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Hi everyone. spent the day going thru 3 weeks of mail. and amongst all the bills where several cards from all of you. thankyou for caring about me and esp the gift card which is going to buy me jeans i feel so blessed with all of you as my cheering section. i also managed to do the dishes, a few at a time,took me all day but glad i accomplished it. had a visit from folks from my church,and they are going to bring us dinner every nite for a week. i feel pampered. hoping your weekends awesome rosey
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I was so glad to meet up with Jess yesterday. And you are right, felt like we have known each other for years! Tim says thanks for the compliment and that you are a great friend to have! I so agree!!

Getting ready to go grab some coffee, then meet our friends from the mountains for breakfast and then it will be the highway again for about the next 12 or 13 hours! It has been great fun, to fast. But I'll be glad to get back home.

I'll get caught up on posts later after we get home. Have a GREAT Sunday!!
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Enjoyed a wonderful service and church and now home resting. Neither of us has wanted to eat yet. It will likely be frozen entrees (for me minus the corn) or vegetable soup. I made potato soup last night from a mix and it was very good. I put spinach in it and soaked the crackers before eating. I've had a bit of hurting this morning but I think it is my colon just trying to get back to normal after the infection. I will be glad to get done with the antibiotics as at least one of them makes me so dizzy. But otherwise all is good.

Karen31 - So you met up with Jess too! I didn't realize that was planned, so glad you enjoyed each others company, and your dh too! Sounds like you've had a great trip!

Rosey - You are doing so well, very happy for you. Isn't it funny how jeans are what most of us seem to buy when we lose weight?!! And you have lost so much!! You will really be looking snazzy! There's an old word for you, LOL!

Well, I'm tired so think I'll lay down in a bit and then maybe later I'll watch some old Dark Shadows episodes. You all have a wonderful Sunday!
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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG’s,

Kind of overcast and dreary looking out right now. Come on sunshine ~ need you.

Waiting on news about my dad ~ they had to admit him to the hospital last night. He has been having one thing right after another it seems. Bronchitis the end of August, then a urinary tract infection. Then he couldn’t urinate and had to have a catheter. That got better, then he had trouble with constipation. (Sorry if TMI). Last evening, he went to the kitchen to get some ibuprofen and fell and couldn’t get up. My SIL took him to the hospital and they admitted him ~ said his WBC was 6 times higher than it should be.

I want 2013 to be done with. It has been a crappy year ~ ready for some “better”.

Mary ~ glad you are starting to feel better.

Rosey ~ glad you are home and coming along.

K31 ~ that is so cool you got to meet Donna.

Donna ~ that is so cool that you got to meet Karen.

Lynn ~ enjoy your visit with your daughter.

Bobbi ~ looking forward to seeing some pictures of the tables you are working on.

Cajun ~ wish some cooler weather would come along for you.

K3 ~ are the light bulbs you speak of those curly ones?

Sassy ~ have you started back to work yet?

Hope you all are doing well.

Take care ~ Gayle

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Good morning gg's. Saturday I did a
Lil shopping for the camp at Walmart. Dh left early Saturday morning to go to the club for their workday. I went to the camp with the intentions of organizing the outdoor kitchen. All I got done was the grocery cabinet. We ate supper with hunters and their wives down the road. Sunday dh did another workday. I cleaned the 3 burner stove and wall with oven cleaner. Straightened the camp and left at noon. We have a Sunday afternoon mass at 4 they call a hunters mass. It was added for the people that hunt and camp. They can camp for the weekend and still go to mass. Usually after lunch on Sunday all are headed home. I guess this is going to be our mass time until March. Our ds cooked for us last night. He is a good lil cook. I plopped myself down in his recliner and we watched football on tv. It was raining outside so we were in his house. It was nice and cozy. He invited dh and I, our other ds and his gf and my sister and her husband. They finally had a weekend off.
It's getting close to our vacation time and I've been checking online and so far the leaves are not changing yet. I'm going to see the fall colors and really hoping they change by the time we get there. Do any of you know how long it takes for leaves to change. I still have 2 weeks.
I've been doing a lot of leg squats so I won't be so sore to go on some of the trails. My legs are extremely sore right now.
We are supposed to get rain all week and a cool front is supposed to come in next Sunday. Our first!!!! Can't wait for cooler temps. We are still 90 degrees.

