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canadjineh 04-29-2014 06:32 PM

Hope all the southeastern US gals are doing ok with the bad weather there. I haven't been checking the news on my computer so I haven't seen the pictures but my parents have satellite TV and told us what's happening there. (just fyi... if I seem a little clueless sometimes, it's because we chose not to have cable or sat tv - we'd rather spend the money on other stuff-mainly trips, and we read a lot)

Cajun... I'm hoping to be done with the big TOM by the time I'm 53 too, (actually who am I kidding - I was hoping to be done by 50 lol, but that sure didn't happen). What a waste of resources... as if I'd want to have a baby NOW! :o

Maryea... toilets don't bother me, but I'm sure things have changed too. We didn't stay in tourist hotels when we were there, we stayed in some family run B&B type places and locally owned small hotels, and shopped in the markets, etc. - that's how we met new people and made good friends we still correspond with. We have seen some pretty interesting 'washrooms' all over the world, lol.:eek:
Sounds like 1-1-1 is your way to go, glad it's working for you!

Sunny & warm here with highs of 21C today approx. 72F so I'm phoning a friend for walkies this afternoon.


akrosey49 04-29-2014 11:48 PM

Hi everyone another nice day here. spent the day sewing in my craft room and made a wall picture with a preprinted panel of little critters doing crafty things,so cute and made a side panel that said crafty fluffs on the side.its what my kids and grkids call my craft messes.. dh hung it on the wall for me.
Ohterwise a quiet day,didnt even cook,a soup and sandwhich day and mr cranky didn't even complain :dizzy: Hope your day was a peaceful as mine :hug: rosey :wave:

maryea 04-30-2014 12:24 AM

Rosey - made yur 1-2-3 cake tonight for dessert and we both liked it. I topped it with a little reddi whip. Funny- I was making my headache trying it figure out the calories then finally looked up on MFP and there it was all figured for me! I love MFP because their data base is so huge!

Cana - yeah I've seen them too. Like just a hole in the ground out in open. I was thankfully able to pass that one up. I don't think I'm too picky but squating with a bunch of other women at a women's urinal was another place I drew the Line. Had to go bad and our bus was pulling out soon. But just before we had to board I was able to go in and it was empty! yu do what yu have to do. We have always stayed in cheap hotels and I didn't mind the mice, cold water, bathrooms or noise. And every time we go it's a little better. Next time we go we plan to spend more and stay in nicer places for the first time. They really aren't very expensive and I'm ready for a change. What island were yu on? We try to see different areas each trip. We visit fam of course which can incl some different provinces. It's always interesting.

lucindaarrowspark 04-30-2014 09:21 AM

last night I made two different kinds of fish dishes for my family. Success! Both were a hit! I even made my own bbq sauce b/c the bottled kind is sugar, sugar, sugar.
One fish meal was salmon topped with egg whites, mustard and dill. It was called baked salamon Alaska. The kids thought there was cheese in it and loved it. My eldest son ate it cold the am before going to work. The other fish was red snapper topped w/ bbq sauce, lemon juice and mayonnaise. It was broiled. So happy my family ate what I cooked b/c when they reject my meals I feel diminished and it sparks loathing and then self comforting with fatty, salty, sugary foods.
I went to Zumba class after serving dinner, then I ate a great big salad with 1/4 avocado, home made horse-radish and a drizzel of tahini. YUM

Wannabehealthy 04-30-2014 09:42 AM

If anyone is using Internet Explorer please be aware that there is a warning out about it. It was in the paper and on the news. I don't know the details, but the issue involves Adobe Flash Player. They said if you disable Adobe Flash Player you should be able to avoid the problem.

We got a bad storm overnight, but no damage. I think the worst of the storm went south of us. I hope all our members are OK.

Mary, I am starting to understand 1-1-1 better now. The carbs scare me, but now I realize you are eating 1 portion at each meal, and one portion of carbs is smaller than most people serve. And getting to add all the vegetables is right up my alley. I love all vegetables. I might look to see if they have the book at the library. It's always good to try a plan that is working so well for someone else.

Lucinda, you are doing so great on your new food plan! If possible, I would like to know how you made your BBQ sauce.

Cajunlady165 04-30-2014 09:49 AM

Good morning ladies. Yesterday afternoon after work I started cleaning the boat. Had to stop to go to ds's where dh was finishing the 2 nd steps for ds. I needed him to hook up pressure washer. I cleaned the boat and that lead to the carport. So got both of those done right before dark. This morning dh is charging batteries and doing minor repairs to the trailer. I'm guessing we will be on the lake this weekend after we get things done at the camp.
Another day on 1-1-1 100%. I'm still bloated and don't feel like I'm losing at all. I haven't got on the scale at all and don't plan to for right now. Just going to gauge it by my very tight jeans. Weekends seem to sabotage my diet. One good thing about fishing on weekends is if it's not in the boat I can't eat it.

