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Marie - I'll join you on your trek to KarenFL's house! Besides all the goodies and royal treatment, we'd laugh a lot! Who could beat that?

I'm looking forward to the crockpot dinner, too... one more hour to go before I can go home!
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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no laughing here that a** buddy who built a house below Donna in Trinada struck again. Would you believe he called this am and invited our guests NOT us to his house for dinner tonight! Dh and I are sitting here alone watching the news and they have gone out to dinner. Fran was livid when she figured out what was happening suspect ole bud will be getting a piece of her mind. I kept my mouth shut Dh told them the whole story. I did add that he wanted to be george when he grows up. Have you ever heard of anything our guests only went because we said we understood.....but am still leaking hostile thoughts.....k3

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Karen--- I don't think that if I was your guests I would have went--- I think I would have given them a piece of my mind and why I wasn't coming!!! I'm right there with you on the GRRRRR!!
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry, was VERY busy today. LOTS of activity with my students, taking care of condo business (I have been elected treasurer & things are VERY disorganized), and finishing my income taxes.

Hopefully, I will have more time tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by retiredone View Post
Lynn, so sorry about your friend. There were a couple of teachers I knew who developed Alzheimer's Disease shortly after retiring. It was so sad to see them. One in particular, whom I worked with, was happy to see me but I knew she didn't know who I was. She was holding on to her husband's hand like a little girl. It's such a horrible disease for everyone involved with the individual. Oh, yes, what a day to collect money in front of a beer store. I'll bet your daughter got a good haul today.
Hi Isabella,

Uh-oh, I hope there is no relation between being a teacher and Alzheimer's!!!!

Daughter did OK - not great. Her best spot is in front of Sam's on a Saturday morning.

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Hello Goldens!

Just a quick post: I have been busy all day and I have pool league tonight. I have been without my purse all day because I left it at my friends house last night and decided that I would just wait for him to bring it to league tonight. Oh, my. I had no idea how much trouble that would be. Next time, I will go back and get the darn purse!

Karen, I agree, had I been your guest I would have refused the invitation. That other person is really rude!

Donna, I call it a crock pot, also.

Well, gotta go. I am off to yell at Gieco about my truck.

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Hi everyone,

Had a bad week with my eyes, couldn't see the computer screen. Roll on my appointment with the neuro-opthamologist.

At least I lost 300 grams this week, swayed a little over what I ate. Sorry I can't see to read all your posts but I am sure they are great whatever has been said.

Love to all.
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Hi Goldens!
I've been on a reading marathon. Waited until last minute to read the books for my book club meeting today. I have a lot of catching up to do.
Marie - It was me who suggested buying the Starbucks stock. I hope you don't regret it!
I'll catch up and get back to you all!
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Hi everyone. i spent a quiet day doing taxes and filing for the ak'm happy we didnt have to pay and the refund is going to my dd to help get her home. Everyday i have been adding things to dh diet(with his knowledge) that the allergist said he was allergic too. the nutrionest said to let his body tell us what works and doesnt. so far ive figured out that food additives,citrus,and fats bother him. but he did fine on potatoes,moose meat and reg bread. interesting the diff in opinons of the medical personel Hmmm. on that note hope your evenings awsome rosey

greek yogurt

homemade chix strip
v-8 juice

coffee mocha

left over spaghetti
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Hello Goldens. I was out tonight at a women's church social for all the the churches in my town. To begin there was a worship hour of singing and little talks and following that there was a huge lunch. Someone I was standing next to said it was like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I skipped supper to prepare for this so I had a couple of egg salad sandwiches, a few squares of cheese, 1/2 slice raisin bread and the end off a cookie. I was quite disappointed with the egg sandwiches. They were made with Miracle Whip and were a bit sweet. I like my egg salad on the salty side and made with mayonnaise and no pickle relish. Oh, well... I was still hungry when I got home so I ate a plain boiled egg I had in the frig. That was a really good evening for me. I usually eat way too much at those functions but I talked instead of eating, hahaha.

Rosey, hope your MIL is feeling a bit better today. Did she know the person very well? Seems as if your DH will be able to eat more than he thought. That must make him feel a bit better.