Mary I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.
Karen31 I think its awesome that you got to meet up with our GG friends.
Rosey it sound like everyday gets a lil bit better for you. Did you drop a size yet in you clothes? That's an awesome loss you had.

Hi everybody. I have work to to. It's time to stop playing. Lol
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Hi all....Just got the funeral floral arrangement sent up for DD's MIL. They had been down to see the kids 2 weeks ago and she passed suddenly Saturday night. Totally unexpected. So glad they had made the trip. DD can't make the drive North with her bad back, but wonderful friends are helping out. One is driving North with SIL and others are stopping in to help fed the animals.

OMG here I was complaining about nothing good to read and thanks to you all I have been feasting on excellent books. Started with The Cuckoo's Calling, Maise Dobbs, and last night When the Storm Passes. I recommend them all.....Maise Dobbs is a series of 9 or 10 books and I just downloaded 5 more. I do love my Kindle!

Thurs went to the dentist and while waiting watched a really old gentleman come sit down and plug in earphones to his Ipod. Then his wife showed up and whipped out her tablet. Who says you're too old to learn new stuff.

Still hot and humid down here, but the night temps have dropped a little and it feels more bearable.

Gayle...the bulbs are the new ones but look like real bulbs...not swiggely. The next lamp I bought to replace 1st takes regular bulbs. It should be here tomorrow. My 55th anniversary gift is getting complicated. Nothing new, one year I bought him a handmade stainless steel crab pot/lid, then had to buy the handmade basket insert, then buy the propane gas cooking stand and finally the propane gas tank. It sounds like one of those hot air balloon's taking off. But it cooks stuff fast with a kjuillion Kwtts.

Rosey...I can't wait to see a picture of your new self. Having the apron gone must be wonderful.

Mary...Glad you are able to start back on some real food. Research the food you can't eat. Test Test Test

Cajun...Gee I wish we could still going hunting. I loved taking my bow and a good book out to my tree stand in Oct. Had good alone time.

Lynn...Glad you are getting some DD time

Donna and Karen....Loved the picture of U2. Looked like a fun afternoon

Bobbi....HAH thank you already for tomorrow.

Finally found all my old quilts. I have one that my great aunt Anne made. It's too big even for my queen size bed. She actually as a child shook the hand of Lincoln. She was a ball of fire and active up until she died at 97. It always amazes me to realize that we can almost reach out and touch history. In case you are doing the math, she was my grandmother's oldest sister.

Better plan on supper and get some defrosted...k3
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Good morning all! Can't believe tomorrow is October! Seems like lots of appts and other things happening in Oct, esp the first part. I rescheduled one appt for later in month as I feel too icky to go in right now. Our dd runs in her first marathon on Sunday. She's been sick with a chest cold so hope she will be ok. Very quiet here with the rain gently flowing down. Nice for sleeping but I finally got up (late) and good thing I did because before I could even get my robe on the guy was here to read the meter and needed into the back yard. Took me a while because I not only had to get my robe on but turn off the alarm (at other door). He was walking away by the time I got there, but I was able to let him in.

I'm reading some cozy mystery in the bathtub, another mystery (less cozy) on my Kindle, another less cozy mystery on my iPad and Gods Fast in the bedroom. LOL Hope I don't get them all mixed up! I also haven't finished the Dark Shadows DVD I got recently. Just do it as I have's not scary at all...funny, it was in the 60s. Now it's just corny.

Karen3 - Gave all the tomatoes to our son. He makes salsa. I think that is probably the last of our garden tomatoes. Although right now I can't eat tomatoes, yes, it is great to at least be eating a soft diet. Much better than clear liquids! Liquids I could handle but CLEAR liquids is hard!

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October thread is up and running like mad toward Thanksgiving.
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