will be a traditional wedding though. Congrats on your weight loss. A loss is a loss. I'm hoping to do good this week. My weigh in day is Wednesday.

    Rosey did you get to play in your lady cave yet?

    Gayle I'm finished with the cleaning and it feels so good!!! Yes we usually have a very nice time for Easter. We have about 10 little kids and love watching them hunt for Easter eggs.

    It's time to cook supper or maybe sweet talk dh into cooking. He usually cooks on the weekends anyway.

    Be back tomorrow.

  • Karen 31: I hope that you will gather strength from strangers (me) who love you and you will bring whatever time left to your beloved husband with honor and dignity and joy in the day to day existence.
    When my own Dad was diagnosed , my mom needed the support of friends and relatives just to not grow despondent. She still hosted small luncheons and early non-fussy dinners just to keep fresh faces and voices in the house.
    I will read whatever you choose to post, or not post because you will be busy tending to your husband. I am thinking of you....
  • Thank you Lucinda----I know I have lots of bumpy days ahead
  • We went to church this morning..wonderful service as usual. Afterwards we stop to visit our son's gf as she is sick. Then to Olive Garden for soup and salad. No bread sticks for me...NSV as that's the second time I have resisted them!

    My non-allergy symptoms (doc says NOT allergies but vaso-motor response), are really bugging me the last couple days. The meds he gave me either didn't work or worked too well, causing dryness which was also uncomfortable so I stopped taking them. I have recently tried a natural product that seemed to help me but last couple days it has not, but I'm going to keep trying it.

    Cajun - I envy you your clean house. I didn't clean much all week and it shows it...maybe that's the reason for my worse than usual running nose!

    Karen31 - You continue to be in my prayers. Is Tim still in hospital?