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Mary, Hi! I read about your trip over on Golden Girls. I live near Edwards AFB, only I think the desert is nicer where we are.

My husband is a picky eater. I usually fix something for me that includes the protein or meat part of the meal and jazz it up with seasonings and extra veggies. That way, I am not making two entire separate meals.

You might like to read one of Barbara Rolls' books on Volumetric eating. She basically tells how to get the most bang for the buck from your food, calorie-wise.

I ate lots of fruit and veggies today. The trouble is, I ate quite a few Ritz crackers, too. Somehow, I couldn't stand to work on my taxes without a snack. I guess it's OK once a year.

I made chicken noodle soup for supper. Jerry had his plain. I added sugar snap peas, fresh ginger, minced onion, minced parsley, and a splash of lemon juice. It was yummy and very Asian tasting.

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I miss reading your posts. Where are you?
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Originally Posted by JoJoJo2 View Post
HI, Gailr42 and Freelancemomma: Well, I'm 86, so I guess I fit into the catagory of over 70. lol

Anyway I got serious about losing weight in 2000 and managed to lose 65 lbs. Now the struggle for me is to keep it off. For me, the losing the weight wasn't all that difficult, but the keeping it off is tough!

Accumulated wisdom? Well, sure - we all know what we need to do to lose weight. It's the doing what we need to do to lose the weight and maintain the weight loss. That's where the disconnect comes in - and it's all because we are human and we like to eat.

There is a 50+ Forum over in the Support Groups, but I never felt comfortable there because I was so much older than everyone else.

Nice meeting you, and I wish you great success in your weight-loss efforts. I'd be very happy if this thread were to keep going.

Well hello ladies..nice to meet you all..I am 54 and older than most folks also and you all sound really nice I have been dieting off and on my entire life..after each baby after quitting smoking and now am so big I can barely tie my own shoes and if I don't lose weight and bring my blood pressure down I will "prolly" get diabetes or dies of a stroke or heart attack from my high cholesterol and I so want to live
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Hello I realize that no one has posted on this tread for a while. I noticed it because I am 65. I read way back when I noticed that a dear online friend of mine from another board had been posting-JoJo2.

I am very sorry to tell you that Jo passed away in June about a week before her 87 birthday. Her family posted on her FaceBook page but did not say if she had been ill resently. She stopped posting on the other board the same time as she did here because of her eyesight.

She was an incredible lady, such a role model for living a happy and healthy life and such a patient and encouraging woman.
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