25/30 Pound Goal - Let's Do It Together - Thread2

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  • Cherohala Skyway, NC & TN
    We drove 70 miles to our mini reunion. The route took us over the beautiful Cherohala Skyway that connects southeastern TN with western NC, where we live. This lucky pic was taken at about 4500ft on my phone!

  • Quote: We drove 70 miles to our mini reunion. The route took us over the beautiful Cherohala Skyway that connects southeastern TN with western NC, where we live. This lucky pic was taken at about 4500ft on my phone!
    What fun for you. Love time with BFF from HS. Have been busy getting ready for our big trip. Arrived Korea yesterday. Hope to maintain weight. Not trying to lose here, but did bring my powdered drinks and bars. Staying with step son and his family on Pusong Joint Army base. Will start seeing signts today. I was on track before we left and hit the 140's. Very happy about that. Keep up the good work everyone.
  • Back from vacation...stayed the same....have a wonderful week everyone!
  • Just tried to set up my weight tracker, not sure if it worked. Excited if so, confused if not. Having a great time in Korea, so far weight is maintaining and that's my goal. Interesting to read the hints for travel, thanks all.

  • Hi Chickies!

    Everyone must be busy! I know I have been....we left the peace, beauty and serenity of Western NC for our winter place in Central FL. It's a winter rat race for us with family, more people and the holidays while we are here. Always anxious for Spring and the Mountains!

    Still counting calories and walking some, but haven't weighed since arriving back in FL. I think I'm ok though...been sticking to the plan :-)

    Hope y'all are staying steady and having fun!
  • Where is it again that I look to set up tracker? I have been here over 20 days and have the posts. I thought something would show up in the upper left side of my page but I can see nothing....though since I am going nowhere with watching my intake it probably would just frustrated me!
  • Hi Dee!

    In the upper left part of this page, click on User CP. That will take you to your control panel. If you're able to add a tracker, you will see Edit Signature on the left side of the Control Panel page. Just follow the directions there. I use Ticker Factory for mine. Easy to use and also to edit to reflect weight changes :-)

  • Just testing
  • I made it but it does not show up. I copied the code and tried to paste...will try again.
  • Yea, but do not expect to see this little guy move much....:-((
  • Hey there ladies,
    I've moved and been on the road and packing, unpacking blah blah. I don't even know where my scale is. I haven't had a home cooked meal for a while. Who knows what means scale wise. It's good to be back on-line to say hey and see what you are all up to. I'll see you soon!
    Have a great weekend!
  • I must be stupid...I made the tracker, copied and pasted it into post as it did not show up automatically ....but unless when I post this it pops up again it does not make sense I would need to paste the code from the box again....just a silly thing, but I was looking forward to having this to keep me keeping on..
  • Jillie422, I did all that... Got to the final page and it showed up but said something about copying and pasting the code, which I did, and when I pasted it showed up, but not again unless I pasted again...I know you should not have to go through all these steps each time or copy a code and repaste, so I must have missed something!
  • Hi Lizzie - Just browsing through the posts and noticed that you said you had issues going from hypo thyroid to hyper, and back. I thought I was the only one and wondered what was causing it. My PCP is useless on this. A couple years ago I started losing weight quickly and got tested and I was hyper. PCP said to wait and see if it leveled itself out, which it did in a month or so. Levels have been normal until a few months ago. I woke up during the night having horrible palpitations. I have heart issues, so I got scared that I was having a heart attack, so I went to the ER. While there, the palpitations stopped, and they found nothing wrong with my heart, thank God, but said I was hypo and to see my doctor. When I called for an appointment and told them why, he just put me on meds without any further testing. After a couple weeks of meds, I started feeling really hyper, so I stopped the meds and then felt fine. When I told the doctor I quit taking the meds without consulting him, he got mad and ordered more bloodwork. It came back normal without the meds, and has been normal ever since. When you are swinging back and forth like this, what can you do? I think he should have done more extensive testing to see why this is happening. Now I know the signs and symptoms of both hyper and hypo and will know it's my thyroid instead of a heart issue.
  • Dee.....copy and paste it into your signature box after opening it in the control panel area. That will it will show up in every post. You'll also update your weight in the signature box by clicking on your tracker, entering your tracker password, and then saving. And no.....you're not silly for wanting your tracker...I couldn't wait to get mine either!

    Hope all y'all are doing ok.....I lost another pound, but Hubster, as usual, is losing more doing the same thing. NOT FAIR!!