Carol Sue, I remember when I first started teaching that teachers would smoke in the staff room. The air would be blue with smoke. Now in Newfoundland there is no smoking anywhere on school grounds, or any other public building or grounds. I guess it's similar most places. I eat everything, too. Nothings off limits, just limited in quantity.

Donna, I call it a "Crock Pot" too. Actually, mine is a Crock Pot. I got it as a wedding gift almost 34 years ago and it still works perfectly although the crock can't be removed for washing. I bake beans in mine.

Bobbi, too bad about the tire. But I guess you needed a day to get a few things done at home. I don't paint much at all. I can't do close work because my eyes cross and I see double. I don't know if I'm painting the trim or the wall next to it.

Cinnamonie, WTG on the pound loss!!!

Marie, let us know how the tarts turn out.

Karen3, so sorry things turned out so sour. I hope everything will be better tomorrow.

Hi, Karen31. How's your day going?

Lynn, you're a busy lady! And if teaching is linked to Alzheimer's we're both doomed. I made the broccoli with almonds and raisins for dinner today. It was really good and I'll be making it again.

Rie, did your friend bring your purse to pool league. DH keeps telling me to leave my purse home when we go out. He doesn't know what he's talking about, haha.

Ashenpond, hope everything with your eyes work out all right. It must be a great burden not being able to read. 300 grams is great. Just think of that amount in butter.

Deelee, did you get those books read?

Here are the eats and exercise for today.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup oatmeal made with flax, bran and wheat germ, 1 tablespoon each walnuts and dates, 1/4 cup blueberries, skim milk, 1/2 banana bread muffin

Dinner: Veggie chicken pot pie with pasty, broccoli with raisins and almonds, tossed salad with dressing

Supper: Actually a snack. 3 strawberries, 1/2 banana bread muffin

Church Lunch: 2 egg salad sandwiches, 3 squares of cheese, 3 small pieces sweet pickle, 1/2 slice raisin bread with margarine, bite of cookie

Snack at Home: 1 boiled egg

Exercise: 13 km on exercise bike, 45 minutes
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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG’s,

It has been a busy day. Glad it is about over though.

Have had kind of an achy joints couple of days. My sister said that for her ~ she has noticed that when the full moon is coming that she is more achy. She suggested that I try keeping track of that and see if I am more achy at those times too. I was having pain in my back (right side below the shoulder blade). It hurt when I moved. Later in the day, it was also paining in the front right side. Then when I got home from work my right shoulder. Almost like I had pulled a muscle. I couldn’t for the life of me remember having done anything, then remembered that the day before, the mouse for the call bell system would not work, and I had reached way under the desk and unplugged it ~ maybe I pulled something doing that. Plus the darn work station. I had called the PT people as my boss had said, but hadn’t heard back from them yet ~ was away and now am going to be away the rest of this week, so will follow up on that next week. Thinking maybe it is a combination of things.

My work place called this morning and wanted to know why I was not there. It would usually have been my day to work, but the boss told me not to come today because of those meetings. She forgot to change it on the schedule though and to tell the staffing people. The call woke me up and in my half awake state, I turned on the speaker phone, and was upset when I realized what they were saying. I was holding the phone up to my ear and it was way too loud and when I got done with the phone call, my ear felt funny like it was stuffed with cotton. It doesn’t feel like that so much now, but things still don’t sound right. That is irritating. Hope it gets back to normal soon.

I am just in a kind of irritable mood. Too many things happening at once. Was talking to my sister while I was waiting for my husband to pick me up for a hearing test appointment. Then he called, I got into the car ~ Maddie was with us and she has a million things to tell. I think I was feeling stressed because of how my ear was feeling and too many things happening all at once.

My sister called again this evening. I love her and she is just trying to help me, but she can be so pushy sometimes. She said I sounded stressed ~ yea I was, but didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was kind of adding to it.
Well, guess I will head to bed now. Have to get up even earlier tomorrow because of those meetings. Thank you all for listening to me. Hope you all have a good evening and a good rest.

