~~March Golden Girls~~

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  • We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
    We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
    We are the Golden Girls...

    There is Value in us
    There is Power in us
    There is Wisdom in us
    And Laughter....
    We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
    There is love in us.
    (poem by Dorothy Holmes)

    Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you since you passed the 50 mark? 60 mark? 70 mark? Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!
  • March already, can you smell spring in the air? NOT, it's snowing again here in Minnesota. I thought it would be fun to post the "Which Golden Girl Are You" quiz. Rosey and I already took it, Rosey is Rose. I'm 1/2 Rose and 1/2 Sophia, go figure. I'll see if I can post the web. If this doesn't work, go to face book and search for Golden Girls quiz, take it and report back.
  • yikes, I am Blanche! Was not expecting that!
  • I'm Blanche, but I kinda figured that before I took the test bwahahah!

    Beautiful sunny day today, glad it got to +5 today instead of the -18 it has been a few days ago. That's Celsius for all you confused USers out there
    My hubby went for a snowshoe hike up Rose Swanson Mtn this afternoon, but that was a little too vigorous for me today (the fibromyalgia has been acting up because of stress and wild temperature fluctuations) so I went for a brisk 40 minute walk on the flatland today.

    Randy hadn't weighed since the 22nd and was feeling like he gained since he was eating snacks, but I told him they were healthy meals and properly timed snacks with the right composition of protein, fats, and carbs. Lo and behold, he lost 2 lbs and .5% body fat while upping his hydration levels! Was he ever surprised. I'm so very proud of him!

  • hehehhehehhe I'm here....Thanks Bobbi k3
  • Help!!!!
    Yesterday, I could click on something on the purple bar to get to my profile which had a list of threads I had posted on... Now this way of finding out where I've been & posted is GONE!
    I don't know where to find the continuing threads or even how to mark them so I can come back to them later and I can't seem to find any help on this in the Freq. Asked Quest.

    Please answer this anyone, as the 50+ and IP threads are the only ones I can remember from day to day.

    Thanks big time in advance!
  • Have you ever counted how many comercials are food related? It's Crazy! The world makes it soooo hard to lose weight!
  • Wow hard to believe it is March already!
  • I'm so glad it's March but the weather is still so severe and I want to get my exercise by walking outside. Grrrrr just gotta wait and hang in here What's keeping me motivated is knowing that Spring and Summer is coming which means shedding these big old coats and gloves etc. Can't wait!! Knowing each week I will be slimmer than the week before keeps me going!
  • Good Morning girls and welcome Waterbunny! You got a shorter name we can use? Where do you live? Sounds like the North where we have lots of snow.

    Nothing going on here today, we're on the look out for some hay for the deer. We're out, all the seed houses are out and the deer are hungry. We had 9 deer eating our bird seeds yesterday and one fawn was trying to look in our windows for more food. I'm feeling sorry for them.

    Have a skinny week-end.

    LIana and Lucinda...so you're Blanche, YIKES. I just went back to Face Book and see another quiz on which Golden Girl you are. I took that test and I'm Blanche too. But I don't agree, I'm not the jealous type like Blanche is. This is the description of her: Blanche Deveriaux You're vain and very licentious. You love to spend money and your jealous of others sometimes.

  • Here is a description of the Golden Girls. Without taking the test, which describes you the best? (Sophia fits me more than Blanche)

    Blanche Deveriaux You're vain and very licentious. You love to spend money and your jealous of others sometimes.

    Dorothy Zbornak You are more outspoken individual with independance. You are a caring person with an iron fist.

    Rose Nylund Your naive and take everyhing literally. You are a farm gal and enjoy telling long tales of life back in Saint Olaf. You also are convinced that Bob Hope is your father!.

    Sophia Petrillo You are witty, sarcastic person! You always have an answer for everything. You are genuinely a sweet person and are crafty in the kitchen.
  • Uh-oh - I REALLY wanted to be Blanche.

    I am Rose. :-((

  • Good Hola, All....

    I'm part Rose... and I like the description on the BrainFall quiz better than the one you gave, Bobbi! "You are part Rose. There is an innocence about you that others find appealing and endearing. You never judge anyone and never listen to gossip. Your life is based on truth and values and you naturally believe everyone else wants to live the same. There have been times when your heart was too trusting, but you never let these moments change your beliefs. You are the one everyone wishes they could be!" and I'm part Sophia: "You are part Sophia. Wit and quick comebacks are two of your strengths. You think on your feet and sometimes can shock people with your truthful insights. Yes, you can be very honest with people, but this does not mean you do not care about their feelings. It is quite the opposite- you care very much about the people close to you and try to shield them from pain. You may be outspoken, but nobody could ask for a better friend!"


    BTW, since no one commented on my post a couple of days ago, I'll say it again: I HAVE LOST 11# SINCE THE FIRST OF THE YEAR!

    Have a lovely weekend, all!
  • Happy Saturday!
    Was supposed to work in one of my other stores today but one of my managers had to take her mom to the ER - she fell and broke her wrist, will probably need surgery so I am taking her place today and my DIL is taking my place in the other store. We are having BEAUTIFUL weather today! Weekly weigh in-stayed the same so at least no gain. We are having Mardi Gras parades today so it will be slow and will give me a chance to catch up on paper work. We do not go to Mardi Gras parades-did my tour of duty with my son in the band, have not been in at least 12 years! Have a blessed day!!!
  • OMG Donna 11# is so awesome sorry no one commented ive been mia getting ready fro grdd 16th bday party which is tonite..nothing like having a shindig for making do me all the things ive neglected,my house shines inspite of the renovations going on. have to cook the turkey,and make mashed tators and gravy.. I think it so neat that my grdd wanted her b-day at grams hope your weekend is great ttfn rosey