Gotta scoot outa hear. Hi all
Hugs Cajun

lucindaarrowspark 04-30-2014 09:49 AM

Although I made the bbq sauce, I myself did not eat it. I do not consume any kind of sugar b/c I have a blood sugar insulin over production syndrome. It is a familial pre-cursor to diabetes.
BBQ sauce recipe
saute in olive oil chopped onion and minced garlic. when soft and translucent add ketchup, molasses, brown sugar and a bit of hot sauce,( like Franks red-hot) I did not measure amounts, I eye balled it.
Bring to a gentle boil, add water if needed to thin it out.

maryea 04-30-2014 04:24 PM

Just got home from the gym and shopping two stores. Dh's is 79 today so we will be going out to eat tonight and he is trying to rest now. He has been working incredibly hard in the yard for days now. It looks beautiful and I'm glad he enjoys it but he pushes himself too much I think sometimes. Daisy woke us up early this am so we got off to the gym at an earlier time. I walked/jogged 1/2 mile (10 min), biked 20 min at 10 and used the arm bike. Dh was then ready to go (he made it a light day too) and so we left.

Cajun - I actually lose pretty fast with 1-1-1. You may be surprised. My problem is consistently sticking to this eating strategy. I keep forgetting to take my meds in the am!:( Makes me mad because I'm defeating myself. But actually my bs although it was high, it wasn't too bad considering I didn't take my meds.

Wannabe - Yes you are right it is one serving (they are in the book) of each nutrient only each time you eat. Even snacks are proportioned the same except a serving of protein and grain (if you have grain) is only 1/2 what it is for a meal. Otherwise the same. I have lost 3.4# in the last 7 days already and I haven't even done it perfectly. Of course it's just old many times over recycled pounds so nothing to brag about but I'm glad they are gone and I HOPE they stay gone! I know it's up to me, but I'm doing it mainly for my diabetes anymore so I keep trying. My bs hasn't dropped much yet but I'm still hoping. I think it's beginning to drop. I notice it takes me longer to get it down now once I mess up and it gets high. It also gets higher each time I do that, so I have to stop messing up! I hope to do better today.

Lucinda - Glad your fam liked your BBQ sauce. It does feel good when they like ones cooking. I'm that way even with my dh. For a while there he didn't seem to like anything I cooked but I'm doing better now. I think I went overboard with the "diet" food. I've kinda found a middle ground now using more healthy fats and adding a little more sodium but hopefully not too much.

Wannabe/Cajun - I really like 1-1-1- and it is pretty flexible which I really seem to need. I have to keep a lot of veggies on hand that I can grab and eat easily. Sometimes (with veggies) I don't have enough or only ones that require cooking and for lunch I'm lazy about cooking just for me (dh does his own lunch). Sometimes I will eat leftover veggies, but not often as I don't like them then usually. So for me, the key is to keep all kinds of veggies on hand...I esp like salad stuff (lettuce, sweet onions plus other veggies to add), plus I also need some like radishes, carrots and celery to munch on for snacks. Sometimes I even have a smaller salad for a snack.

My main sugar weakness has been my mochas so now I'm making lighter mochas (less of mocha mix and adding Chocolate Stevia) and even trying to wean myself away from having them so often because I am having to lower my calories now and when I drink mochas I don't get my fruit and I could get more milk for less calories just drinking it alone. These are healthier carbs within limits and also I just miss it. So I'm constantly tweaking my eating and trying to do better. As long as I consistently do this I'm ok, it's those times when I'm not that really mess me up. :o Sometimes I think my overeating times is at least partly emotional. I forget my priorities and start focusing on myself and the feeling of deprivation hits. That is stinkin' thinking and has to go!:carrot:

Yes I heard that about IE too. I rarely use it because it does seem to have it's issues more than others. I upgraded my Firefox and I think I like the new one. I used to love Firefox but they kept upgrading it and the last ones I didn't like at all. But this one seems ok. I still use Chrome mostly though. I'm just used to it and have it set up like I want.

My food so far today - if I can I'll add more later.
cereal - carb
1/3 cup milk (just enough to cover as cereal kinda high in carbs) - protein
1 T pecans - fat

am snack (not perfectly on plan)
Had 3 samples at grocery store - 2 carb (whoops but they are so small!), protein and a veggie spread that may be also a fat.
when I got home: Lighter mocha - carb, protein and fat

ham sandwich (oh, another occasional pork I eat :)) carb and protein
radishes - free
1 T pecans - fat

Wannabehealthy 04-30-2014 04:34 PM

Thanks Lucinda. I don't eat a lot of barbecue sauce, but I do like a taste of it on my meats. A homemade one is so much better (and healthier) than the bottled because YOU control the ingredients.

Bobbolink 04-30-2014 06:41 PM

:welcome:Exquisitern....so happy to have a new face join us, can you put a shorter name on the bottom of your post? I'm going to close out this April site and put up the new May Golden Girls. Newbies remember to go to new month.

Later Gators.

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