Take care
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Isabella--thanks for WTG... Can I have your oatmeal recipe?
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Karen3 - We had that same thing happen. My aunt and uncle from NY used to come to PA and stay with us for a week in the summer when I was a kid. My uncle who lived nearby used to drive over and pick them up and take them to his house for the day, but never took us, and he wouldn't come to our house to visit with them. It used to hurt my mother's feelings, but she told my aunt to go because that was the only way she would see her brother. That uncle has since passed away, and his son is trying to make nice with me but even though he was just a kid and didn't have anything to do with the snub, I have a hard time being close with him.
I would never tell him what his father did. I sometimes think it was his mother's idea. She always had her nose in the air.

Marie - Who is Hungry Girl?

Isabella - I call it a crock pot, too. I rarely use mine. My husband doesn't like to go out and leave it on cooking, and that's pretty much the purpose of it. Coming home from work and having your dinner all cooked and ready to eat. I have 3 sizes though, and usually use them when I have a get-together with a crowd. One is just the right size for a hot dip.

Rie - I would have had to go back for my purse. When we are out somewhere and I have to go to the ladies room, DH always offers to hold my purse. Doesn't he realized that a woman NEEDS her purse when she goes to the ladies room? We don't just go in there to pee!!! LOL
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On my way out the door, just had time to read the post. I haven't been counting calories, hope I don't gain back those 7 pounds I took off.
Marie...I think the reason we all get along so well is because we all march to a different drummer and together we make wonderful music!

No one said I was normal.

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Good Morning GG's

I started off this new year getting caught up on all the things I needed to do: pap, mamo, yearly dr., renewed my RN licenses. I am due for CPR renewal too, I thought in March, but thought I would get a head start and do that too. I pulled my old one out and it was due this week!!!! There is a lot to do, tests on line and a simulated cpr on line, which is pretty difficult. Got that done and went to the hospital for the actual CPR. We now have a dummy that "tells" you if you are doing it right. It's a 2 person process and i'm really glad my friend went with me, because I could not give deep enough compressions to pass. If I did that to an actual pt. I would have broken ribs. Have to work tomorrow and i'm going to talk to the manager. It's just crazy.

Karen3, I wouldn't have gone to dinner either, and I think the person who asked, and the people who went, are rude. I don't care if you did tell them to go, it was just RUDE!

Donna, I loved the commercials this year, and the half time. We could ask Madonna to join us, she's old enough, and did you see her move? I love the Clint Eastwood commerical. he's still "got it". The commercial wasn't filmed here in Detroit, but it was aimed at comeback of the car industry. Loved the dog one. Liked the M&M one too. Just because my grandson loves the "I'm sexy and I know it" and i thought it was too cute when the M&M said "wiggle wiggle"

Isabella, I call it crockpot too. I don't use mine nearly often enough. Someone else mentioned their husband would leave the house with it on. Mine either, so it's pretty useless, inless we're having a party or soemthing. You bring up the Mayo vs miracle whip debate. I prefer Miracle Whip, my mom and sister prefer mayo.

Carol Sue, Hungry Girl is a site that has lots of recipes and products that she tests, that are low calorie. She also has a cooking show on TV now. It's on Sunday here, around 10 am i think. Check your local listings. She has some interesting stuff.

Gayle, That happened to me once too. The manager had changed one of my days after the schedule came out and didn't tell me. i got a call in the morning with a "where are you". You get this sinking feeling....

Lynn, How are you feeling?

Rie, how are you feeling too? Did you enjoy the game? Good luck at Pool tonight. I've got a soccer game to go to.

Rosie, You are smart to do a taste and test to find DH's allergies. Hopefully he will be able to eat a lot more than they thought originally.

Delee, what book are you reading for your book club. I love book clubs. I am a mystery reader and that is what I would end up reading all the time, left to my own devices. My book club took me out of my comfort leavel and made me read books that I wouldn't other wise have read. I found some that I really liked. And I like to see what other people got out of the books we read. Sometimes I even went back and read the books with a different eye.

Ashenpond, Sorry that you are still having problems with your eyes. When is your Dr. appointment? I'm sure you are anxious to find out what the problem is. Congrats on the weight loss, even though I'm not sure how much it was.

Marie, I hope you find the shells that HG talked about. I've found some of her stuff hard to find. They finally started stocking the vitamuffins in the stores here. Not all the flavors but enough. I like to split the chocolate ones and fill them with FF cool whip and freeze them to make whoopi pies. And don't worry, Normal is greatly overated!

Bobbi, how is the house project coming along?


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